Last Minute Online Selling Tips for Jewelry Shops

Maximize your Holiday sales and profits with these simple tips.

Last Minute Online Selling Tips for Jewelry Shops |
It’s almost the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, and people are now going gaga over major discounts of various shops. You have probably started with your promotions and are slowly reaping the benefits. However, there are some more things that you can do to further boost your sales this long Holiday shopping weekend. So if you are a jewelry business, you’re in luck. Here are last minute online selling tips that can help you sell your jewelry items like pancakes.

Send last-minute email reminders with eye-catching images.

Last Minute Online Selling Tips for Jewelry Shops |
Email campaigns are very effective in reminding your customers about your promotions. Input all the important details in the body, like the discount percentage, coupon codes, length of the promotions, and the particular jewelry pieces. Make sure that you include high-quality photos as well and be creative. Use your most elegant jewelry display and make sure the lighting is perfect.

Display a promotion banner and make sure it’s updated!

Last Minute Online Selling Tips for Jewelry Shops |
Update your website with promotion banners. These should include the coupon code, restrictions, and other information. Announcing your promotions on your social media accounts is not enough, as the products can be viewed and bought on your e-commerce website. Having flashy, eye-catching banners will pique the interest of anyone visiting your site, increasing the chances of them buying from you or at the least, check them out.

Post your promotions AGAIN in your social media accounts.

Last Minute Online Selling Tips for Jewelry Shops |
Don’t be afraid to make it seem like you are hard-selling; this time of the year, EVERYONE is hard-selling! Competition is much tougher during this season, so it’s pretty much okay to remind your followers about your promotions and discounts of your items for sale. Post new photos of these jewelry pieces.

Create Stories or go live.

Last Minute Online Selling Tips for Jewelry Shops |
Utilize the Stories feature in your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Update people of your latest promotions as well as your best-selling items. Another option is to post a live video; take users on a tour of your jewelry store and if you are solely an e-commerce business, take close-shots of your jewelry. You can continue posting even on the day itself!

Be more generous with exclusive flash sales.

Last Minute Online Selling Tips for Jewelry Shops |
Try to be more generous and lower your prices slightly further via flash sales! Set a specific time, preferably your site’s downtime. Announce this special sale a few hours before in all your social media accounts. You can also announce it in Stories or via a live video. Keep people excited with these flash sales, and you sure are going to boost your profits this long Holiday shopping weekend. Don’t forget to mention your other items for as well, so they get exposure too.

Good luck with the BFCM weekend!


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