How To Drive Traffic to Your Online Jewelry Store

The essential steps to reach a wider audience on the internet.

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Once you’ve made the wise decision to start an online jewelry business, the next strategic move you should do is to make sure people know about your shop and are actually taking the time to visit and explore your website.

When you think about it, the idea of running an online business is not much different from running a brick-and-mortar. If enticing people to your jewelry store requires dressing up your window display with your best merchandise on jewelry display stands and platforms, getting people to visit your online store also requires some promotional work on your part. However, since there’s no physical space online, enticing people to come to visit is a lot different.

Find out how you can drive traffic to your online jewelry store in this article.

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Take full advantage of social media

These days everyone is on social media so you better make sure you’re also there to promote your jewelry business. The most popular of these sites ー Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube ー can drive huge numbers to your website once you’ve captured your target audience with your posts.

Businesses that revolve around fashion and style rely heavily on creating the image of an aspirational lifestyle which means your jewelry shop will thrive on a visual-heavy app, just like the social media apps previously mentioned. With this in mind, make sure to share visually-arresting content to your followers and potential new customers. Your posts may range from product highlights (make sure your merchandise, as well as tools such as bracelet and necklace display stands, are in their best condition for the photos), relevant trending clips, or informative videos. You’ll soon grow an audience once you find the best mix of posts that your followers like the most.

Once you start getting good numbers with your follower count then that opens a steady traffic flow from your social media pages to your website.

Conduct a full website audit

Oftentimes low traffic comes as a result of website issues. Usually, such issues refer to conditions such as dead links, sitemap errors, as well as slow loading times. These result in poor user experience which eventually translates to lowered site visits. Likewise, this also affects your website ranking in such a way that it may lead to the site’s downgrading in search engine ranks.

A full review of your online jewelry store’s web performance will help address these common issues and more. This can be done with website auditing tools which are available online and can diagnose problem areas that affect the traffic to your site.

Create great content about jewelry

Always remember that the entire experience of going online is driven by the need to find information. From searching up the open hours of a restaurant to looking up complex academic text for graduate-level courses, internet users are always on the lookout for content that will answer their questions. Google knows this so it looks at how valuable a piece of content is to readers looking up things online. The good ones are then indexed with the best ones ranked high.

The goal for every online business then is to produce top-notch content relevant to their industry in order to be indexed. To do that, look for topics and issues that are relevant to your customers. Next, you need to make sure that the content made from the chosen topics is created with the goal that it becomes a valuable resource to its readers.

For online jewelry stores, topics such as jewelry trivia, styling guides, even jewelry display ideas would make for great topics to develop content from. All the same, whether you choose to host your own articles or do it through guest posting, only good things can result from creating top-notch content for your business.

Make sure your online shop’s website is mobile-friendly

As more and more users go online via their smartphones, it makes sense that your business website should work well even on mobile. What this means is that the site’s layout should look as pleasing on a small screen as it is on a desktop or laptop’s screen. Likewise, the process of choosing, checking out, and payment for the jewelry orders should go without a hitch. 

Check your website on your smartphone by going through the different pages and doing some of the processes to see if everything appears and works as it should.

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Invest in online paid advertising

Sometimes your posts on social media need a little bit of push to reach more users. With paid ads (also called “sponsored ads” on some sites), you can do that by paying to run a post for a scheduled amount of time.  In this setup, even non-followers get to see your content. In some apps, you can even set up specific demographic criteria (e.g. female, 18-40, from Southern California) to your ad so that it only shows up to users that fit the details. This can be done via Facebook, Google, Twitter, or YouTube. 

Work with influencers to promote your brand

This is another form of sponsored ad, but this time involving working with an influencer. Influencers are popular internet personalities and in this form of online marketing, they serve as endorsers of your products and are expected to talk about it on their social media accounts. The goal is to draw attention (and hopefully conversions) from their large pool of followers. 

There are several ways to go about this: depending on the budget, a sponsored post from an influencer may come in the form of a static image post, a short clip (Instagram Stories/TikTok), or a full video. It is a growing segment in digital marketing that’s certainly worth exploring.

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