Tips on Buying a Necklace Display Stand for your Jewelry Store

In a jewelry store, the jewelry display should be as eye-catching as the jewelries. Creating an impressive jewelry display does not only attract first time buyers but also keeps people coming back to your store. It’s an important key that can help you gain an upper hand against your competitors and will secure loyalty among your regular shoppers.

So before displaying those lovely jewelries in your inventory, first let's determine the things you should consider when buying a necklace display stand. 

• Visibility

How Your Jewelry Will Appear in Your Rack

It is best to consider how your jewelry will look with your chosen necklace display. It should emphasize the jewelry. The best way to do this is through putting a jewelry with a color contrasting the necklace display. This way your jewelry will stand out.

• Durability

look for a display rack that will be durable enough to last up to Few years

Durability is important when picking up any necklace display stand for your store. You need to make sure that you can bring it on tradeshows and conventions without breaking apart. 

• Compatibility

Compatibility of jewelry and the display

There are several types of necklace displays in the market suited for different types of necklaces. Make sure to read several magazines or tips about the difference between each of the necklace displays to determine which necklace are appropriate to be display on them.

• Space Efficient

Make sure your necklace display won’t take more space than necessary

Always remember when looking for a necklace display is that it shouldn't take more space than necessary. Look for an item that will not look too big or out of place in your jewelry store. It is also important that it coordinate with the rest of your other displays.

• Ease of Use

Your display should not take up much of your time as much as possible

Lastly look for a display that is easy-to-use and can easily be loaded up with items. Such characteristics makes it possible to bring such display during trade shows and events where you don't have a lot of time to display your items.

Jewelry Displays and Packaging Ideas for Autumn

During autumn, many retail stores try to create their interpretation of fall on their window displays to attract customers. And if you still don't have an idea on how to create one for your own shop, then here are some jewelry display ideas from NileCorp.

Jewelry Displays

• Paper Twine Mannequin Display

Paper Twine Mannequin Display
The Paper Twine Mannequin Display is paper sculpted and wrapped by woven natural fiber. Color and sizes may vary slightly since they are handmade. Display some chic necklace jewelry to compliment the display.

• Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel

Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel

The Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel is perfect to display those aquamarine or bluish-beaded necklace in your jewelry collection. It practically brings out the color of your necklace and instantly can get someone's attention.

Check out this jewelry booth ideas for inspiration: 

jewelry booth ideas

jewelry booth ideas for inspiration

Packaging Ideas

For packaging ideas, NileCorp also offers burlap pouches. You can even adorn these burlap puches with a wire leave twine for a festive look. This packaging gives off a shabby chic look that your customers will surely adore.

Packaging Ideas

Autumn is a great way to find new strategy and opportunities to sell your jewelries, and I hope that these necklace display ideas and packaging can help you boost your sales this season.

Get Your Store Prepped Up for Fall

September has already started, which means autumn will soon arrive as well. Do you already have an idea on how will you get your store prepped up this autumn? If not then here are some fall display ideas from to help you set the mood for this festive season.

You can check out these fall display ideas below:

Add Some Autumn Leaves

Add Some Autumn Leaves

Try to add a few autumn leaves in your display from your window to your interior. This will highlight the season and attract customers to step inside your retail store. You can also decorate your necklace busts and earring displays with twigs and a few autumn leaves to spice up the display even further. 

Framed Twigs as Jewelry Display

Framed Twigs as Jewelry Display

Another creative way to display jewelry this season is by hanging different necklaces, earrings or bracelets on wooden twigs. You can check out DIY tutorials to how you can create your twig-inspired jewelry display, just like from SawDustGirl Blog.

Invest on Autumn-Inspired Jewelry Display

Invest on Autumn-Inspired Jewelry Display

If you certainly don’t have a time to create DIY displays then I suggest that it is time to invest on autumn-inspired jewelry displays just like this Metal Tree Earring Display from It has a warm copper color that greatly goes well with an autumn-theme shop.

Paper Twine Necklace Displays

Paper Twine Necklace Displays

We also have our paper twine necklace displays that we sure will look outstanding against your necklaces. Just add a few leaves or twigs and a touch of orange, and I'm sure that this will bring a wonderful autumn effect on your shop.

New Arrival: Wooden Display Box and Jewelry Mirror Armoire Stand!

Our jewelry display collection just got even better!

With the latest arrival of different jewelry displays, you now have more options as to how you can showcase your jewelry in your retail store or when joining events and trade shows.

This August, we’d like to bring you more ways to showcase your vibrant jewelry pieces and inventory in a whole new way. No need to go looking for other sources for your ring or necklace display needs because we made sure to pick up the pieces that will be useful for your jewelry business. Included in the new products we have to offer is an elegant natural wooden box display and a dazzling jewelry mirror armoire stand for your customers to try the newest jewelries in your collection. We also have new different gift tote bags and gift boxes, leatherette watch boxes and fabric wood necklace display. Are you ready for some exciting treats? Below are some of the items that you can find in our New Arrivals section. Enjoy your shopping!

Natural Wood Display Box


Natural Wood Display Box

• 11''x15 3/4'' x 3 1/4'' • Natural Wood • Natural Wood 2 Level Display Box










Jewelry Mirror Armoire Stand Cabinet


Jewelry Mirror Armoire Stand Cabinet

• 16 1/2"W x 19"D x 60"H • White, Rosewood or Espresso Brown • Jewelry Mirror Cabinet Armoire Stand, Mirror, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings. Materials: Wood veneer, hardwood, MDF, Glass. Adjustable tilt frame solidly supports the mirror body.

Color Gift Tote Bag


Color Gift Tote Bag

• 7"W x 4"D x 9" • Colors are available in: Red/Blue, Pink/Blue, Orange/Black, Light Brown/Black, Cream/Brown, Blue/Purple • Color Gift Bag, 210gsm white card paper with texture.








Embossed Swirl Foil Small Earring Boxes


Embossed Swirl Foil Small Earring Boxes

• 2"L x 3 1/4"W x1"H • Blue, Red, Silver Embossed • Embossed Swirl Foil Small Earring Boxes. Two-piece paper box include flocked inserts.

Fabric Covered Wood Necklace Display


Fabric Covered Wood Necklace Display
• 8 3/4''W x 14 1/4''H. • Natural, Black, White • 3 of Padded Fabric Covered Wood Necklace Display With Easel Leatherette Watch Box for 12 Watches • Navy Blue or Brown. • Store, organize, and display your watch collection securely with this two-toned brown PU leather watchcase featuring gold plated embellishments for a modern look. • It consists of a sturdy MDF frame and 12 individual beige suede cushions in divided compartments. • The high clearance lid features a clear glass window for easy viewing and a gold plated lock and key for added security.

Tips and Ways to Maintain a Flocked Tray’s Beauty

Flocked Tray’s Beauty Maintenance
We all know that flocked jewelry display and trays especially those made with velvet are prone to lint and dirt. And the sad part is, they are not the easiest display to clean. That’s why for today’s article we’re going to give you a few tips and ways to clean flocked jewelry displays and trays.

• Tip #1

Use a vacuum cleaner’s hose. This is the best thing to use for corners and crevices of the tray compartments.

• Tip #2

Another way to clean a flocked tray is by using a couple of scotch tape and masking tape. Use them by dabbing at the flocked surfaces until you've removed all the lint.

• Tip #3

Remember those little rollers you use for removing the hair of your cat on your couch, well they work also in your compartment trays.

Flocked Tray’s Cleaning

• Tip #4

Another thing you can use to clean your jewelry tray is those little plastic combs. They're effective for removing the fuzz and lint stuck in your tray.

• Tip #5

A electrostatic rubber pet hair brush may also do the work, and you can easily buy this from Walmart or pet stores. They will get those flocked trays clean and dirt free.

• Tip #6

You can also use rubber gloves by robbing it on the flocked tray's surface. Although you might need to brush it first or you a dampened cloth to make the lint and dust softer so they will easily stick with the glove.