How To Earn Well at Craft Fairs With Your Jewelry Display

Win big with your jewelry showcase at fairs and bazaars.

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Looking forward to the day when we can again go out and enjoy the outdoors without worry? We feel the same way. The energy at arts and crafts fairs truly can’t be beaten and is something many creatives sorely missed in these past few months. While we may have to wait for a while for things to go back to normal, we thought it’s a great idea to share some of our tips to finding success at craft fairs with your jewelry display, and we hope this article will help you to be ready when the time comes.

Branding will help you stand out

Even before you set up your table and booth, it’s important to have this part of marketing your merchandise down pat. Starting from your name to your booth’s identifying colors, maintaining a consistent theme throughout will help you become a lot more memorable to your customers. Think of the vibe you would want your buyers to take away when they come to visit your booth and use that as a guide when crafting your brand. Once you’ve decided on one, use that consistently in the way you design your marketing collaterals (banner, flyers, calling cards, packaging) and the way you present your merchandise.

Keep it simple

You wouldn’t want to put too much on your table as it could make things look cluttered. Just highlight a few pieces from your merchandise using various jewelry display devices. Let’s say you want to focus on necklaces, what you can do is to use necklace display busts of varying heights to create interesting setups. 

Going back to our previous advice, your choice of displayers can be used for branding as well. Stands and platforms made out of wood and natural fabric are appropriate if you picked “eco-friendly” as your brand’s identifier. If your branding is “glam” go with metal and velvet-covered jewelry devices. 

As long as you have a theme in mind and you don’t overdo your table’s showcase then you’re good to go.

Replenish stocks throughout the day

We always advise our readers to bring enough merchandise to keep up with the demand. Likewise, this will come in handy once people start buying from you and there are empty spots left on the table. Remember though not to fill up the table too much to keep things neat and nice to look at. 

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Be personable

A good presentation doesn’t end with how you display your jewelry merchandise. It also extends to the way you present yourself to the public. You’re more likely to be visited by potential customers if you have a ready and sincere smile on your face. Charm always works so even if you feel tired, try your best not to show it or have someone take over the client-facing role while you recharge. Right from the beginning when a potential customer approaches your booth up to the last part where you hand them their purchase, never forget your manners and be ready to entertain questions they may have.

Good luck!


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