How To Pick Your Jewelry Business Name

It’s the name that the public will know you for so choose well.

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You got to admire the optimism of humans in times of crisis. While many remained cooped up at home during the height of COVID-19 restrictions, many saw it as an opportunity to launch businesses and new careers while housebound. Thanks to the internet, starting a home-based online shop has become possible. Many folks started to find ways to monetize their hobbies or develop new skills to profit from. While baking became a favorite of many, there are also those who started creating personal items like scented candles, perfumes, and yes, jewelry to sell. This article is dedicated to those who chose to go with the latter.

Once there is enough jewelry inventory for selling and jewelry display stands for showcasing the merchandise, the next step in making things official is by coming up with a business name for this home-based venture.

Here are some tips that we think are of so much value for those who are in this phase of the business process.

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Think of how you would like to be perceived by the public

It helps to think of your business as an entity with an image. Your business represents your brand and it is this idea or perception that the public forms from what they see or hear about you. Naturally, you would want to make a good impression. In order to make a good impression upon hearing the business name, what kind of feelings do you want to evoke from your customers? Luxury? Familiarity? Does your store have an advocacy (e.g. sustainability, eco-friendly products, etc.) that you would like to highlight? Focus on those things to inspire you when coming up with a name for your jewelry business.

Go for easy recall

A good goal for new entrepreneurs to accomplish ー especially those who are just about to launch their business ー is memorability. In establishing the business name, the name should be something that people can easily remember so they can find you quickly online or in person. This would make it also easy for customers both new and old to recommend you to people they know. Avoid using a jewelry business name that’s too long or hard to pronounce. Again, your goal here is to be memorable ー don’t make it hard for folks to say and remember your business name especially when you’re new in the industry.

Make it search engine friendly

What does it mean for a business name to be “search engine friendly?” Aside from it being easy to recall, it should also have words that are commonly used by internet users when searching for jewelry online. Tools such as Google Trends or SEMRush can be used to determine the popularity of keywords. Don’t forget to include these words in your business name and make it easy for the public to find you.

Do “name tests” to see if your chosen words match

Once you’ve settled on some words, check to see if they work when combined by writing them down and reading them out loud. This exercise certainly helps because sometimes the words and phrases we come up with in our minds may appear and sound different in actuality. This gives you an opportunity to make revisions or come up with new words if none fit. Another brainstorming exercise is to come up with sample logos and see how the names you came up with match with the copy. As the use of logos is an important part of branding, take the time to check your copy against mock logos and see how they would appear on your merchandise and marketing materials such as tags, shopping bags, etc. Are they a good match or not?  It’s best to invite your team to help out with this exercise so you could also hear their inputs.

Check to see if the name you’ve selected is free to use

Let’s say you’ve already come up with a business name ー that means all is well and good, right? Unfortunately, there’s also the possibility that the name has already been taken before. To avoid issues with your business name, check to see if it is available or has been trademarked.

Nile Corp remains committed to helping out budding jewelry entrepreneurs take their first steps in this industry, not just by providing high-quality jewelry display and storage tools but also through articles like this one.  We hope we were able to help you in this exciting part of establishing a jewelry business!


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