How to Choose Jewelry Boxes for Packaging

Pack your items in boxes that will leave your customers in awe.

How to Choose Jewelry Boxes for Packaging |
Packaging is one of the most important strategies in the jewelry industry. You have to be able to make an impression on your customers even after purchase. You have to remember that customers re-use these boxes, so you have to make sure that they can stand the test of time.

If you are looking for new jewelry boxes for your items this season, follow this simple guide on how to choose the perfect ones.

Make sure they’re made with high-quality materials.

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As mentioned above, they have to stand wear and tear. Some customers use them as jewelry display organizers at home or storage for other things and trinkets. Others even re-use them as gift boxes. That said, only buy in bulk from trusted sellers who you are sure manufacture boxes that will last for long.

They should be the right size.

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Not all jewelry items of the same size, so you’ll need boxes of different sizes. One mistake some sellers make it that they settle only for one box size. Don’t make the same mistake; get boxes exclusively for each item you are selling. It would be awkward to place a pair of earrings in a box intended for necklaces. Doing so might also turn your customers off, so it’s best to avoid this practice.

Pick the perfect design.

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Jewelry box designs should generally match the theme of your store. If you sell vintage-style pieces, it’s best to go with brown boxes with old newspaper designs or those with vintage florals or filigree. If you sell fine jewelry, it’s best to go with minimalist solid-colored ones, preferably in sleek black or gray. Your packaging should be able to reflect your shop or brand’s personality and style.

Check the inside of the box.

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Sometimes, only the outside of the box looks high-quality, but the inside isn’t. When picking out boxes, make it a habit to check the inside as well. It should be covered in material like faux suede or velvet to protect the jewelry pieces from getting scratches. It should also include foam pads, slits, or clips to make sure the jewelry stays secure inside.

Include your logo.

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This one is optional, you can have the boxes customized to carry your logo or not. If you choose the former, make sure that it is not too big. Make it as discreet and classy as possible. Remember that many customers love to re-use jewelry box packaging so do them a favor and keep your logos small.


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