Best Storage Solutions for Your Personal Jewelry Collection

Here are the things you need for storing your precious jewels.

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Once you have amassed a substantial amount of jewelry in your collection you need to create a system for their easy location and storage. Luckily, you have come to the right place. 

Here at Nile Corp, we’re not just all about jewelry display devices. We also have a fine selection of jewelry storage tools in our store. Come and explore to find the right storage solution for you by simply clicking on the product names to get more info and order.

#83-R Wooden Deluxe Ring Storage Case

#83-R Wooden Deluxe Ring Storage Case

An impressive ring collection deserves an equally impressive ring storage case. This one has enough space for up to 72 rings. Each ring slot is covered in soft black velvet and topped with padded nylon, so you can be sure your precious rings are protected with cushioning. The case is made out of wood and comes with a metal latch closure. 


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#CBW223-RW Rosewood Watch Case with Lock

Yes, we also have something for those who collect watches. This elegant wooden watch case comes in a rosewood finish. Inside, the case is lined in beige leatherette and can hold up to 10 watches all properly cushioned by leatherette pillows. It also includes a pouch that serves to give additional storage space inside the box. For added security, the box comes with a lock and key.

#WD-B30S Wooden Charms and Beads Display Rack

#WD-B30S Wooden Charms and Beads Display Rack

This one’s for the crafters and home jewelers. Wouldn’t jewelry making be so much easier if everything’s in the right place? Not only will this display rack help you locate your supplies much easier, plus it also makes for a good looking display piece on your work station. Just remember to keep it within your reach while you are working for a smooth-sailing crafting session. #1806 Acrylic Gemstone Box

#1806 Acrylic Gemstone Box

Another storage device that’s handy to have around while crafting is this gemstone box. To keep your stones looking beautiful and without scratches, we recommend separating them so they don’t rub up on each other, and this is one such type of storage tool that’s right for that role. Don’t worry if you need to store plenty of stones as we sell this in a set of 100 containers.

#JB3641 Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Pattern Jewelry Box with Lock

JB3641 Luxury Leatherette Crocodile Pattern Jewelry Box with Lock

Looking for a jewelry carrier when traveling? This could be the one you are looking for. This jewelry box comes in two colors: grape purple and espresso brown. It contains multiple compartments, designed to separate different jewelry types while providing ample cushioning and security. Made in leatherette with velvet lining which is soft enough to prevent scratching, it also comes with a lock for safety making this piece a worthy investment for serious jewelry collectors who travel.


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