How to Take Extra Care of Your Pearl Jewelry Collection

Take Extra Care of your Pearl Jewelry Collections
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Pearls are gems with its classic beauty that have taken the hearts of women for years. They are one of the most favored gems used to adorn jewelry of all kinds and come in ivory, black, silver, and gray hues. But pearls are extremely delicate and break easily. Here are five helpful tips on how to take care of your pearl jewelry.

● When wearing pearls, put them on last and take them off first before any other accessories.

Since pearls are organic gems, they are more fragile. They are made of calcium carbonate which makes them vulnerable to chemicals mostly found in cosmetics, hairsprays, and perfumes. Make sure to put on your lotion, perfume, and makeup before donning your pearls on.

● You only need a damp cloth when cleaning pearls.

Use a soft and lint-free cloth dampened with water to wipe each gem. Let the pearls dry before storing them away. If the dirt is too stubborn, clean them with a mild soap and water solution, or baby shampoo. Never use liquids with harsh detergent or those that contain ammonia.

● Store your pearl collection separately from other jewelry.

This is to prevent them from scratches. The best jewelry boxes are those with inner velvet lining or necklace displays that have a velvet cover. Velvet is more likely to protect your jewelry from getting any scratch. Silk bag and satin-lined pearl folders can also do the trick.

● Never use an ultrasonic cleaner for your pearls.

The cleaner's vibrations can severely damage the nacre coating of your pearls and thoroughly break them.

● Pearls need a glass of water.

This can help keep the luster of your pearls when you’re storing them in a vault or a safe. Since vaults and safes have little amount of humidity inside, the pearls may lose their luster. A glass of water will help humidify the air and slow down the dehydration of pearls.

10 Simple and Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

10 simple and easy tips on taking care of jewelries
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Jewelry may be just an accessory for others but for those who have a hobby collecting them, each piece is a treasure they must take care of. That’s why we’re going to give some simple tips on taking care of your jewelry that are easy to remember and do.

1. The best way to clean your jewelry is using a soft cloth which is dipped in warm water with mild soap. Gently rub the lint-free cloth to your jewelry to clean it.

2. When you’re not using your jewelry then the best way to take care of them is to store them on their jewelry display boxes. This will keep them away from scratches and breakage.

3. Want to clean those diamonds? Well, why don’t you try using vodka to clean it up and clear its color? It will surely work.

4. Never wear your jewelry when swimming on outdoor or indoor pools. There are chemicals in the water that will greatly affect the color of your jewelry.

5. Temperatures can greatly affect the luster of your jewelry.

6. Save your jewelry from all kinds of chemicals. This includes lotions, perfumes and cosmetics that contain several chemicals that can affect the luster of your jewelry.

7. Heirloom jewelry like any other antique needs maintenance and to keep its luster—always take time to go to a jeweler and have your heirloom jewelry check so they can help maintain its look and luster.

8. Never wear your jewelry while taking a bath. Like it was stated earlier, chemicals such as shower gel or bathtub soap can affect its look.

9. Avoid wearing your jewelry in bed and sleeping, such action can break necklaces and bracelets.

10. Avoid cleaning your jewelry near the sink or you might end up losing a piece down the drain.

Necklace Displays Perfect for Your Spring Display Theme

Decorating for a Spring-theme display has never been this easy, check out these necklace displays from NileCorp that are just made for your jewelry store’s spring display theme. Oh, and we also included some tips to help you decorate them. 

● Frosted Color Bust

Frosted Color Bust jewelry Display

Comes in a variety of colors including blue, pink, green, yellow and crystal white, these frosted bust necklaces provides the perfect display to introduce your spring collection jewelry to your customers. Aside from your necklaces, you can also display earrings to this bust display. Enjoy the colors of springs and let your jewelry store shine with colors with these frosted color bust displays. 

● Paper Twine Necklace Display

Paper Twine Necklace Display

Spring is season where flowers and trees grow, aside from putting a floral color on your display, paper twine displays works well with it’s brownish hue. Place the latest long-chained necklaces in your Spring collection, and glamour up the display by decorating it with floral accessories or flower cutouts that will surely bring the Spring vibe to your store.

● Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display, Pink

 Deluxe Velvet Necklace Display

If you don’t have any jewelry necklace display that boasts of the word “floral” or “fauna” for the Spring season, then I definitely suggest for you to add up this nice deluxe, velvet necklace display from NileCorp. It features a base covered of pink velvet that you can decorate with fake green leaves and white flower cutouts for this year’s Spring.

● Hand Shape Display

Hand Shape Jewelry Display

The best thing about hand shape displays in decorating a theme for your store is that you can easily use them as a piece in your decoration. For example, you can use a hand display by placing a piece of ornamental rose between its thumb and forefinger as if the hand display is holding the rose itself. You can also use spring flowers like carnations or daisies.

● Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Necklace Display

Lastly, you can add up a new mannequin or mini mannequin in your jewelry display that features a pastel design perfect for Spring. Add up touches of pink to your mini mannequin and put the most adorable necklace in your collection.

Display Set Collection from

On our last article, we’ve tackled about the different types of display sets that you could use in your jewelry store. And if you have finally decided to purchase one, then here are some of the bestseller display sets from which includes necklace display sets and jewelry display set alike.

Jewelry Display - Mini Furniture, 15 3/4"W x 10"D x 6"H

Jewelry Display - Mini Furniture

This Mini Furniture Jewelry Display features an adorable design of a classic-vintage furniture complete with lounge chairs, which can display up to 8 jewelry including 5 rings, 2 earrings, 1 bracelet and 1 necklace. It comes White Faux Leather with Rosewood Trim or Beige Suede with Vintage Trim, and is perfect for displaying jewelry sets. 

Display Set, 26''W x 13 3/8''D x 15''H

Jewelry Display Set, 26''W x 13 3/8''D x 15''H

This Display set features a white faux leather with glossy oak trim that can display up to 29 pieces of jewelry. These jewelry consist of 2 pendants, 2 bracelet, 10 ring, 12 base set, 2 earring and 1 necklace. It's pretty much the perfect display that can hold a large set of jewelry collection. 

White Faux Leather Display Set, 36 1/2''W x 13 3/4''D x 11 1/2''H

White Faux Leather Jewelry Display Set

This elegant display set features white faux leather that covers padded wood and cardboard display which is also adorned with rosewood-finished, wood-trims. It can display up to 33 pieces of jewelry. This display set includes four-piece base, two tall stages, two short stages, and two combination necklace busts along with one mini necklace bust.

c , 25 3/4"W x 13"D x 16 1/2"H

Watch (20) Jewelry Display Set

Want to display several watches that just came by? This wood trim display set is perfect for jewelry stores who wants to showcase their new collection of watches. It can display up to 20 watches and works well with silver and gold. 

Display Set, 27 3/4'' to 33 1/2''W x 15 1/2''D x 13 1/2''H

Jewelry Display Set, 27 3/4'' to 33 1/2''W x 15 1/2''D x 13 1/2''H

This 30-set display set comes in a steel grey faux leather w/ black faux leather trim or brown leather trim which gives off a sophisticated look. It can display up to 27 set of jewelry. The black faux display is perfect for silver jewelry while the brown-faux leather display works well with gold jewelry.