5 Ways to Appreciate Our Dear Veterans

Make them happy and feel loved, they deserve that.

5 Ways to Appreciate Our Dear Veterans | NileCorp.com
Veterans Day is just a week from now. And if you’re thinking of ways to make them feel special, then you’ve landed on the right article. This week, we’ve listed down five different ways on how to show them how thankful we are and that we appreciate everything they did for us and the country.

Say thank you!

5 Ways to Appreciate Our Dear Veterans | NileCorp.com
Of course, a “thank you” should be the first thing that you should do! You can do this either in person or on social media. If you ran into a veteran or a member of a military in any place, smile, shake their hand, and say a heartfelt and sincere thank you.

Gift them with something personalized.

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Presents are appreciated, especially if they are custom-made. If you have a veteran in the family, this is one good way to make them feel special. You can get them a jewelry display or a watch organizer with their name engraved on the cover. If you are into arts and crafts, you can DIY a gift box filled with their favorite items!

Send them handwritten cards.

5 Ways to Appreciate Our Dear Veterans | NileCorp.com
Even in this digital age, believe it or not, written letters and cards are very much appreciated, especially to the older people who were used to this kind of communication. Send handwritten greeting cards to all the veterans you know, as well as to those who are alone in the VA hospital. You can also visit them there and ask the nurse for each of their names. As mentioned above, personalized is always better!

Show your support in the community.

5 Ways to Appreciate Our Dear Veterans | NileCorp.com
It doesn’t have to be a city-wide thing; you can start with your neighborhood. You can organize a small event for the veterans in your area, like a parade or a fundraiser show where everyone entertains them with music from their time. You can also put up thank you banners and display the US flag outside your home.

Don’t forget our fallen heroes.

5 Ways to Appreciate Our Dear Veterans | NileCorp.com
Lastly, do not forget to visit those who lost their lives for the country. You can go to a veteran’s cemetery, a memorial, or walls of remembrance tributes and place flowers or letters. They may not be able to smell the blooms or read the cards, but doing so is one thoughtful way of honoring them. Plus, it will give you a happy feeling that will last throughout the day


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