5 Helpful Tips to Selling Jewelry in Craft Shows

Increase your sales with these selling tips and tricks.

5 Helpful Tips to Selling Jewelry in Craft Shows |  NileCorp.com

Competition is tough in craft and trade shows, basically because you may be offering the same products with two or more shops. That said, you have to do everything in your power to up your game. Promos may attract customers, but that might just not be enough. Today, we will discuss the five simple ways on how you can cut through the noise in a jewelry craft show.

Captivate customers with beautiful displays.

Captivate people with beautiful jewelry displays | NileCorp.com

The most basic of them all, of course, is to have eye-catching displays. You may opt to go DIY and customize them all, but if you don’t have enough time, purchase ready-made ones. It is recommended to use a rotating necklace display or one that can hold multiple necklaces. The same goes for all other items. Doing so will allow you to save more space, and it will be easier for your customers to check out all the pieces.

Know all your items for sale.

Be knowledgeable about all your jewelry items for sale | NileCorp.com.

You should always be able to answer all your customers’ queries. You should know what metal a particular piece is made of, as well as the gemstones if there are any. You should be able to tell them which item is hypoallergenic, as well as the proper care and maintenance of your jewelry. Customers will immediately be turned off if you can’t answer any of their questions.

Be knowledgeable about the colors.

Be knowledgeable about skin tones and the colors that match them | NileCorp.com

You must also know which colors best match a certain skin tone. As we all know, cool skin tones have veins that appear blue, while warm skin tones have veins that appear green. The "cools" look gorgeous with silver-tone and gems in the blue end of the color wheel. The "warms," on the other hand, look perfect with yellow gold-tone and crystals in the red end of the wheel. With this info, you will be able to suggest the right pieces for your customers. You can also give them a few styling tips as well, based on this skin tone rule.

Be honest with your jewelry products.

Be honest about your items for sale | NileCorp.com

If you think a particular piece doesn’t look too appealing to a customer, let them know nicely. Then immediately suggest one that accentuates their features and let them see in the mirror. Don’t just sell for money; make sure your customers will be happy with their purchases. Doing so will also make them feel appreciated. You should also be honest about your products -- if it’s gold-plated, let them know, and do not let it pass as real gold. If the crystal’s lab made, indicate in the tag, otherwise, let them know immediately by putting up a sign, so they won’t assume that it’s a natural crystal.

Offer other pieces.

Offer your customers a variety of other jewelry pieces | NileCorp.com

Lastly, try to offer them other pieces that match the jewelry they chose. You must remember not to hard-sell though, and allow them to decide for themselves, as they might get turned off and change their mind. Allow them to try other pieces and let them see for themselves how the jewelry they chose matches another one. If they decide not to buy another item, that’s okay, and avoid pushing them to. Instead, thank them for their purchase and let them know you’d appreciate if they can buy again next time.


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