Monday, October 16, 2017

Jewelry Tree Stands Perfect for Halloween

As the second part of last week’s article, we are going to highlight a few of our displays fit for Halloween.

If you have no time to create your own earring or necklace display this Halloween, you can opt to buy ready-made jewelry displays. You just need to add a touch of spookiness by adding a few props such as fake cobwebs, plastic skeletons, and pumpkins. And without further ado, here are four jewelry tree stands that can effectively showcase your Halloween-inspired pieces this trick or treating season.

Acrylic Earring Tree Stand

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Nothing looks spookier than a black leafless tree that looks like it came out of a cemetery scene of a horror film. The Acrylic Earring Tree Stand is a perfect jewelry display this trick or treating season. Aside from seven pairs of earrings, it can also hold necklaces and bracelets. The stand also features a bottom tray which can hold more jewelry pieces or even Halloween decors for an added spooky feel.

Metal Earring Tree Display

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The best way to showcase pairs of earrings this season is by hanging them on the mysterious-looking Metal Earring Tree Display. It can hold up to 18 pairs and features leaves with holes to insert the hooks and posts. This display is available in two colors -- copper like the in the photo above, and pewter. Simply add Halloween decors to make it look scarier.

Metal Tree Jewelry Stand Rack

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The Metal Tree Jewelry Stand Rack is a necklace display that can give you the chills. It’s made of black metal with many branches resembling an old spooky tree. It features a gold bird on top, which you can paint black to make it look like a raven for Halloween. This stand can hold all types of jewelry, even your car keys.

Metal Jewelry Rack with Birds

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The Metal Jewelry Rack with Birds is another great addition to a Halloween display. It looks as though the rack is made of old twigs, which gives it a spooky feel. You can also hang bracelets or chokers on the two birds. This metal rack can hold all kinds of jewelry, as well as other Halloween decorations such as plastic bats and bugs to make it look scarier.


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Monday, October 9, 2017

Jewelry Displays for Halloween 2017

You don’t need to sell scary jewelry this trick or treating season; showcase your pieces in spooktacular jewelry displays!

Jewelry Displays for Halloween 2017 by Nile Corp

Kids are going trick or treating in three weeks time, are your Halloween displays up yet? To entice customers this spooky season, get aboard the bandwagon and set up Halloween-inspired jewelry displays. If you need ideas, fret not, us we have curated five of the best ones we’ve seen on Pinterest lately. Enjoy!

Witch Hat Display

Jewelry Displays for Halloween 2017 by Nile Corp

If you have old witch hats from Halloween, you can use them to showcase your jewelry for sale. If not, you can buy some from thrift shops or make them your own if you have the time and resources. These hats can hold pairs of earrings, chokers, necklace, rings, and bangles. Plus, they are easy to set up, and you don’t have to disassemble them, thus, saving you a whole lot of time.

Anatomical Display

Jewelry Displays for Halloween 2017 by Nile Corp

The anatomical ring display can hold a whole lot of rings on each of the fingers. You don’t need to buy a real skeleton; the plastic skeleton Halloween decorations will do. It’s best if you mount it on a piece of wood, or on something sturdy. The skull is just an added charm.

Spiderweb Display

Jewelry Displays for Halloween 2017 by Nile Corp
Source: | Fossalon Art

For this one, all you need is a piece of an old fishing net and an L-shaped wood. To make it look spookier, you can paint the wood black and attach some plastic spiders or bats. Although it can only hold hook earrings, you can place your other pieces at the foot of the display or the surrounding area.

Creepy Doll Jewelry Display

Jewelry Displays for Halloween 2017 by Nile Corp

If your shop’s theme is all about vintage glamour, you can opt for this creepy doll display. It’s not your ordinary necklace display; it has a doll head and a vintage lamp shade. It can also hold bracelets and bangles on its pipe arms. Creepy but classically beautiful.

Palmistry Ring Display

Jewelry Displays for Halloween 2017 by Nile Corp
Source: | OpalAndPurlKnits

The Palmistry Ring Display is such a cool idea! You can purchase a plain black hand ring display and just paint on them using the metallic colors - bronze, silver, and gold. You can use the photo above as reference for the designs. This display is perfect for rings with astrological designs.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Awesome Nail Art Designs for Halloween

Check out these nail art inspiration for the trick or treating season.

Awesome Nail Art Designs for Halloween by Nile Corp
If wearing costumes this Halloween is not for you, you can celebrate the spooky season by painting your nails with trick or treating season-inspired designs. And whether you are a nail salon or someone obsessed with nail art, coming up with a unique design can sometimes be tough. With that said, we curated five of our favorite spooky nail art designs from Instagram and get inspiration from them to come up with your own styles. Get your nail polish rack organizers out now!

Jack Skellington Nails by Nails by Cambria

Awesome Nail Art Designs for Halloween by Nile Corp
Source: | @NailsByCambria

Who doesn’t know Jack Skellington? Well, for those who aren’t familiar, he’s the good guy in the 90s movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas and is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. Jack is the perfect character to paint your nails because he’s quite popular among 90s kids and millennials, and yes, very easy to make. All you need is white and black nail polish. Paint large stripes on four of your nails and leave one white. Carefully draw Jack’s face, no need for a stencil. And voila! That’s Jack Skellington ready to party!

Black Cats by The Nail Trail

Awesome Nail Art Designs for Halloween by Nile Corp
Source: | @TheNailTrail
If you want Halloween with a touch of femininity, you can go with the sassy felines. But instead of using just black nail polish, use a purple or a lavender shade. Use this shade as the base. Once it dries, carefully draw black cat heads on from the tip of the nail until the center. Let the black polish dry then draw eyes using a pastel yellow polish. Add black pupils once the yellow polish dries as well. To finish off your look, get that black goth choker from your necklace display and channel Morticia or Wednesday Addams!

Blood Splatter by Sinney

Awesome Nail Art Designs for Halloween by Nile Corp
Source: | @Sinney
Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? The Blood Splatter is the perfect design for you! It does look a bit icky, but it’s a cool and creative Halloween-inspired design that’s easy to do. You just need two colors -- white for the base and bloody bright red for the splatter. Of course, no need for a stencil for the blood, all you have to do is gently flick the brush a few centimeters above your nails. It might be a little messy, so make sure you have a nail polish remover within your reach!

Candy Corn from Nails and Brows by Tam

Using candy corn as your holloween nail art inspiration.
Source: Instagram | @NailsandBrowsbyTam
Blood is too much? Then go cute and sweet. Take inspiration from the favorite Halloween treats such as the candy corn! You can either use the glittered, matte or gel kinds of polish and they will definitely all look great. All you need are white, orange and yellow and create stripes on each of your nails. Stiletto nails are ideal for this design as they look more like real candies with the shape.

Googly Eyes from The Dot Couture

Awesome Nail Art Designs for Halloween by Nile Corp
Source: | @TheDotCouture
Here’s an easy nail art which only needs two nail polish colors -- black and white. The Googly Eyes design is spookily cute and easy to do! Apply solid black polish on your nails. Use a bobby pin to dab white to make the eyes then add smaller black dots after the white spots have dried. Jenny of The Dot Couture applied a matte coat which we think gives it a spookier effect, versus using plain gel polish. This is the easiest one among the bunch, and cute too!


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