Fall Jewelry Display Ideas

Autumn is just around the corner and jewelry enthusiasts are excited to show off their beautiful autumn jewelry and gems on new windows and in-store displays. No, we do not necessarily mean wearing them and displaying them on the parts of your bodies; what we want here is to make a statement by exhibiting them inside and outside of your jewelry boutiques, homes, and even trunk shows.

Here are top 5 ideas we recommend to make your jewelry displays succumb to the flavor of the season of fall this year. Enjoy!

In the limelight

In the limelight
Source: http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/easy-fall-decorating-projects/?page=0

One particular holiday associated with fall is Halloween. Anticipate the coming of Jack O' Lantern and put his shadow in the spotlight by placing a couple of small squash inside a terrarium or a transparent jar. Add the leaves of the vines to make it look they are alive and growing inside the glass container.

The golden light

The golden light
Source: http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/easy-fall-decorating-projects/?page=5

Daylight starts to dim during autumn and, before the winter comes, farmers must harvest all their crops. The golden light jewelry display will give a spark to the dimness of fall. Surrounded by grains of corn, the design gives us a reminder to stock up for the coming winter.

Hanging leaves

Hanging leaves
Source: http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/easy-fall-decorating-projects/?page=22

In autumn, the leaves dry up and they fall from their mother trees. It may be the norm of nature but your jewelry display can still make them hanging. Use a small to medium size branch as an anchor, plant it in a pot, and surround it with pebbles. Adorn the twigs of the branches with leaves pasted on colored papers.

Ingenious foliage

Ingenious foliage
Source: http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/easy-fall-decorating-projects/?page=43

You might already be having issues with the pile of leaves accumulating outside, but an amply designed table runner can match them up with a perfect array of leaf ornaments. Draw or paint them out in your linen jewelry displays, but make sure you follow the techniques indicated in the instructions for the paint in use.

The garland of autumn

The garland of autumn
Source: http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/easy-fall-decorating-projects/?page=49

Like one of the necklace displays of fall season, furnish the garland of autumn indoors or outdoors. Use eye hooks and twist them up to connect them with the tops of corn cubs. Twine the cubs alternately with husks glued around the string.

How to Clean and Organize a Velvet Jewelry Box

Velvet jewelry boxes are classic jewelry displays amongst the favorite of women. However jewelry boxes that are lined with velvet are a trickier to clean than typical cloth surfaces. Using paper towels shred may not be the best thing considered the lint they leave behind, and if you have a lint roller, it can't clean the grooves usually reserved for rings. Feather dusters, on the other hand, are completely useless against embedded dust and hair. So in order to help you with this dilemma, we provided these following steps to clean a velvet jewelry box.

• Step 1

 Step 1

Remove everything, your jewelry box should be completely empty.

• Step 2

Step 2

Organize your jewelry. Just a tip, lay them out makes it easier to recognize how much of each you have and how much space you need for each category of jewelry. Sort them into the following categories: chain belts; long, medium, and short necklaces; body jewelry; stud earrings, long earrings, hoops; bangles, charm bracelets, chain bracelets; watches; charms and rings.

• Step 3

Step 3

The easiest way to clean velvet is with a warm, moist cloth. Unless you’ve got stains embedded in your jewelry box, a cleaning solution isn’t really needed on such delicate fabric. Wiping your velvet down with a moist cloth will work to remove all of the dirt, dust, and hair that have made its way into your jewelry box. If your box needs deodorizing, any fabric freshening spray works great. If you’ve gone over every surface and you’ve still got a few stray hairs or dust particles hanging around, simply rinse your cloth and repeat the wipe down.

• Step 4

Step 4

Refill your jewelry box. Used the drawer space for longer necklaces and belts, the hooks for long earrings and shorter necklaces and the top space for small, easy t lose items such as stud earrings, rings, charms, body jewelry, bracelets, and hoop earrings. Makes sure to keep the jewelry visible and stored the fancier stuff I use less often.

How to Display Your Jewelry to Attract Customers

To attract customers, it doesn’t only take the right jewelries to be put on display; you must need to know how you can properly display them in your store as well. Here, we’re going to give several tips on how you can professionally display your jewelry to gain more attention from passerby and increase your sales.

• Use jewelry displays that match the personality of the jewelry.

jewelry displays that match jewelry personality

Use good jewelry display that reflect the style and personality of the jewelry line. Be creative with the backgrounds and texture you use.

• Display your jewelry professionally.

Display your jewelry professionally

Make your jewelry stand out plainly. Don't let anything in the design steals the scene. Consider displaying your jewelry attractively in jewelry cases, gift boxes and trays, then just adding backdrops of props in its edges.

• Create a unified look.

Create a unified look

For professional appearance, display jewelry in an overall design scheme. This is to avoid overwhelm the eyes of your customers. A unified theme is simple and classic, and more likely to attract lots of attention.

• Contrast matters.

Contrast matters

Use contrasting colors in your background, jewelry display and jewelry, this let the jewelry stand out from the rest. Use a dark prop and background for a colorful jewelry set and watch it attract your customers.

• Create a visual backdrop for necklaces.

Create a visual backdrop for necklaces

Create a visual drop for your necklaces so your customers can see them in the full glory, along with the designs and how long they are.

• Don't forget the mirror.

Don't forget the mirror

Always remember to have many mirrors along with your jewelry displays. Customers like to try on the jewelries to see if it suits them or not. This also encourage them from buying the said jewelry.

Adorable Trinket Jewelry Boxes for Wholesale

Trinket jewelry boxes are adorable little storage made of enameled pewter and designed with glossy colors that are eye-catching. They are indeed the perfect giveaways you can think especially in occasions like weddings, family reunions and anniversaries. They are not just adorable, but they are also used in storing necklaces, rings and pendants.

Floral Trinket Jewelry Boxes

Floral Trinket Jewelry Boxes

This Floral Trinket Jewelry Box is beautifully crafted in brass or pewter. Each little treasure box is a work of art that has been carefully hand enameled in amazing shapes and colors. It features a floral rose design set into a green pewter body designed with asymmetrical leaf designs.

Trinket Jewelry Box, Owl Mommy & Me 

Trinket Jewelry Box, Owl Mommy & Me 

Treat yourself or someone special with this unique Owl Mommy & Me Trinket Jewelry Box, This adorable jewelry trinket box is use to store small items, and opens on a hinge. It also has magnetic closure to keep the box shut securely. This unique trinket features an older mother owl along with her chick, painted in artistic perfection.

Turtle Trinket Box

Turtle Trinket Box

One of the majestic being living under the sea, this one-of-a-kind trinket jewelry box was crafted into a beautiful turtle composed of either brass or pewter. It has been carefully hand enameled in its colors and is set with crystal stones for a sparkling presentation.

Rose Trinket Jewelry Box

This trinket jewelry box is made perfect for women who want an adorable and classic piece to store her jewelries. It is made of enameled pewter, accented with sparkling crystals and features a removable top lid with magnets.

Trinket Coffee Cup Box

Trinket Coffee Cup Box

For all who loves to drink coffee, then this adorable trinket coffee box is something that you'll like to be display on your room. It is made of enameled pewter and carefully been painted with lovely colors that gives off a classic look. This trinket box is the perfect give-away to your coffee-holic friends.

Peacock Trinket Jewelry Box

Peacock Trinket Jewelry Box

This Trinket Peacock Box is a little jewelry box that depicts the beautiful colors that only the majestic peacock can give more than any other. It's a work of art that has been carefully hand enameled in amazing shapes and colors.