How to Find the Best Earrings to Match Different Face Shapes

Arm yourself with this essential jewelry styling and selling skill.

Pretty brunette girl modeling her off-shoulder top and earrings.

A big part of being a jewelry seller is becoming the go-to person for matters involving jewelry and this goes beyond selling them to your customers. From jewelry customization to styling advice, people may turn to jewelry shops for help in these areas. It’s simply a fact of the industry and it will be to you and the business’ advantage to learn these things and become an expert at them.

Today, let’s look at a certain skill set that sellers must have in their arsenal: helping buyers find earrings that match their face shapes. Because earrings come in different shapes and sizes, it’s natural that some types will suit a particular face shape while for others they may not. Now think of this as a part of your customer service offerings so that your buyers are fully satisfied and walk away with new earrings that best suit them.

You know the importance of having a wide variety of earrings to promote on your store’s earring display showcase; now let this article be your guide to helping folks find the best earring to suit their faces. As we do believe that top-notch presentation is also part of providing great service to jewelry customers, we’ll also be recommending the best jewelry displays for the types of earrings mentioned in this piece.

A pair of blue tassel earrings.

Drop earrings best suit round faces

To lengthen the appearance of round faces, earrings that “drop” (chandelier earrings, tassel-types, dangling earrings) are the best match for this face type. Avoid rounded pairs as they would only make your face look rounder.

You can identify a round face as it would have very little to zero angles and it would be at its widest around the cheek line. 

Our recommendation:

Drop earrings are best displayed on devices that have bars and open slots that secure the earrings in place such as the #WD417-BR Two-Sided Panel Jewelry Display Stand for displaying Earring Card. This mixed-use wooden display stand is an elegant and economical way to showcase various jewelry types. We do think it’s the perfect tool for displaying drop earrings as they can be freely hung on its chiseled open slots. It’s versatile as it can be hung up on a wall or be left standing on a flat surface for display.

Pretty woman in a yellow lace top.

Small round styles soften square-shaped faces

Square-shaped faces would be described as a balanced face shape with the forehead on equal length with the jawline. It may feature sharp corners and the chin is not very prominent. They can be pretty striking in appearance and are commonly seen in models working in high fashion. If, however, you want to minimize the angles, it’s best to go with small round-type earrings such as small hoops, huggie earrings, and studs. Avoid large hoops and square earrings as they can emphasize sharp jawlines.

Our recommendation:

Tiny, delicate earring styles are a great match for this equally sweet earring display stand which comes in a blush color. The #ED-2402-S50 Medium Metal T-Shaped Champagne Pink Earring Display Stand is a great fit for a small pair of earrings.

A lady staring off in the distance while she has  paint smudges on her face.

Chandelier earrings are flattering to diamond-shaped faces

The diamond-shaped face can be a bit of a challenge to pair earrings with, however, chandelier earrings especially those that flare out at the bottom manage to even out this face shape. A face shape is said to be diamond-shaped if it tapers around the forehead and chin. Those who were born with this shape are said to have stunning cheekbones. Another earring type that works well with this one are drop earrings that end just above the chin.

Our recommendation:

Most chandelier earrings that are fan-shaped or anything that does flare out in the bottom almost always comes in bright color. That’s why we think it makes sense to display it using #251-250 Metal Earring Display Stand as the bold hues would look striking against the device’s black metal frame.

A pair of huggie earrings set against a smooth black surface.

Heart-shaped faces match well with earrings with rounded bottoms

How does one identify a heart-shaped face? Also called a V-shaped face, it is widest around the forehead and tapers gradually, just like the letter “V” does. It is a well-coveted look as many who has the face shape are hailed for their visuals in the media. Earrings with rounded bottoms such as teardrop-shaped dangling earrings and those that come in hoops are best suited for this face type. These designs manage to create a balance in the face’s jawline.

Our recommendation:

You don’t have to limit yourself when using jewelry display tools to the type of jewelry they were made originally for. Like in the case of the #NDF571 Paper Twine Wrapped T-Bar Bracelet Display, the way it was built means you can also use it for hoop earrings.

Curly haired girl wearing thick chain necklaces.

Oval faces can work with every earring style

A variation of the heart-shaped face, oval faces are the most balanced amongst the different face types. It’s not so round, not so long, and not so narrow and pointy ー a perfectly proportioned face shape indeed. Because of this, it is the most versatile as it can work well with any earring type. 

Our recommendation:

The #JWD6012 Jewelry Display Set for Earrings Acrylic Jewelry Tray is a display tool that can accommodate most earring styles. It features 10 rows and comes with 12 pieces of earrings cards to attach your store’s earrings on. 

Make sure to keep these tips to heart and start impressing your customers with your newly acquired styling knowledge!


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