Triple Leatherette T-Bar Display from NileCorp on SALE! More than 50% Discount.

NileCorps Triple Leatherette T-Bar
NileCorp’s Triple Leatherette T-Bar for only  $8.99/Original Price: $18.75

NileCorp has always been known for offering a wide array of jewelry displays for retailers and jewelry stores alike. From jewelry boxes, showcase trays, to set displays and necklace displays, NileCorp can provide the ideal jewelry display you’re looking for.

But aside from its massive selection of jewelry display products, NileCorp also loves giving our customers sales and discounts every now and then, like our Triple Leatherette T-bar Display which can now be bought for the amazingly low price of $8.99. Compare to its original price of $18.75, by purchasing our Triple Leatherette T-bar Display, you will automatically save a total of $9.76.

The Triple Leatherette T-Bar is a beautiful and contemporary jewelry display, great on countertops and ideal to be used on showcase events. Its three tiers let you display bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and chains. This item is made of black leatherette, and is 12” inches in length and 12 ¾” inches height, making it easier for you to place them along with other jewelry displays on a single countertop. All three tiers are of the same length and offset in height that offers three levels of display. It is available in black leatherette, which is perfect especially for gold and silver jewelry collection due to the contrast of its colors.

This beautiful contemporary jewelry display features a simple look, designed not to take the attention away from the jewelry but instead let it stand out. It works well when placed with set displays and risers, and create this contemporary minimalistic look that’s becoming a trend in jewelry stores nowadays. The Triple Leatherette T-Bar is durable, making it ideal for showcase and trade show events.  Again, the Triple Leatherette T-Bar is on sale and is available for only $8.99. So take advantage of this promo and
buy this item for less than $9.76.

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