Acrylic Houseware Must-Haves

These acrylic items are worth purchasing for your business or your home.

Large Acrylic Decorative Display Risers from Nile Corp storing candies, chocolates, and Jelly Beans

Acrylic is a beneficial type of plastic that can be turned into so many things. It is transparent, a cheaper option, and incredibly impact-resistant. In fact, some even prefer to use this material over glass. Today, we will be highlighting five items made of this durable plastic from our houseware collection. Do check them out, as you might actually need some of these!

Large Acrylic Decorative Display Riser

Large Acrylic Decorative Display Risers from Nile Corp storing and display toy collectibles

Let's start with a jewelry display. This Acrylic Decorative Display Riser is perfect for jewelry, collectibles, and even treats! This acrylic set has a dual purpose; it can store and display. Get to keep wristwatches, action figures, collectibles, candies, chocolates, and cookies inside the hollow case. Get to showcase items by placing them on top of the risers. This set is then ideal for a jewelry shop, a toy shop, a candy shop, and even the home.

Acrylic Pastry Case

12 Donuts inside the Clear Acrylic Pastry Case from Nile Corp

Whether you are a pastry shop or simply a lover of pastries, this Acrylic Pastry Case is definitely a must-have for you. It can help you organize food such as donuts, cookies, bagels, and other dry food. Do note, however, that it is not advisable to store heated items in this case. It comes with two self-serve removable slide trays for convenience, as well as double doors with magnets to keep the case securely closed.

Acrylic Display Rack

Acrylic Display Rack from Nile Corp displaying 25 Funko Pop collectibles

The Acrylic Display Rack is ideal for Funko Pop and figurine collectors or sellers. This rack as 25 compartments and features a mirrored back surface. To keep the items free from dirt and dust, it has a door with a magnet to make sure it is securely closed. This rack is also easy to install on the wall using a screw to save space in your bedroom or shop.

Premium Acrylic Souvenir Spoon Display Case

Premium Acrylic Souvenir Spoon Display Case from Nile Corp showcasing 24 spoons

Next up is another display case, but this time, for spoons. The Premium Acrylic Souvenir Spoon Display Case boasts a lockable transparent display perfect to showcase your antique collection. It comes with 24 custom slots for holding 24 souvenir spoons. Just like the display rack, this one can also be mounted on the wall with a screw to save space.

Wall Mounted Clear Acrylic Wine Glasses Tray

Woman carrying the Clear Acrylic Wine Glasses Tray from Nile Corp, holding 6 glasses of wine

Our last item for today is perfect for the wine drinkers. The Wall Mounted Clear Acrylic Wine Glasses Tray has six holders fit for wine glasses, champagne glasses, and more. This durable rack with a wall-mounted tray allows you to serve drinks easily without having to worry about spilling them. It also comes with four screws and four plastic expansion screws for easy mounting on the wall.


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