Jewelry Project Ideas for the Home Jeweler

A hobby that’s a potential money-making venture.

Beaded necklaces hung for display.

Doing handicrafts is always a great way to pass the time. Not only does it keep you on your toes when thinking of concepts, but it’s also a great way to keep the brain alert during the planning and actual creation process. Physically, it also makes for a great exercise and helps hone one’s dexterity very much similar to surgery because the artwork also requires precision.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself bored with some of the stuff you’ve been doing during this whole pandemic, then maybe doing DIY jewelry projects are good ventures for you to try out. Not only will you be filling your jewelry display devices with new beautiful creations, but it’s also a great skill to learn and eventually earn from.

A purple beaded necklace and several pieces of crystals shot flatlay-style on a white piece of cloth.

Beaded Bracelet (or beaded anything, really)

Beads are a favorite of many jewelry makers for the variety of designs and looks that can be achieved with them. There are certainly plenty to choose from such as wooden, plastic, crystal, pearls, rhinestones, and shells. Depending on the vibe you are trying to achieve ー an elegant nighttime piece or something more casual fit for the mall or the beach ー there is certainly the right type of bead that’s available for you to use and make beautiful creations of.

Jeweled Headband

Headbands are ultra-feminine accessories that are equally at home being part of a lady’s everyday ensemble or as a headpiece for a formal event such as a wedding. Depending on your material, a headband can look absolutely elegant and understated or dramatic and fanciful. Approach this particular project piece with an open eye as you can find inspiration from nature, old and new fashion trends, or even characters on the screen.

A close up of two hands interlocking their fingers while each is wearing friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelet  

Prepare for a wave of nostalgia with this jewelry project idea. Remember creating friendship bracelets when you were a kid back in summer camp? You probably have some fond memories of yourself making these brackets with your campmates so this makes for a great place to start your DIY jewelry project. From the braided styles that were so popular during those summer camp years, you can level up your designs by doing other styles such as those made with ribbon and leather. You can find a lot of those and more from our shop’s Stringing Material section.

Jewelry Inspired by the Different Seasons and Holidays

The different colors and textures associated with a particular season and holidays help so much during the jewelry creation process. How you approach things is up to you. You can be bold and loud using materials that are obvious picks, such as red and green accents for a Christmas-themed one or florals for the spring season, or keep things simple by using the seasons and holidays as inspiration without explicitly taking elements from the occasions.


Ombre is a technique used in many art forms (fashion, hairstyling) where one particular color is highlighted by showcasing it from its lightest shade to darkest or vice versa. This can be achieved with beads or by threads.

Accessories Made with Repurposed Items

Here’s an eco-friendly way to create jewelry. In an effort to minimize waste, why not go for repurposing items so they can be turned into accessories? Old items such as buttons, soda pop tabs, or coins are just some of the items on top of our minds that can be fashioned into new jewelry pieces. Thinking of selling stuff from your household? Want to minimize your family waste footprint? Repurposing is the answer. Look around your home for items that can make for great jewelry-making items.

These are just some of our jewelry project ideas that you can do and make on your own. Learn more about jewelry making by looking up classes online such as these courses from Skillshare.

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