5 Jewelry Selling Tips to Boost Sales

Helpful advice for today’s jewelers.

Two pairs of hands inspecting jewelry.

What does it take to find success in the jewelry industry these days? 2020 has proven to be challenging for many business owners but not all things were quite grim. For those that remained afloat or even thrived, they applied techniques that you will soon learn for yourself in this article. 

Have periodic workshops and re-training sessions

It pays to always have a store crew that’s always updated on the latest trends in jewelry as well as best practices in selling. Since having great customer service is key to having a steady stream of buyers, make sure you are keeping your staff sharp through re-education programs where they can enhance their skills in selling and mastering the merchandise. 

Another key skill that a jewelry store crew must always possess is the art of jewelry display. Knowing how to showcase jewelry in the best way possible to attract customers can mean increased sales for the establishment.

Pink card reader and a credit card.

Offer various options for purchasing merchandise

While vaccinations for the coronavirus have already begun, the public is still encouraged to socially distance. With this in mind, retail stores are encouraged to allow for cashless as well as no-contact payments. Adopting no-contact payment options at your store will help lessen the chances of touching surfaces that may not be disinfected. Options may include tap-to-pay readers using a mobile phone or credit card, online vouchers, apps, or e-cards. 

Conduct clearance sales to refresh your merchandise

It’s always a welcome sight to have new products around the store for both the seller and customer. You can always come up with new jewelry merchandise to sell, but what happens now to the old stocks left unsold? Holding a clearance sale where you give huge discounts to older stocks would be a good idea. 

Give your displays a fresh life with new jewelry display tools

Another way you can attract buyers is to make sure your retail display game is on point. You can look for references online like Pinterest or Instagram for display ideas. Once you’ve picked out a design, your next step is to update your jewelry display tools and by adding a few props or furniture pieces here and there. That way, your new items can look fresh and attractive in their respective display setups.

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Tap the internet for marketing

Help spread the word about your promos and the latest items in your collection by promoting them online. People are online 24/7 which gives you a huge advantage when you want to cast a wide net for your advertising efforts. We recommend platforms that are reliant on images so that you can showcase your products the right way.


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