Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Here are five tips to usher in a prosperous new year!

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Christmas has come and gone, so is the shopping hype. Now you're left with either excess inventory or none at all. So how do you continue on selling well in the new year? What strategies should you do to have better sales next year? If you have the same questions in mind, you’re in luck. Below are a few ideas.

Replenish your inventory

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Adding new pieces to your inventory is a must even if you have excess pieces. Your customers would want to see new designs, colors, and styles. Otherwise, they’ll get bored with your products and check out the next jewelry store. Keep them interested in your brand and products by surprising them with new jewelry they never thought you’d have available.

Redesign your store display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display

As with your jewelry pieces for sale, getting a shop display makeover is a must. You cannot let Christmas and the new year pass and not change your store decors. Get a new necklace display and other jewelry organizers with colors that will fit your whole new display theme. Since ultra violet is Pantone’s color of the year this 2018, you can get jewelry displays in that color to attract more shoppers. You can also go for an early Valentine theme and go for reds and pinks.

Run early Valentine’s Day promotions.

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Build a hype this early for Valentine’s Day contests. Set up promotions that will excite your customers and will keep them anticipating. You can do this both in-store and online for maximum exposure. Utilize all your social media channels so many people can participate. Do not forget to include terms and conditions, though, to avoid problems at the end of the promotions.

Get yourself exposed.

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Look for trade or craft shows in your area in January to further maximize your exposure. Or, if you have the means, you can set up one yourself. Talk to various potential sponsors if you can. Make sure it’s going to be held in a location where many people can attend. Once everything is set, get the word out there through your social media accounts, set up posters in your jewelry shop and give away flyers whenever a customer makes a purchase.

Send emails to your past customers.

Jewelry Marketing Strategies for the New Year | Nile Corp

Make your customers remember you by saying hi! A simple, straightforward email would mean a lot. Avoid hard-selling though; doing so might turn them off instead of enticing them. Ask how the new year’s treating them and inform them of your new jewelry pieces for sale. You can also send a calendar of your events if you already have them set. Lastly, you can provide a coupon code to entice them to buy from your site or your shop.


Do you have any other jewelry business advice for the new year? Do share your thoughts below!

Ultraviolet Displays to Welcome 2018

Attract more customers with displays in the color of the year!

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Mini Doll Display

Pantone has recently announced that the color of 2018 is ultra violet. According to the site, the blue-based purple "suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now." Cool, right?

This is going to be a lot of fun for the jewelry industry, as the violet crystal, amethyst is one of the popular gem made into fashion jewelry pieces. And to match them are equally majestic violet displays. And without further ado, here are a few of our jewelry displays that boast the enigmatic bold color.

Shoe Ring Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Ring Display Shoe
The Shoe Ring Display boasts a majestic purple color all over. It has a ruffled outer design and soft velvet inserts for your rings. A ruffled violet flower adorns the toe cap, giving it a vintage feel. This shoe ring display can hold up to eight bands and is also available in black and hot pink.

Set of 3 Jewelry Display Stackable Tray

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Set of 3 Jewelry Display Stackable Tray
For space-saving displays, these stackable trays are a good choice. The Set of 3 Jewelry Display Stackable Tray features a velvet lining in an ultra violet color. Showcase your rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in each tray. These ergonomically-designed trays are perfect for craft shows and other events because you don’t need to remove your jewelry collections before display. Lastly, they are easy to store and carry.

Mini Doll Display

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Mini Doll Display

This Mini Doll Display is a cute violet necklace display that can also hold bracelets and hook earrings. It’s like a miniature mannequin you’d see in vintage sewing shops, and hence, perfect for displaying vintage-inspired jewelry pieces. The Mini Doll Display comes in two sizes (both less than seven inches in height) and a variety of colors.

9-Piece Display Set

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 9 Piece Display Set

The 9-Piece Display Set is a gorgeous display for highlighting a new jewelry collection this 2018. The set has an elegant black wood trim that perfectly matches the cosmic purple color. The set includes two earring trees, three necklace display busts, three ring displays, and a round base where you can place smaller jewelry pieces. This set is not only available in violet, but you can also get it in seven other colors.

Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Brush Organizer

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Brush Organizer
Not only jewelry pieces can come in violet; even lipsticks are available in that enigmatic purple shade too! And what perfect way to showcase those lippies than the Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Brush Organizer. It boasts a violet silhouette of a dog and a cat, making it perfect for beauty enthusiasts who are pet lovers too. The acrylic organizer has 18 holes in various sizes, plus a compartment with a removable divider at the back. The silhouette design is also available in black.


Bask in ultra violet goodness with these displays! If you want to check out more, feel free to browse the online shop for other jewelry displays, organizers, and even jewelry-making tools.

5 Gift Suggestions for the Food Lovers

Whether they are home cooks or professional chefs, they’ll surely love these gifts.

Gift Suggestions for the Food Lovers | Nile Corp

It’s easy to give presents to people who love food; be it restaurant coupons, gourmet food, or kitchen stuff, they’ll gladly receive them. Instead of giving them a bottle of the finest wine or a gourmet food basket, try giving them something different this year. With that said, here are five gift suggestions to home cooks, professional chefs, or simply food lovers this Christmas.

5-Piece Acrylic Spice Jars and Food Storage

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Acrylic 5 Pieces Seasoning Box Spice Jar Seasoning Containers and Food Storage

Food tastes so much better with spices. And if you are gifting someone who loves to cook and has a spice collection in their kitchen, this 5-piece spice storage set is a perfect present for them. The set features two tall clear acrylic containers and three smaller ones on a holder tray. These jars can hold not only spices but also condiments such as salt, pepper, even flour, and cornstarch. And because they’re acrylic, they’re easy to clean and are durable.

Metal Wire 8-Mug Rack

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Wire 8 Mug Rack Holder Tree

Some of us just love to collect mugs, like those special edition Christmas mugs from Starbucks. If your friend does just that, you can gift them a sturdy metal mug rack with a unique ergonomic design that reminds so much of a metal necklace display. It has eight hooks to hang mugs and a wire basket at the top. It has a flat back so it can be placed by the wall, saving a lot more space in the kitchen or dining area.

Metal Work Wine Bottle Rack and Cork Holder

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Work Wine Bottle Wine Rack and Cork Collector Holder

For the food and wine lovers, this wine bottle rack will delight them. This rack can hold three bottles and up to a hundred corks, perfect for the wine collectors. It’s a great decor for the kitchen, bar, living room, or even the bedroom! The cork holder is a side cage with a door on top. The rack features four ball-feet which prevents scratches to floor tiles or furniture.

2-Piece Stainless Steel Automatic Salt and Pepper Grinder

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Stainless Steel Automatic Salt and Pepper Grinder

These automatic grinders are ideal gifts for home cooks and chefs who have a lot on their plate (pun intended). With just a push of a button, you can grind peppercorns, rock salts, and other spices. You can quickly adjust the granularity, and they’re easy to clean as well. The sleek stainless steel design is perfect for modern kitchens and matches stainless steel kitchen tools. Both grinders are durable and have high-quality shatter resistance to prevent accidents.

3-Piece Metal Rustic Storage Tray Set

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 3pcs Set Metal Rustic Square Storage and Organizing Trays of Various Sizes

Lastly, this rustic three-tray set is perfect gifts for people who love to bake. These can be used as trays for freshly baked bread and other goodies. These can also be used for other things, such as kitchen tools. The dimension of the small tray is 8 5/8"L x 8 1/8"W x 4 3/4"H, the medium tray is 10 1/2"L x 10"W x 6 1/4"H, and the large tray is 12 5/8"L x 11 7/8"W x 7 1/8"H.


Want to look for more gift ideas to your foodie friends or corporate giveaways this Christmas? Feel free to browse the shop!

Why People Love Minimalist Displays

Find out why the frills-free style is a hit with businesses and customers alike.

Why People Love Minimalist Displays | Nile Corp

What is the minimalist style? It’s having a bare minimum amount of clothing in your wardrobe, along with a few selection of colors and simple designs and patterns. In the interior design industry, minimalism is basically keeping things few and simple; instead of filling rooms with furniture, just keep ones that you need. The common denominator is simplicity.

In the fashion and architecture and design fields, minimalism is popular. It’s sophisticated and respected. No wonder even shop displays follow this style. This week, we’ll be tackling the reasons why people love it, as well as provide display suggestions for you to achieve the less-is-more look.

Easy on the eyes

Because there isn’t much to see in a minimalist display, your eyes won’t get stressed looking at too many things. There isn’t much going on, and so your brain doesn’t need to process too much information. Hooray for a stress-free brain!

Nile Corp recommends the Single T-Bar Display.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Single T-Bar Display

This necklace display is perfect atop either a black or white table. No need to add any more decors if you’re going for a minimalist look. This t-bar can hold not only necklaces but also bangles and bracelets.


A clutter less place exudes positive, light energy and makes you feel better. It also looks clean, elegant, and expensive. Everything is in its place, and it's easier to look for things.

Nile Corp recommends the Acrylic Rotating Makeup Organizer Lipstick Rack Brush Holder.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Acrylic Rotating Makeup Organizer Lipstick Rack Brush Holder

The Acrylic Rotating Makeup Organizer Lipstick Rack Brush Holder is a great display to organize lipsticks and other makeup tools. It allows you to quickly find that particular lip shade or makeup brush you need.


A minimalist display is a straightforward display. It’s much easier to sell a product with fewer frills. Your customer will immediately see the product and lessen the steps of the consumer-buying process.

Nile Corp recommends the Metal Arrows Jewelry Display.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Arrows Jewelry Display Jewelry Stand Hanger Organizer

Minimalism gets even more elegant with monochrome colors. Instead of getting displays with bright patterns and many colors, go for something with just one or two colors, like this Metal Arrows Jewelry Display.

Low maintenance

And because there isn’t much in the display, it’s way easier to clean and maintain. No need to move around so much stuff or ruin perfectly positioned stands and organizers.

Nile Corp recommends the Acrylic Ring Stand.

Acrylic displays are the perfect low maintenance jewelry displays. You only need a cleaning brush to remove dust and dirt, while a lint-free cloth is ideal for removing fingerprints and other marks.


Lastly, because you don’t need a lot of other decors and displays, having a minimalist-themed jewelry shop does not require you to break the bank. You can opt using display sets or the popular wire displays that can hold not only necklaces but other jewelry pieces as well.

Nile Corp recommends the Metal Heart Shape Jewelry Display Organizer.

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Metal Heart Shape Jewelry Display Organizer

This metal jewelry display organizer can hold all jewelry pieces. It has 20 hooks for tangle-free necklaces and bracelets, a bar with holes for hook earrings, and a base tray for rings and other earrings. Plus, the metal display has a feminine pink color your female customers would love.


Get to see more minimalist jewelry displays and other organizers in the online shop!

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display

Attract more customers this Christmas season with a beautiful festive display.

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp

Your Christmas inventory’s ready, but you haven’t come up yet with a display that would awe passersby. You can't just go with sparkles and glitters, as almost all of the stores would go for these. Simple Christmas decors would be dull and certainly not striking enough. If you still can’t decide on how to design your display, allow us to help you. Here are some tips for a festive jewelry display.

Color palette

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp

It’s always safe to go with the traditional Christmas colors -- red, green, and gold. But don’t be afraid to be a little different. You can go with blue, white and black if you wish to go for an arctic look. Blue, purple, and gold are perfect for an enchanting fairytale-inspired palette. You can always choose a photo from Pinterest for inspiration, and that’s where you base the colors you plan to use. Just remember to stick to your selected colors so it won’t look messy or out of place.


Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
A display with exceptionally beautiful lighting is guaranteed to awe anyone who sees it. Use warm lights to remind them of cozying up with a book by the fireplace. Warm lights give off a homey, festive feel. Focus the brighter lights on the jewelry pieces, especially the best selling ones. However, lighting still depends on your theme. If you’re going for a rustic, homey feel, warm lights are the way to go. If you prefer an enchanting, arctic feel, go with white and blue lights.

Christmas decorations

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp

You can never go wrong with traditional Christmas decorations like wreaths, pine cones, and mistletoe. Sprinkle some fake snow on your necklace display, earring display, etc. If you have a lot of free time, you can DIY most of these decorations and customize it as you see fit. If you’re too busy to, you can always purchase ready-made decorations. Remember to get ones with the colors of your chosen palette.

Images on the walls

Tips for a Festive Jewelry Display | Nile Corp
Put up photos or paintings that can appeal to the emotions of your customers. It’s always a good idea to connect with your customers emotionally. According to studies, we use emotions to help us decide what to buy. Hang photos of happy couples wearing your jewelry, or a wedding proposal photos. You can also target families, like a mother and daughter wearing matching pieces. All these, of course, should have a Christmas theme.


Any more tips you’d like to share? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

5 Corporate Giveaway Ideas this 2017

Make it a meaningful one this year, here are a few unique gift suggestions.

5 Corporate Giveaway Ideas this 2017 from Nile Corp

Christmas is a few weeks away, and the spirit of giving is very much alive again. In business, corporate giveaways are just one of the ways you can show appreciation to your employees or clients. If you’re racking your brain about what to give this year, then you’re in luck. This week, we have highlighted a few of our products that are perfect for giveaways.

High Heel Shoe Shaped Nail Polish Rack

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale High Heel Shoe Shaped Nail Polish Rack

The High Heel Shoe Shaped Nail Polish Rack is perfect for businesses in the salon industry or a company where most of the employees are women. The stand is made of durable black metal with a jewel charm and features four tier-shelving for storing nail polish bottles. The heel of the shoe is also a storage place where you can put smaller items like eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, lip gloss or even nail filers. The High Heel Shoe Shaped Nail Polish Rack can also double as a dainty home decor.

Clay Pot with Artificial Plants Home Decoration

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Clay Pot with Artificial Plants Home Decoration

If you want something gender neutral, you can go with the Clay Pot with Artificial Plants Home Decoration. This piece features plants that look realistic so it can instantly add greenery to your modern or industrial-themed office space or home. The pot can be placed either indoors or outdoors -- from your desk to countertops, to window sills and outdoor coffee tables.

3-Tier Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale 3-Tier Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand

This isn’t an ordinary necklace display; it’s a 3-Tier Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand which can hold not just necklaces, but other jewelry pieces as well. It also features four ring holders at the base. It’s made from premium acrylic, so it’s not easily breakable nor is it heavy. This jewelry stand is an ideal corporate gift for businesses that are in the jewelry industry or companies where most of the employees are women.

Mini Home Decoration Clay Pot with Artificial Plants (Set of 3)

Shop Nile Corp Wholesale Mini Home Decoration Clay Pot with Faux Green Artificial Plants for Home Indoor Outdoor Decoration Set of 3

This Mini Home Decoration Clay Pot with Artificial Plants (Set of 3) is ideal for companies looking for gender-neutral gifts. The set includes lifelike plants in white clay pots that can be customized. Simply print out your logo and stick them to one of the pots. These plants are beautiful minimalist home decors which your employees and customers would love. The set of Mini Home Decoration Clay Pots is basically perfect for companies of any industry.

Wine Bottle Wine Rack and Cork Collector Holder

Shop Nile Corp Wine Bottle Wine Rack and Cork Collector Holder

If you’re feeling extra generous this year, you can give away Wine Bottle Wine Rack and Cork Collector Holders! Don’t forget to include at least one bottle of wine, to make it extra special. This wine rack is made of sturdy black metal that stands 13 inches high and seven and a quarter inches wide. It’s a great addition to the kitchen or the bedroom and can hold three bottles. It also features a cork storage for your cork collection. This rack is perfect for businesses in the food and beverages industry.


Want to see more gift ideas? Feel free to check out the shop! Get to see various collections, from jewelry displays to tools or cosmetic organizers.

Tips for Setting Up a Jewelry Studio Workshop

Here are some tips on how to keep your studio a great place to work at.

Tips on how to make your studio great place to workout

Holding jewelry-making workshops is one way to brand your jewelry business and maximize exposure. It’s one of the strategies a startup business can do to make their business known in the local area. Also, studies have shown that beading classes have developmental benefits to children, which is great if you also plan to partner with a nonprofit organization or charity.

If you are a startup jewelry business in need of a jewelry-making studio for workshops, then you’re at the right place. Without further ado, here’s a list of some tips on how to set up a workshop studio.


Make a perfect lighting.

Lighting is important, especially if you are going to work with small beads and intricate designs. But because most beads and other jewelry making materials are shiny and may be hard to the eyes, lighting should not be very bright. Natural light is the best one to use, so your workshop should have big windows where the sun rays can shine through. If you don’t have access to natural light or mostly hold workshops at night, you can install a combination of daylight and white light bulbs. This combination will allow you to see the actual colors, as opposed to using just one of the two.


Create a proper ventilation for your workout.

One cannot work in a place where there is no proper ventilation, especially if you are working with glue guns and do a lot of soldering. Some materials like acrylic paint and epoxy resin may be hazardous to lung health too. That said, you should install an exhaust fan which can suck out all the harmful fumes. Ducted hoods are also another option, which is the stronger version of the exhaust fan, as well as chemical air filters to clean the air.

Jewelry display

Create a space for your master pieces, example jewelry displays.

You should also have space where you can showcase your finished masterpieces for everyone to see and admire. A small desk is just fine, as long as it can accommodate a display set that includes a necklace display, earring display, and ring display. You can use this desk to place inspiration as well -- this could be a book, a photo, or even color palettes.

Chairs of varying heights

Always remember that chair with different heights is a necessity for creating a jewelry making shop.

Chairs of different heights are a necessity in a jewelry-making workshop. You should have separate chairs for soldering operations, for beading, and for painting. Having stools of just the same height might be uncomfortable to sit on in other activities. However, if you have the budget, you can also invest in slightly pricey adjustable chairs or stools. Do make sure that all the chairs that you’re going to use are sturdy to prevent any accidents from happening.


Play a good music for relaxation and to set the mood.

Playing some feel good music is one of the many ways to set the mood. It can also spark creativity and inspiration for some. In fact, many known painters listened to music while working on their masterpieces. You can opt for some calming classical music; think Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, and Chopin. Coffee shop music such as jazz and soul work well too. As for the volume, set it on just the right amount, as loud music can distract you instead of inspiring you.


Which of these tips have you tried? Were they effective? Do share your answers in the comments below!

What to Do With Excess Inventory

Convert your Halloween jewelry pieces to cash.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

Halloween’s come and gone but not all your trick-or-treating inspired jewelry pieces have been sold. Are you going to keep them until next year or risk and try to sell them even when the Christmas spirit is already here? Yes, excess inventory can be a real pain for jewelry businesses, especially those who sell seasonal designs. However, you can cash in on these pieces. And without further ado, here are five ways to do that:

Redesign them.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp
Do you have pumpkin-designed earrings or rings? Turn them into festive snowmen pieces for your Christmas inventory! All you need are white, black, and orange acrylic paints. Paint the whole charm white, use the black paint for the eyes and mouth, and orange for the carrot nose. Take inspiration from the real pumpkin in the photo above by Chrissy of Adventures in DIY.

Sell them at discounted prices.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

You can still try to sell them, but now at incredibly discounted prices. Some people prefer to buy seasonal items in advance, and others can get them as funny Christmas presents for their friends. These jewelry pieces may also appeal to those who collect jewelry with Halloween designs regardless of the season.

Remarket them.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

Since some Halloween jewelry pieces have a Gothic style, you can remarket them as vintage Victorian or steampunk jewelry pieces. Take away the Halloween vibe; for example, you can place a black choker with a spider or cat pendant on a necklace display bust and decorate with some black lace to give it a Victorian look. You can also retain the skull and bat decors you used last Halloween.

Give them as freebies.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

If you really want to get rid of these jewelry pieces, you can give them away as freebies to repeat and loyal customers. Offer them as exclusive incentives for buying two or more pieces from your shop, or for bringing other friends. You can also use social media to promote this exclusive offer.

Bundle them up with fast moving-pieces.

What to Do With Excess Inventory by Nile Corp

You can include a Halloween piece in a set of on-trend pieces. That way, you can still make money for it, even if it’s not sold at its original price. However, it would be best to redesign the jewelry first, so it doesn’t look off in the jewelry set.

In the future, make it a point to plan ahead. Do your research well before buying in bulk to prevent another case of excess inventory.


Have you done any of these? Which one is the most effective? Feel free to share in the comments below!

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Here are three simple ways to make your customers fall in love with your jewelry business.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Nile Corp

Owning a jewelry business is not an easy task. You have to come up with creative ways to market your products to stand out from your competition. There are many competitors in this industry as well, both offline and online. One way to make sure you convert leads to conversions is by satisfying your customers. That said, here are three tips on how to make people fall in love with you and your products.

Listen to what they have to say.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Nile Corp

When a customer comes up to a ring or necklace display, genuinely listen to what they have to say about it. Always respond in a pleasant tone and with a smile on your face. Answer their questions clearly and ask them as well. Doing so shows that you appreciate their thoughts. You can lengthen the conversation by asking for feedback on your other products or your shop as a whole. Aside from making a connection with them, your customers’ answers and suggestions can help you determine what you need to change, or what you need to do to make your business perform better.

Respect your customers.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Nile Corp

No one will want to buy from a shop with rude people running it. Once a customer gets a bad experience from you, there’s a big chance they’ll spread the word to everyone they know, which is most likely on social media. This is why you should never lose your patience with an irate customer. Address the issue calmly and with class, as well as provide a solution to their complaints. Make them feel that you value their concerns and respect their opinions as a customer.

Show gratitude.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Nile Corp

Do not just simply say, “thank you;” genuinely show them that you appreciate them as your customer. Research shows that people spend more time in a business known for positive customer experience. Being appreciative is a way to make them stay loyal to you and will pave the way for positive word-of-mouth advertising. Thanking them can be done in so many ways and not just at the after purchase phase. Send thank you emails or give back to your loyal customers by giving exclusive perks like discounts on your jewelry pieces.