How to Display Gold Necklaces this Fall

Attract more customers with gold necklaces this season by showcasing them in the right necklace displays.

Gold necklace with a heart pendant display on top of a white table

Gold exudes luxury and elegance and complements the fall season's colors. That is why, along with the lovely rose gold jewelry, yellow gold pieces are your best bets for this cozy season. And what better way to accessorize those turtleneck sweaters but with gold necklaces! Showcase these pieces effectively with the right necklace display; here are five types that are best used for these elegant pieces.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet Necklace Display Stand showcasing two gold necklaces
Nile Corp Wholesale #ND100 Velvet Necklace Display Stand

Velvet, specifically black, is perfect for the classic pieces, including gold necklaces. Its color effortlessly allows the jewelry to stand out because of their contrasting colors. And of course, velvet exudes luxury as does gold, which makes them a perfect match.

Black Faux Leather

Looking for a black faux leather single t-bar jewelry display.
Nile Corp Wholesale #219-1C Single T-Bar Display

Faux leather, as with velvet, also is an excellent choice for gold necklaces. Black faux leather gives off modern elegant vibes, perfect for minimalist gold necklaces. It's also your best bet for pieces for men.


Brown Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel showcasing a gold necklace
Nile Corp Wholesale #WDN67-BR Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel in Brown

Wooden necklace holders and stands are also ideal for gold pieces, especially ones in a lighter brown wooden color. This is because they perfectly complement the natural quality of the display. This type is suitable for gold necklaces with a modern minimalist design.


Looking for a modern metal tabletop t-bar jewelry display.
Nile Corp Wholesale #COP2986 Modern Metal Tabletop T-bar

Lastly, are the metal necklace holders. This type is also the best choice for modern gold necklaces. If you are to showcase pieces for men, the ones in black or gray are the way to go. However, if you are to display necklaces for women, it's best to go with ones in lighter colors like white, pink or baby blue.

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