How To Deal With Leftover Christmas Inventory

Deal with the holidays’ excess by following our tips.

A clothing and jewelry shop's storefront.
So you’ve found yourself with some overstock jewelry items from the holiday season? Wondering what to do with them? Don’t yank them off their jewelry display stands just yet as we have a few good ideas for you to try out in this article. The new year represents new opportunities, right? So take our advice to heart and give your merchandise a new life. 

Give them out as gifts

As a way to thank your loyal customers or those that make big money purchases, why not reward them with jewelry freebies? Think of those items with a universal appeal like stud earrings or pearl items. You can announce the promo online, like in your social media feeds or newsletter, as well as in-store to drum up interest for your promo.
Red Chinese paper lanterns


Repurpose them for the upcoming holidays

The merrymaking still hasn’t ended even when December has passed as there are still celebrations to look forward to like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. This is especially perfect for your jewelry items that come in red as the same holidays have that as a dominant color in their celebrations. You can also add in other new jewelry items to come up with displays to match the festivities. You can use necklace and earring display tools in silk that evoke a romantic feel or use wooden planks and stands and incorporate them in a Chinese-inspired display. Remember to add in props and matching lighting to complete your setups. 

Reconstruct them into new pieces

For the jewelry creators/entrepreneurs out there, this is an excellent way to earn and flex your skills at the same time. Have a look at your existing overstocks and see what you can refashion into something else. A little bit of melting and shaping can totally transform gold pieces into completely different pieces. Bits and parts of existing pieces like gemstone bracelets can be repurposed into necklaces, brooches, and other jewelry styles that are equally as beautiful.

Sell them at a lower price

People love a good bargain so you can be sure that you can attract folks who are in the mood for jewelry shopping. Again, promotions are crucial here to attract an audience so make sure you are tapping your marketing assets to advertising your event.


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