How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants

Here are the basics to making your own gemstone pendant necklaces

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

There’s nothing more fun and fulfilling than creating your own gemstone jewelry and wearing them afterward. You get to customize the design, and you get to add a personal touch to your look. If you haven’t started making one yet but are planning to, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. This week, we’re giving you the basics on how to wire-wrap gemstone pendants.

Gather your materials.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

There are so many crystals or semi-precious stones that you can find online or from a local source. They come in different cuts; you can either go with the raw ones or the polished or tumbled stones. But the best ones to work with, especially for beginners, are the double terminated pendants.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

Once you’ve picked out the gemstone you’re going to work on, prepare a 20 or 22 gauge craft wire. Although you can opt for thicker ones if your stone is a bit large. These wires are available in brass, copper, or silver as well. You can purchase a roll from a hardware store or online.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

As for the tools, you’ll need wire cutters and round-nose pliers.

Start making twists.

There are so many ways to wire wrap a pendant, but the twist-wrap technique is one of the simplest and easiest methods. Get two wires of the same length, about 25 to 30 cm. Twist the middle of the two wires together and do this about three to five times, depending on your preference.

Now pull the two bottom ends out to make a V. Lay the stone in the middle of the V then wrap the two ends at the bottom of the crystal until they cross. Twist the wires again about three to five times. You now should have two sets of twists, one on each side of the stone.

How to Wire Wrap Gemstone Pendants | Nile Corp

Separate the pairs of wires on each side then cross them over both on the front and back. Make three to five twists on the front, as well as the back side. Remember to push down the wires while twisting to secure the stone. You should now have four sets of twists.

Pull both pairs of wires back on each side and create another set of twists. This should be similar to the side sets at the bottom. There should now be six sets of twists; two on the bottom sides, one in the middle front, one in the middle back, and two on the upper sides of the crystal.

Be creative.

Fluorite pendant by metamorphic_forest
Source: | @metamorphic_forest

Of course, you can let your creative juices flow by adding some designs, like loops and swirls. You can even add more twist sets. Just keep in mind to always push the wires down, so the crystal remains secure.

Finishing off.

Once you’re done with the creative part and all four wire ends are at the top of the stone, create the bail. Make a double-wrapped loop then tweak the extra wire at the back side of the loop’s neck. Cut the wires and pinch them down at the back. Make sure that no sharp ends are protruding to avoid cutting yourself while wearing it.

Aventurine pendant by eternallygreencreations
Source: | @eternallygreencreations

Admire your masterpiece (and make some necessary changes).

Lastly, admire your gemstone pendant! Insert your chosen necklace chain or cord into the bail. Hang it on a necklace display to check if everything is aligned, or if you want to make some changes to the design. Crimp the wire if you think the crystal is a bit loose.


Do you have a favorite wire wrapping technique? Feel free to share your jewelry-making knowledge below! If you need any jewelry displays or tools for your creations, check out the shop at!

Pick the Right Organizer for Your Needs

Shop Nile Corp Jewelry Armoires 5 Drawer with Floral Accents

Are you ready for this year’s spring cleaning? One of the things you’ll need is new storage boxes or drawers to keep your stuff organized. And if you’re looking for new ones in time for spring then you’re in the right place. This week, we are highlighting various organizers that can hold different accessories and tools.

Wooden Organizer with Drawers

Shop Nile Corp Wooden Organizer with Drawers

The Wooden Organizer with Drawers is perfect if you are a jewelry maker or hobbyist. It’s ideal for storing and organizing your jewelry-making tools such as wires, cords, ribbons, beads, and even your pliers. You sure are not going to lose any small pieces with this organizer. The Wooden Organizer with Drawers’ size dimensions is 8 ¾” x 6 ½” x 3 ¾”.

Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Shop Nile Corp Acrylic Makeup Organizer

For the beauty buffs, the Acrylic Makeup Organizer is ideal for storing all your beauty tools. It features two drawers and three compartments. Two of these compartments have a set of removable dividers. It can hold up to 32 lipsticks and other makeup and beauty products and tools. The organizer also has a unique diamond pattern design. No need to worry about it breaking easily, as it’s made of premium acrylic.

Jewelry Armoires 5 Drawer

Shop Nile Corp Jewelry Armoires 5 Drawer

The Jewelry Armoires 5 Drawer is perfect for the jewelry seller or collector. It has a vintage floral design that reminds of traditional European style bedrooms. It is made with a tobacco finish for the warm, homey feel. The three small and two large drawers are perfect for storing rings, earrings, and bracelets. The two felt-lined side doors when opened becomes a lovely necklace display. Finally, the mirrored lift-top has felt-lined compartments for small jewelry pieces.

Pink Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer Holder Box

Shop Nile Corp Neon Pink Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer Holder Box

For the women who want an all-in-one organizer, the Pink Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer Holder Box is a good choice. It features four removable drawers that can store pretty much everything you can find in a woman’s vanity table! It can hold lipsticks, eye shadow pots, face powders, and even foundation and cream tubes. It's size dimensions are 10" W x 7" D x 9 1/4" H, so it fits perfectly on top of a vanity desk or the bedside table. This organizer is also available in neon yellow.

Wooden Cosmetic Brush Organizer

Shop Nile Corp Wooden Cosmetic Brush Organizer

Lastly, we have the Wooden Cosmetic Brush Organizer for the beauty buff who owns a whole lot of beauty brushes. This has a total of 63 holes; 35 of which are 8 mm in diameter, 21 are 5 mm in diameter, and 7 are 10 mm in diameter. This organizer is handmade with high-quality wood and measures 8 ¼“ W x 4 ¼“ D x 3 ½“ H. Of course, the artist who loves to paint can use this organizer too.


For more storage cases, organizers, and jewelry displays browse the online store at

Timeless Displays for Your Watch Collection

Take care of your timepiece collection with these displays.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Acrylic Rotate Watch Display Cases
Acrylic Rotate Watch Display Cases

Watches are one of the most bought presents for both men and women. And if you are one of those who owns a vast collection of this accessory, you need a display organizer for all of them. This week, we’ll be highlighting a few of our watch displays that may interest watch collectors and sellers alike.

Premium Leatherette Watch Case with Lock

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Premium Leatherette Watch Case  with Lock

This Premium Leatherette Watch Case with Lock can hold a collection of 20 watches. It is made of high-quality faux leather in a classic black color and luxurious gray velvet that is soft to touch. This case has two levels with removable velvet pillows. You can keep your collection free of dirt and dust with the clear glass lid. The gold-tone lock allows you to keep your timepieces safe from little children. And the best thing about this case? It is eco-friendly and ergonomic.

Leatherette Watch Box

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Leatherette Watch Box For Eight Watches

For a smaller collection, this Leatherette Watch Box is perfect. It can hold a collection of eight timepieces that are up to 40 mm wide. This sturdy box is made of a sleek faux black leather exterior with an equally elegant black velvet interior. The watch pillows are removable and have two wings for easy getting and storing. The Leatherette Watch Box is also lightweight and easy to clean.

Leatherette Watch Storage Case

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Leatherette Watch Storage Case

The Leatherette Watch Storage Case is ideal for watch-loving travel buffs or business people who are always out traveling. This case can hold three to four watches depending on the size, but it can fit a watch that is up to 50 mm wide. It’s made of a unique rollable PU leather with a gold-tone lock to keep your collection secure. The Leatherette Watch Storage Case is available in brown and gray.

Watch Display Set

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Watch Display Set

For sellers or a proud collector of timepieces, the Watch Display Set is a necessity. It looks almost like a lovely necklace display except that it showcases timepieces. It’s made of sturdy wood and comes in two colors -- white and natural wood. The stand holds five pieces on each side on different levels. You can showcase your most expensive ones on the ten stands on the front. This huge set measures 25 ¾” W x 13” D x 16 ½”H.

Wooden Watch Box with Key Lock

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Wooden Watch Box with Key Lock

Lastly, this Wooden Watch Box with Key Lock is ideal for a medium-sized timepiece collection. It can hold up to 10 watches. It’s made of sturdy wood covered with a stylish black carbon fiber with an elegant check pattern. It features a key lock to keep your collection safe from little children. This Wooden Watch Box has gartered storage pocket under the cover for thinner watches or other small accessories or a small watch repair kit.


Want to see more of these watch displays? There’s more where they came from! Browse the shop for our collection of watch cases and boxes, as well as other watch accessories for your needs.

Why You Should Use Foam Pads for Display

Here are four reasons why foam pads make great display too.

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The usual jewelry shop is filled with display busts and stands to hold all kinds of jewelry pieces. These are often made of wood and metal, some made of acrylic, and are available in many designs and colors. But did you know that foam pads are perfect for showcasing your jewelry items too?

This week, we’re turning the spotlight to our foam pads display. Yes, they make great jewelry holders too! Not convinced? Allow us to give you the reasons why you should try them in in your shop.


Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Velvet Ring Foam Pad for 72 Rings
Velvet Ring Foam Pad for 72 Rings

Unlike your standard bulky necklace display, foam pads are space savers because they are thinner and more lightweight. Aside from that, a foam pad display can hold multiple items as well. One example is the display in the photo which can hold up to 72 rings.

Easy storage

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Lightweight Display Folder

Because they are easy to store, foam pads are great for trade and craft shows. You won’t have to worry about carrying heavy boxes and loading a lot of stuff in your car or truck when traveling. Their ergonomic design is a blessing to small-time jewelry business owners who are often out in bazaars.

Gentle with jewelry

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Pendant Pad
Pendant Pad

Because they are made of foam, velvet, and linen, these foam pads will not scratch the surfaces of your precious jewelry pieces.

Easy to clean

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Vertical Ring Foam
Vertical Ring Foam

As we have discussed in one of our previous posts, there are many ways to clean displays. You can either use adhesive tape, a rubber glove, a sponge, and even old mascara wands.

Straightforward design

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Glass Top Case with 72 Rings Slot Foam
Glass Top Case with 72 Rings Slot Foam

Lastly, they have little to no design at all, which makes them perfect displays for shops who with a minimalist theme. Foam pads are usually available in white, black, and gray, perfect for monochrome styling.


Curious to see more foam pads? Do check out the online shop for more of these, as well as other jewelry displays you might need.