5 Jewelry Trade Show To-Dos for Beginners

Here are some to-dos for your first trade show checklist.

Jewelry booth

Jewelry trade and craft shows are fun events that allow you to showcase your jewelry, expand your network, meet new potential loyal customers, and be up-to-date with the current jewelry and fashion trends. These shows can also be the big break for your business that you are waiting for.

However, if this is your first-ever trade or craft show, you should be able to be prepared for it. One way to make sure that you haven't forgotten anything is to create a checklist. We already made a list of what to bring to a trade show a few months back. This time, however, we will share some tips on what to actually do in the event. Here are some to-dos that can help you make the most out of your trade or craft show experience.

Overhead shot of a crowded trade show venue

1. Invest in good booth design.

Having a booth is not just about placing a necklace display and other jewelry holders on a table. If your booth does not have a good design, you won't be able to capture audiences. It has to look welcoming, clean, and clutter-free. You can achieve this by investing in good lighting and having a consistent design.

2. Do not expose your stools and chairs.

Chairs are a big no-no because the booth won't look welcoming to passers-by. This is especially the case if your space is small; chairs would make it look cluttered. However, if you need to take a break, have someone from your staff take over while you bring your stool somewhere away from the booth where you can rest your legs for a bit.

3. Smile!

A smile is infectious and can liven up people's moods. If you and your staff members smile at every passer-by, the chance of them checking out your booth increases. Make sure that you talk to them in a welcoming mood, and answer all their questions. Suggest jewelry pieces that would look good on them, but avoid hard-selling by pushing them too much.

4. Don't forget your business cards.

Whether they purchased jewelry or not from your booth, make sure to give people your business cards. Remember to present them either with both hands or your right hand and of course, with a smile. It's one effective way for them to remember you and purchase from you in the future. You can also opt to place a stack on your booth table so passers-by can easily get one.

5. Giveaway freebies.

Who doesn't like free items? It could be as simple as a bowl of free candy or jewelry-related items if your budget allows you. And it's best if you give away something that has information about your brand. You can customize a jewelry box or jewelry cloth cleaner with your logo that comes with a tag with your contact information and social media pages printed on it.


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