Different Types of Necklace Displays

Pick the right jewelry display for your necklaces.

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Whether you are a jewelry shop owner or an accessory lover, necklace displays are a must-have. And as with jewelry, these displays are also available in different designs, colors, and features. If you are looking for a new one for your jewelry collection or shop, here are six types of necklace displays you might want to check out.

T-Bar Displays

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T-Bars are perfect for showcasing two or more necklaces. You can choose from bars made from wood or steel and covered with velvet, faux leather, faux suede, or linen. What’s great about T-Bars are that they can hold bracelets too, making them perfect displays for jewelry sets.

Display Busts

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The busts are ideal for statement necklaces. Customers can see every detail and gives them an idea of how the piece would look like on an actual neck. You can choose from busts made of wood, plastic, or steel and covered with linen, velvet, faux leather, faux suede, or paper twine.

Easel Displays

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Easels are similar to display busts; the only difference is that easels have a flatter surface and are space-saving because they can easily be folded flat. There are also easel displays that can hold earrings as well as bracelets.

Slatwall displays

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Slatwall displays have an ergonomic design ideal for shops with small spaces as you can easily place them on the panels. As with the previous types, slatwall displays can also hold more than two necklaces. They are also available in washable plastic, velvet, and leatherette.

Figurine display

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These displays are the ideal for vintage themed stores. They look great with ethnic bracelets too, especially the wooden ones. And since some of the displays include the head, you can showcase matching earrings as well.

Metal display

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Choose metal displays if the traditional types are not for you. They are perfect for craft shows and are easier to store. Metal displays are also space-saving, and some designs can hold more than 10 necklaces. They are also available in a variety of colors that will appeal to your younger customers.


Can’t decide on the perfect necklace display for your shop? Feel free to browse the online store to know more about them!

4 Reasons Why Metal Jewelry Displays Rock

From organizing to showcasing jewelry, metal displays can do wonders for any jewelry collector or shop.

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Metal Arrows Display Organizer

Traditional jewelry displays are usually made of wood or plastic and covered with faux suede or linen. These displays are beautiful and can make a jewelry piece stand out. However, they tend to be a bit tough to clean. That said, some jewelry shops consider showcasing their pieces using metal jewelry displays. From necklace display to earring display, this metals can actually be more efficient than the traditional ones. With that said, we have come up with a list of reasons why you need to consider using metal jewelry displays.

1. Easier to clean

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Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

As mentioned above, metal jewelry displays are much easier to clean. There is no need for soap and water solution and drying them up. All you need is a dry lint-free cloth and gently wipe the stained area. If there are signs of rust, you just have to simply repaint the area with the same color of paint.

2. Space-saving

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Necklace Metal Display

Metal displays take up smaller spaces compared to traditional ones. Some can be wall-mounted too, which are perfect for necklaces and hook earrings. These displays hold more pieces and allow for a more convenient handling of the jewelry, without messing up the display.

3. Convenient

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3 Metal Mesh Rollers Jewelry Display Stand

Aside from being easy to clean, metal displays are also easy to store. They can be easily put in a box or bag without worrying about soiling or breaking anything. Some displays are also detachable, therefore saving much more space. It’s another reason why they are great to use in craft shows or street fairs.

4. Fun and trendy designs

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Organizer
Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Organizer

These displays used to only come in white, black, or silver. Now, they come in gold and pastel colors too. They are also available in many trendy designs that are guaranteed to catch the attention of potential buyers. Their designs make them perfect for craft shows, as well as small jewelry shops that appeal to the younger customers.

Don’t get us wrong; we still love the traditional busts and trays. However, if you’re looking for a space-saving and minimalist option, go for the metal ones. Do check the online shop to see various metal displays, from necklace display to bracelet and earring display. And yes, we have metal wine racks too!

Tips for Jewelry Displays That are Guaranteed to Sell

Here are some tips for successful jewelry displays that can increase your sales.

Jewelry Displays Guaranteed to Sell by Nile Corp
Source: Blog.1000bulbs.com

As we all know, displays act as our silent salespersons and therefore can make or break the success of sales. With that said, jewelry shop owners should invest in making their displays as eye-catching as possible. Otherwise, you may be wasting money and efforts on trying to sell your jewelry, and worse, head to bankruptcy. Prevent these from happening and instead increase your sales with jewelry displays worth remembering. And without further ado, here are some tips that can help you sell your items faster and make your regular customers repeat customers.


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Some may opt for eclecticism and have various designs of displays, but having a unified style exudes a more professional appearance. Follow a particular theme and use two to three colors only for your display elements. Textures should also be not more than three to avoid looking like eyesores. That is why big jewelry stores stick to the minimalist styles, as this allows the pieces to stand out more.


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Jewelry pieces aren’t only the ones who should have a personality, your displays should too. For example, if you are selling vintage-inspired necklaces, showcasing them in a modern geometric designed necklace display would look a bit off. Retro styles look best in old world-inspired displays with a lot of lace or filigree design. The personalities of both the jewelry piece and the display should match.

Visual Interest

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In digital media, visual ads are one of the top successful marketing strategies. Surveys show that videos and photos are more appealing than just simple text. This also applies to jewelry display. Your display should arouse the visual interest of passersby. To be more specific, you can’t just place your jewelry pieces flat on a table. You must consider adding depth and height by using displays of varying heights and sizes. Angles should be considered too, as well as the perfect lighting.

Pricey pieces are the front liners

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Always remember to place the most beautiful, most expensive on-trend pieces at the front of your shop or by the entrance. Displaying these pieces prominently will quickly catch passers-by’s eyes and therefore pique their interest. Curiosity will lead them inside your store. And once they're inside, there’s a big chance that they’ll check out your other items too.

To sum it all up, visual balance is the key to having the perfect looking displays. The consistency across colors, shapes, and textures will arouse passers-by’s interest, making them a step closer to making a purchase.


If you need more ideas on the perfect display, get inspiration from the various displays in the online shop!

4 Minimalist Cosmetic Organizers for the Makeup Buff

Organize your makeup and beauty tools for a cleaner vanity table.

4 Minimalist Cosmetic Organizers for the Makeup Buff by Nile Corp
Source: Minimalistdesks.com

With the rise in the number of YouTube makeup tutorials, more and more people have become more serious in grooming themselves. And when I say grooming, I mean blending your eyeshadow perfectly, getting that precise contour, flawlessly applying your liquid matte lipstick, and getting gorgeous summer nails. Makeup buffs have a big collection of beauty tools, facial care stuff, and different makeup palettes. With all that stuff, vanity tables can look cluttered and can eventually become an eyesore. That said, you need cosmetic organizers to keep all your things in order.

As with a jewelry display, cosmetic organizers allow you to showcase your makeup and beauty tools while keeping your vanity table clean. This week, we are going to highlight four minimalist cosmetic organizers perfect for beauty buffs, salon owners, and re-sellers.

Makeup Brush Holder Cosmetic Organizer
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This box is specially made for makeup brushes. No makeup buff likes the idea of getting their brushes dirty, as the dirt can transfer to the face which can eventually become a pimple or a skin infection. The Makeup Brush Holder Cosmetic Organizer is made of premium clear acrylic and features a brush holder with a lid, two removable drawers, plus a compartment with a lid. Its overall dimensions are 6 1/4"W x 3 3/8"D x 8 5/8"H, so it fits most brushes.

Rotating Makeup Cosmetic Lipstick Rack
Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Acrylic Rotating Makeup Cosmetic Lipstick Lip Gloss Rack Organizer Storage Tower Stand

For the lipsticks and lip glosses, you can keep them organized by storing them in the Rotating Makeup Cosmetic Lipstick Rack, which can hold up to 16 lipsticks. This organizer can also hold makeup brushes and other product bottles in the two compartments with a divider. It also features two drawers for little eyeshadow or blush palettes and other accessories. This rotating rack’s overall dimensions are 5"W x 5"D x 8 1/2"H.

5-Shelf Nail Polish Rack
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The ladies who love to collect bottles of different nail polish colors would love this 5-Shelf Nail Polish Rack. It can firmly hold up to 20 standard sized bottles and also features a drawer to keep manicure and pedicure tools and accessories. It’s made of premium clear acrylic and is easy to assemble and disassemble because of the magnet attachments. This nail polish rack’s overall dimensions are 6 7/8"W x 7 1/4"D x 10 3/4"H.

All in One Makeup Organizer
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If you want all your beauty stuff in just one place, this All in One Makeup Organizer is the perfect organizer. It can hold toiletries such as facial tissue and beauty tools and accessories. The clear, high-quality acrylic allows you to view the insides of the compartments for efficiency. It features a tissue compartment, two drawers, and divided compartments for different tools. Its overall dimensions are 9 1/2" x 6 3/4" x 5 3/4."


See more cosmetic organizers as well as jewelry displays such as necklace display and earring display at the online shop.

DIY Patriotic Fashion Accessories to Make This July

Celebrate patriotism by making Fourth of July-inspired jewelry and accessories.

DIY Patriotic Fashion Accessories to Make This July by Nile Corp

Tomorrow is our country’s independence day. There are so many ways to celebrate it with the family, but if you’re feeling extra creative, you can encourage family members to craft patriotic accessories together. And without further ado, here are our top favorite Fourth of July-inspired craft projects from various websites that anyone in the family can do!

Bead Necklace and Bracelet

Creating a bead necklace and bracelet
Source: Buggyandbuddy.com

Here’s something you can proudly place on your necklace display for the whole month of July. These patriotic bead necklaces and bracelets are so easy to make even the kids can participate. All you need are different types of beads in the colors of the flag and some string. The kids and adults alike can also let their creative juices flow by making different bead patterns and designs.

Independence Day Button Ring

Creating an Independence Day Button Ring
Source: Hopefulhoney.com

This is really cute! You’ll need buttons of different sizes and in the colors blue, red and white, adjustable flat ring, and a glue gun. All you have to do is glue them all together to look like the ring in the photo above. Really simple and stylish!

Independence Day Button Earrings

How to create an Independence Day Button Earrings
Source: Hopefulhoney.com

This idea came from the same blog who came up with the button ring. You’ll need blue, red, and white buttons, earring hooks, and jump rings to connect the buttons. You’ll need a pair of chain nose pliers to connect them all together. These earrings are the perfect match to your patriotic button ring.

Fourth of July T-shirt Headband

Createing a fourth of July T-shirt
Source: Blessthismessplease.com

This upcycling project doesn’t require you to spend anything and is perfect for the girls in the family. All you need are some old shirts in blue, red, and white. You can even create color variations of the braid; create one of each color and put all three together for a trendy wide headband. You’ll need a glue gun to glue both ends together.

American Flag Sunglasses

DIY Patriotic Fashion Accessories to Make This July by Nile Corp
source: Sunglasswarehouse.com

If you have an old pair of sunglasses with white frames, you can turn it into a patriotic pair that you can proudly wear on the Fourth of July. You’ll need fine tip red and blue sharpies and little star stickers. You can just simply follow the design of the photo above as a reference. Don’t forget to use pieces of tape to achieve perfect lines.

Patriotic Shoes

Transform your old sneaker into a patriotic kicks
source: Dreamalittlebigger.com

If you have some old white sneakers, why not turn them into cool patriotic kicks? All you need is, of course, your old pair of white shoes and red and blue markers or acrylic paint. You can cut out stars from cardboard so you can just easily trace them on the shoes. You can also use tape for perfect lines.


Need a jewelry display to showcase your creations? Feel free to check out the shop for various displays and organizers such as a necklace display, earring display, and cosmetic organizers. Happy Fourth of July!