How to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Jewelry Store

Make it your goal to increase sales this year.

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The goal of every brick and mortar business is to sell and do well, and that is achieved when there’s a constant influx of shoppers to your store.

Let us show you the tips and tricks to increase foot traffic to your jewelry shop.

Make the entrance as inviting as possible

Your first point of contact with customers is your storefront, so you have to make it welcoming and encouraging for them to come in.

Zero in on these elements to cover the bases:

  • Your window display

We’ve already talked about doing a quick store makeover for the New Year, and we’re going to again emphasize the importance of fresh displays to attract customers. A well-designed window display is inviting and can be effective at converting mere passers-by to actual customers. But how does one create an inviting window display? By keeping things simple, elegant (very crucial to a jewelry business!), topical, and on-brand. Look to the changing seasons as design inspirations – now that the Christmas season has come and gone, there’s no reason for you to keep around your holiday decors, right?

You can also look to the latest fashion trends and pop culture favorites to inspire your window display.

  • Your outdoor signages

Your advertisements should be clear to become enticing to potential customers. Don’t make them do guesswork as you might lose precious opportunity to convert them to actual paying customers.

  • Your frontline staff

A friendly face is always more welcomed than a scowling one, so tell your frontline staff (security guard, welcoming attendant) to always have a ready smile and cheerful greeting ready.

Don’t have a “sales-focused” mindset

You might be surprised to hear this advice on a sales article, but do hear us out first. When salespersons are too pushy about making a sale (too much hounding around the store, for example), people are inclined to feel turned off. Instead, ask your staff to keep a safe distance from the shoppers but always be on-hand if they have questions or need guidance. They might have a hard time understanding what colors go with which dress, or which qualities they must look out for when selecting jewelry so they must be the ready experts that they need.

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Make browsing pleasant for your shoppers

A cluttered layout is likewise a turn off so if you need to rearrange stuff, then do so to help your business. If you need to update your jewelry display sets and jewelry holders, then so be it. Remember also to check your display cases if they are 42 inches in height for a comfortable viewing experience for your customers.

Tap technology to your advantage

Thank goodness we live at a time where you have tons of channels to use at your disposal. There’s social media where you can create brand pages for your store, which you can use to announce sales, promote new stocks, and interact with customers. You can also try out email marketing where you can send daily or weekly newsletters to regular customers about promos, contests, or events you’re currently running. You can also do it the old-fashioned way like running an ad in a newspaper, or TV and radio shows.


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