7 Ways To Deliver Great Customer Service in Jewelry Retail

Because your customers only deserve the best.

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One of the key reasons why a business prospers lies in the manner it delivers customer service. It’s important to never forget that working in retail is essentially a people-centric vocation. Beyond the need to provide excellent products, entrepreneurs need to know how to make their customers special by keeping attuned to their needs. 

In the case of jewelry customers, they need to feel supported because oftentimes the purchase of jewelry comes during life’s milestones: engagements, weddings, graduations, and the like. They are gifts meant to last for a lifetime and the selection process for the merchandise requires some expert advice. 

Providing good customer service also means building the buyers’ loyalty as people won’t hesitate to shop elsewhere when faced with horrible customer service. “Horrible customer service” in this sense occurs not just with the bad treatment of shoppers but also having a store that’s unappealing and whose jewelry display showcases are cluttered and are falling apart. Imagine the loss of income that will arise from such oversights.

We’ve previously talked about the ways jewelry shops can boost their sales, now think of this article as an expansion of the topic. Because delivering great service is an integral part of a successful business, let’s look at the ways how jewelry businesses can manifest top-notch customer service.

1. Maintaining professionalism at all times.

To be professional in the jewelry retail industry requires knowing more than the technical aspects of selling jewelry like the 4C’s of diamonds or the different kinds of gemstones. Showing professionalism in the jewelry retail setting means being approachable, helpful, and considerate of the buyer’s wants and needs. It’s knowing how to keep a cool demeanor even when faced with difficult customers. It’s also being quick on your feet when trying to provide solutions.

To do all these, one must be an active listener.  It’s really important to take the time to hear out the customer to know what they’re looking for and thereby to make good recommendations.

2. Call them by their names.

Another way to make customers feel special is by cultivating a sense of familiarity with them. You can start by asking for their name when they ask for recommendations or inquire about a particular item. From there you can proceed to your presentation all while acknowledging their presence by referring to them by their names. 

Having a great memory also helps so that when repeat customers come you can recall their names and you’ll be able to tell their preferred jewelry styles from your store.

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3. Reward long-time customers for their loyalty.

Speaking of repeat customers, it’s important to always find a way to thank your devoted and loyal customers for their continued patronage. You can start implementing this by having a great customer management software where you can keep track of purchases and customer details. Now take note of those who have multiple purchases and find ways to do a little something extra the next they come around. Special discounts are always appreciated, as well as small gifts. You can also employ the use of a point system where purchases are marked on a card they need to fill out. Once customers hit the required number of marks or points then they will be entitled to get freebies from the store. 

Note: Coffee shops do an excellent job with this system especially during this season where their loyal customers often walk away with free planners after hitting the required number of marks, so why not apply the same concept to your store?

4. Make sure to keep the store clean and spotless.

Having a good store ambiance is another way to showcase great customer service. A tidy store shows that you care for your merchandise and your customers at the same time. It also conveys that you’re mindful of giving your customers a nice shopping experience.

This means taking the time to plan out your retail space such that buyers will have an easy time browsing your merchandise. It also means having the right jewelry display tools and sets so that the jewelry items are showcased in their best light. Finally, this means avoiding clutter so that items are easy to find and the displays are not eyesores.

5. Maintain an open dialogue through communication channels.

Make it a point to always have a ready ear for customer comments and queries even beyond the limitations of a physical store. Simply put, show you’re always ready to help by being open to customer feedback through social media, email and chat support, and a hotline. With all these technologies available to today’s shoppers, you simply cannot miss out on extending your customer service duties online. Get to know your options and remember to use them well.

6. Vow to fix mistakes.

Once you open up your store’s communication channels you’re bound to receive complaints from customers. The best way to deal with them is not by ignoring them but by giving resolutions that will appease the complaint senders. This is the best possible response on and offline.

Saying “sorry” won’t be enough. Instead, make sure to provide actionable resolutions to issues. Again, listening well will help but also quick-thinking so you can diffuse the situation as soon as possible.

7. Share your wins with the public and thank them for their contribution.

Today’s shoppers love building connections to the establishments and brands they love. You can see this on social media where some of the biggest company pages are often filled with comments from their customers. As brands and the buying public continue to get closer, including shoppers in your company’s triumphs will truly be a nice way of letting them know you’re thinking of them in your celebrations. This is especially perfect when sales milestones are reached or other celebrations where their patronage is instrumental to the achievement.


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