Jewelry Boxes 101: Types of Jewelry

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Jewelry boxes come in many forms, shapes, sizes and designs. And if you happen to be looking for the right jewelry box where you can fit all your precious jewelry collection or those new jewelry you need to display on your, then it is just important to know what kind of jewelry box will suit your collection or display.

And, being your trusted jewelry boxes and necklace displays seller, wants to help you with this dilemma by providing you with the right information about the different kinds of jewelry boxes, their features and their uses.

  • jewelry armoire
Jewelry Armoire is a large jewelry boxes that resembles closet cabinets in a way. They are intended to use for larger jewelry collections, and often have several cabinets, hooks, storage drawers and sometimes, a mirror.

  • jewelry box
Jewelry boxes are the most common and usual of all. It best suits to keep a small collection of jewelries including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It features little cabinets and perhaps a small mirror inside. 

  • musical boxes
Musical boxes are more popular with teenagers and children, often made from pressboards. Expensive musical boxes though are made from porcelain or wood. They can keep an amount of jewelries similar to jewelry boxes.

  • ring box
Ring boxes can be made from wood or leather, but mostly have inside leather lining for the rings’ protections. You can either placed a range of 6 to 12 rings depending on the size of the ring box you bought. 

  • valet box
Valet boxes are the jewelry box for men, where they can keep their watches, rings and wallet. It is mostly covered with dark leather and possessed a rugged design compare to other jewelry boxes.

  • wall-mounted jewelry box
Wall-mounted boxes can be hung on the wall similar, and has the similar look as a medicine cabinet. It has a mirror on its surface, and when opened features several compartments for different types of jewelry.
  • watch box
Watch box are made solely for keeping your watch collection all in the same place. Like other jewelry boxes, it has leather lining inside to protect your luxury watches.

The Importance of Your Display this Holiday Season

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During holiday season, you’ll see a lot of shops doing decorations showing the holiday spirit. From clothing shop, tech stalls to jewelry shops, you won’t see a stall or business that doesn’t have a Christmas decoration in it. But really, why is it important for a business to decorate during the holiday season? That’s what we’re going to answer for today’s article.

You see people have hard-wired their brains to see Christmas decorations every holidays not only on their homes but also on malls, shops and the streets. Through traditions, people will find it hard to even distinguish a shop that has no Christmas decorations when everything around him has. This was also proven when an illustrator and web comic artist named Gergely Dudás drew a group of snowmen all bundled up together with one panda hiding within them. Many people had a hard time finding the panda within the group. So if you think that putting Christmas decorations on your shop seems irrelevant then better think again.

Christmas decorations are one way to attract customers. The more your holiday decorations stand out from the rest, the more likely customers will flock in your shop. Like for example, a jewelry shop looks more attractive when there are decorations on the window display like put little snowflakes on the window and placed items like silver jewelry with bluish gemstones that works perfectly with the winter theme. Or how about instead of dark jewelry bust displays, try to use white necklace displays and placed gold necklaces on them. The contrasts between two colors will cause the jewelry to standout and be seen easily by your customers.

Another way to add more to the festive theme is to use white or green packaging with Christmas cards. This works especially for those who are looking for jewelries to give to their loved ones. Actually, you can also put a gift packaging corner to your shop where customers can pick what kind of package and ribbon to use on their purchased jewelry. This idea might even boost your sales further this Christmas season.

Just remember this festive holiday may bring a lot of stress but enjoy it while it’s there. Besides, it only happens once a year.

Tips to Sell More During High Season

During the holidays, there is a bigger chance to improve your sells and this means a chance to get more customers. But aside from this high season, it is also important to consider your shop. Is it ready to accommodate all those customers looking for jewelry? Will your jewelry display attract them to buy? Well, this article will give you 5 tips on how you can sell more during this season.

1. Proportion


Your jewelry displays should always be proportional to the amount of space available in your storefront. Another thing is that your jewelry display should be proportional to the size of the jewelry as well.

2. Contrast


You only have around 10 to 15 seconds to get a customer's attention, one way of doing this is to provide contrast on your display. This way your jewelry will definitely standout from the display itself as seen in the photo above.

3. Color Schemes:

Color Schemes

Another thing to give focus to is the color of your jewelry and the display you use. As possible, make sure that the jewelry displays suits perfectly with the color of the jewelry you display on it.

4. Mirrors and Lighting

Mirrors and Lighting

Another tip is to use mirrors to add depth and dimension to your booth. The perfect lightning can also bring out the beauty of your jewelry thanks to its reflective materials. 

5. Organization


Lastly but most important, pay attention on how you organized your jewelry displays. This will be a big thing to customers, it is pleasing to the eye, and it will be easier for your customers to differentiate each jewelry from the other.

How to Keep Your Jewelry Store Organized This Holiday

Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Store Organized This Holiday Rush

Holiday gives businesses the best advantages of all seasons, more sales, more customers, brand exposure, and more products to introduced. But this also means that your shop will be busy as people walk-in and out of your store. That's why it's also important to be a plan early and keep your jewelry store organized this coming holidays.

Schedule everything.

Don't miss any events this year, fill up your personal calendars. Keep track of everything and each activities there is for your retail store. You can also take note of all the shopping holidays there is, the promotions your planning to do and when to launch those. 

Better foot traffic, better shopping.

There will definitely be an increase of customers in your shop, and the question will be is your shop ready for it? As much as possible, allot some space to allow your customers to move freely around your store so they can see more of other jewelries without having a hard time. This will make your customers comfortable while allowing them to try and see more of your jewelry collections.

Labels are important.

Labels are important, it helps customers and makes shopping more easily. Like if you have a wrapping service in your jewelry shop, point out where the it is so customers won't ask questions again and again. 

Promotional posters.

Another great way to attract customers is the proper placement of your promotional posters. Make sure they are placed somewhere that customers can see clearly. You can put in the front of your store or by the shopping window.