Best Jewelry Displays for Handmade Jewelry

Showcase your handcrafted pieces with these gorgeous displays.

Best Jewelry Displays for Handmade Jewelry |

Last week, we wrote about the reasons why you should sell handmade jewelry. If you did decide to offer them in your shop, it's time you look for a jewelry display that can bring out the best in these pieces. That's why for today, we listed down the best types of display that you should use to make handmade jewelry even more eye-catching.

Burlap or organic hemp linen displays

The Burlap Jewelry Display Set gives off a Bohemian vibe perfect for handmade pieces |
Displays covered in burlap or hemp linen are perfect for handcrafted pieces. This is because they give off a beachy vibe perfect for spring and summer, as well as Bohemian styles. Most handmade pieces are also made of colorful beads and charms, and these hues complement the light brown color of burlap. Basically, any jewelry that has multicolored stones or beads are perfect with burlap displays.

Wooden displays

The wooden Single T-Bar Display brings out beauty of handcrafted jewelry |
As with burlap, the color of wood also tends to bring out the beauty of handmade jewelry. What's best about this type of display is that you can get them in many different colors -- light, reddish, and dark. You can get one in a tone that will complement the designs of your jewelry. Furthermore, wooden displays are usually lightweight, making them perfect for sellers who are craft show regulars.

Metal displays

Handmade jewelry will look gorgeous in this Metal Arrow and T-Bar Jewelry Display Organizer Stand |
Yes, handcrafted jewelry looks gorgeous in metal displays too! These modern displays have minimalist styles, making them ideal for statement handmade pieces, or those that are adorned with big gems, pendants, or charms. Also, this type of display also comes in many different colors -- there's black, silver tone, white, blue, and even pink. Metal displays are also lightweight, making them one of the best choices for trade show regulars.

Paper twine displays

The Paper Twine Wrapped Mannequin Display can bring out the beauty of handmade jewelry |
Paper twine displays give off an earthy rustic vibe, just like the burlap ones would. They are available not only in light brown but in other colors as well like gray and black. Handcrafted pieces that have nature-inspired designs like flowers and leaves look more eye-catching with these displays.


Which type of these displays would you use for your handmade jewelry? Which one should you think must be off the list? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!


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