Necklace Displays for Minimalist Pieces

Showcase these delicate pieces with the right displays

Gold minimalist necklaces and a jewelry box

We just can't get enough minimalist jewelry! These minimalist pieces not only are simply elegant, but they are also much more comfortable to wear than their bold counterparts. This is also why minimalist jewelry, like delicate pendant necklaces, remains to be one of the most trending products as found by Shopify.

Today, we are giving you some display tips on how to effectively showcase these simple beauties using the right necklace display this season.

1. Go with the wooden necklace displays.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel in Oak from Nile Corp

Wooden necklace displays give off a country vibe, which reminds of the simple country life. That said, minimalist necklaces look perfect in this type. These displays complement delicate pieces because of their rustic style as well.

Tip: Stone pendant necklaces like turquoise and those made of leather look gorgeous in a wooden necklace display.

2. Showcase them using metal necklace displays.

As with the wooden ones, metal displays are also perfect for minimalist necklaces. Most of these displays come with simple designs as well, complementing the styles of these delicate pieces. You can also get ones in pink, white, or baby blue colors, which exude romantic Paris vibes perfect for pieces with romantic designs.

Tip: If you want to showcase minimalist necklaces with pendants that have romantic designs like roses, hearts, or the Eiffel tower, metals displays are the way to go.

3. Stay away from the classic velvet displays.

Paper Twine Wrapped Necklace Bust Display from Nile Corp

Black velvet necklace displays are better off reserved for other types of necklaces. This is because they may come off as too sophisticated or glamorous for simple necklaces. Velvets are ideal for statement pieces or classic pearls.

Tip: If you want a simple black necklace display, go with dark linen or dark paper twine instead, like the one in the photo.

4. Do not use acrylic necklace displays.

Acrylic displays, although sturdy and highly reliable, may look too industrial for a minimalist necklace. That said, it's better to stay away from these.

Tip: Got no other displays but acrylic ones? Let your creative juices flow. Cover the acrylic surface with some linen or accentuate with lace. Even floral gift wrapper would do.

5. Use patterned displays.

Pink Zebra Print Tall T-Bar Display from Nile Corp

Patterned displays allow these delicate pieces to be more noticeable, especially if they are really thin and small. Unlike the solid-colored ones, these tend to catch passers-by's eyes more effectively.

Tip: Choose patterns that will complement the design of the piece. For example, if the pendant has an animal design, you can go with animal patterns like the zebra display in the photo.


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