Self-Care and Work Management Tips for the Home Jeweler

Welcome the new decade with fresh new insights to making your passion work for you.

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Creators are lucky folks, most especially those that can earn from their passions. However, it is also often not an easy road to take: long hours, mounting orders, money issues, or perhaps a creativity block can make things difficult.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know this, and we want to help. So for now, relax, take a short break, and let us help you become a better jeweler this 2020 with this helpful article.

Remember the reasons why you started

If you need a little bit of boost or motivation on particularly tough days, it might help to trace back your steps to remind yourself of your purpose. Go back in time when you were only just dreaming about what you have now, and then try to recapture that feeling.

Often we get too busy with our work responsibilities that we find ourselves forgetting why we started in the first place. Reacquainting with your younger self may just be the spark you need to reignite your fire.

A photo of art crafts supplies.

Set new goals

Once you’ve looked back to see how far you’ve come, it makes sense to wonder about what happens next. You can take hold of the future by setting new goals to propel your jewelry business forward.

Whatever you want to accomplish, for your business or personal life, a whole new set of goals is undoubtedly a good motivator.

Stay on track with lists and goal setting

Once you’ve decided on what you want to accomplish, your next goal of action is to keep track of them with lists. You can go old school and use a planner or diary, or use technology to your advantage with project management apps like Trello and Asana. You can even create a vision board, which is a more visual medium to keep you motivated and inspired while you work to accomplish your goals. Place it where you can easily see it so you can easily remember your goals and stay on track.

Figure out which works and what doesn’t with your creative process

As much as we always want to stay on top of things, sometimes inspiration is just hard to come by. Every creative has experienced this at one point or another, so don’t worry! Perhaps a little shake-up to your routine is needed, and this being the start of a new year makes it the perfect time to do so.

A few adjustments to your workspace can be beneficial to make sure you are at your optimum performance while creating jewelry. You have to make sure you’re getting proper lighting and ample support while you work as it could take a while, especially if you have a ton of orders.

Having the right tools will help you create your best crafts, so make sure they are all still working well and complete. When it comes to storage, you need to make sure you have the best holders at your disposal; if not, shopping for new jewelry display sets and cases is just a click away.

Don’t forget to relax and recharge

Working from home has its benefits, but it can also be isolating. If not dealt with correctly, it can often lead to concentration problems, loss of motivation, even depression. Make sure to take the time to decompress by taking a break from time to time. Go out and meet friends, do chores, explore other hobbies – just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should forget about having a personal life! Short breaks here and there will help you stay healthy and inspired.


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