How to Display Jewelry at Home

Read on if you are a jewelry collector or simply fashionable!

Tips on how to do home collection jewelry display.

Owning lots and lots of jewelry pieces comes with a big responsibility. You should make sure that your collections are cleaned, maintained, and kept in a safe place. If you’d rather display them proudly in your bedroom or the study than keep them all inside a jewelry box, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect article.

Today, we will discuss ways on how you can creatively display your jewelry at home.

Get jewelry displays that double as decor.

The Wooden T bar - Bracelet & Necklace Jewelry Organizer Ring Holder Display doubles as a home decor |

There are many displays in the market today that passes as home decor. There are the mini dolls that remind of vintage romantic Paris and ring slot displays made from photo frames that exude chic antique vibes. You can also get a rustic wooden necklace display to match your furniture and other rustic decors.

Group fancy pieces together.

Group your gold, pearl, and crystal jewelry together |

If you own gold pieces and authentic pearls and crystals, it’s best to group them all together and place them in one corner. You can use a tray for the necklaces and bracelets and old teacups and coasters for rings and earrings. You can use minimalist jewelry displays to create a designer look as well.

Create DIY displays for handmade jewelry.

Use DIY displays to showcase handcrafted jewelry pieces |

As for handcrafted jewelry, handmade displays are the perfect way to showcase them. You can re-purpose old bottles and turn them into bracelet holders and use old books as ring holders. There are so many ideas for DIY displays; you just have to look around the house and let your creative juices flow!

Use a glass-covered box if you want them clean.

Th Antique Wood Storage Case with Tempered Glass View Top is perfect for storage and display |

If you are not a fan of the previous displays, you can go for a glass-covered box. You can still view your jewelry without having to expose them to dust and dirt. Plus, you can keep them organized because these boxes come with compartments, dividers, and drawers. The downside of this though, is that it is not as aesthetically pleasing as the previous three.

Give your display proper lighting.

A desk lamp can light up your jewelry display at home |

Whatever display you choose to use for your collection, make sure that it has proper lighting. Just like in the jewelry shops, spotlights are important. You don’t have to break the bank to get actual store spotlights, table lamps with adjustable necks will do. And if you’re feeling extra, you can light up scented candles as well to serve as supplemental lighting.


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