Display Set Collections to Put on Your Jewelry Shop

Putting on display the right jewelry can attract a passerby attention but setting it on the perfect jewelry display set can be the key to entice that person to buy it. Jewelry set collections is the display you may usually see on all the other jewelry shop. But displaying the same thing doesn’t mean your shop have to look like all your other competitors, you can be different by putting up a unique collection set that still suits your jewelry shop.

Try Out Something Eye-Catching and Classically Unique

Eye-catching and classically unique Jewelry Display

This jewelry collection display set looks similar to a miniature living room couches with a coffee table. You can display 5 rings, 2 earrings, 1 bracelet and 1 necklace. With its unique style, you can place some classic-style jewelry. It goes well with gold and rose-gold jewelries. Such unique designs are offered by few jewelry supplies shops like NileCorp.com.

Space-Saving Jewelry Display Set

Space-Saving Jewelry Display Set

If you’re more into a minimalist type, you can display your jewelries into a monochromatic display set that can hold 18 pieces such as this Faux Leather Display Set. It has 2 utility trays, 7 ring trays, 3 bust trays, 2 slot trays for bracelets, 2 earring trays and 2 bracelet trays. It’s the best way to save space on your shop and still display a vast of jewelries.

Platforms or Risers

Platforms or Risers Jewelry Displays

Another way to display varieties of jewelries is to place them on risers and platforms. What’s the difference between the two? Risers are best to use for displaying earrings and rings. They give off a minimalistic vibe with its designs and often come in different shapes like cube and hexagon. Platforms, on the other hand, are best to display necklaces and bracelets. They don’t take up much space as well so you can both place them near each other.

Slatwall Chain Pads

Slatwall Chain Pads Jewelry Displays

Slatwall Chain Pads are best to display several necklaces and save space as well. It can display 7 up to 13 necklaces. You can easily place them anywhere that can easily be seen by your customers.

Jewelry Displays That Gives Your Shop a Summer Vibe

What can make your jewelry shop more interesting than to redesign its interior and give it a summer vibe? You don’t need to change the whole look of  your shop in order to this or need to do a re-paint job, all you have to do is be creative and put on designs, jewelry displays and jewelries that can remind your potential buyers of summer, the beach and the laid-back feeling it has.

To help you with this, here are some of NileCorp’s necklace and jewelry display that can help you give that summer vibe to your jewelry shop. Place your new jewelry collection on them and attract your customers’ attention.

Mannequin Display, 5 1/2''W x 3 1/2''D x 11 1/2''H

Mannequin Jewelry Display

The Mannequin Display is paper sculpted and wrapped by woven natural fiber. Color and sizes may vary slightly since they are handmade. Its color reminds you of the color of the sand and the beach. Display some chic necklace jewelry to compliment the display.

Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel, 4 1/4''W x 8 7/8''H

The Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel is perfect to display those aquamarine or bluish-beaded necklace in your jewelry collection. It practically brings out the color of your necklace and instantly can get someone's attention.

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin, Linen, 3"W x15 1/2"H

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

The Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin is a chic piece of jewelry display where you can put on necklaces and bracelets in order. It has a simple style, designed with linen and has a dimension of 3"W x15 1/2"H.

Linen Collapsible Bust, 7 1/4'' X 8 1/2'' X 4 7/8''

Linen Collapsible Bust

Want something that you can just put on display every summer and hide once autumn or winter starts? Then the Linen Collapsible Bust display is the thing you’re looking for. It’s easy to set up and be display at once on your shop. And when summer is over, you can easily keep it on a drawer.

Ideal Jewelry Cases to Bring When Traveling

Are you going out of town this week—perhaps to have a family vacation or to attend a gathering with some friends? Then bringing a few jewelries is a must, especially if you’re attending a special occasion like your relative’s wedding or anniversary.

NileCorp, your home for a vast array of jewelry display, offers a complete line of jewelry display for different kinds of jewelry including jewelry cases. Below are some of the best-selling jewelry cases we have to keep your collection safe and protected on your travel.

• Jewelry Organizers Case, 12 1/8"W x 8 1/2"D x 2 1/4"H 

Jewelry Organizers Case

A secured jewelry organizer case with chain snaps to keep your jewelry safe, it also features a ring section, 2 velvet pads, versatile pouches and a spacious dimension of 1/8"W x 8 1/2"D x 2 1/4"H, each.

• Aluminum Jewelry Case

Aluminum Jewelry Case

This Aluminum Jewelry Case is designed to organize your jewelry properly while keeping it secure as well. It features multiple chain snaps, slotted ring tray, 3-tiered earring pad, 2 velvet pads comes with 3 digit combination locks. It has a dimension of 15 1/4"L x 15 1/4"W x 3 1/4"H, each.

• Aluminum Carrying Case

Aluminum Carrying Case

This Aluminum Carrying Case comes with a pull-out handle. With this you can transport your sample trays and standard full-size trays with ease. It has a combination lock and a dimension of 16 3/8"W x 9 3/8"D x 26"H.

• Glass View Carrying Case

Glass View Carrying Case

This classy Glass View Lid Carrying Case is perfect for those who want to store and pack their jewelries but keep their eyes on them. It's spacious and has a dimension of 16 1/4"W x 15"D x 2 1/8"H, each.

• Leatherette Jewelry Roll

Leatherette Jewelry Roll

This steel grey leatherette jewelry roll features a soft beige suede lining to protect your jewelry which contains soft beige suede lining to protect your jewelry. It also has a 3 PU leather snap tabs for keeping necklaces tangle free, a detachable PU leather strip with eleven holes for holding earrings, a detachable suede strip for holding rings, and a suede pocket for storing other accessories. It measures up to 5 1/2"W x 3" Dia.

New Arrivals: Wrapped Gift Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes have always been used and considered a-must when giving jewelry gifts to your loved ones. Practically every store has them, so it's no surprise that it's a constant must-have no matter what time of the year. There’s a saying that a jewelry box reflects what treasure lies inside.

NileCorp.com, a well-established name in the jewelry displays and supplies business, offers new variety of jewelry boxes to suite your customer’s preference. Check out some of our new arrivals:

• Embossed Swirl Foil Small Earring Boxes

– features two-piece paper box include flocked inserts and has a dimension of 2"L x 3 1/4"W x1"H. It is also available in a dimension of 3 1/2"L x 3 1/2"W x 1"H.

• Embossed Swirl Foil Combination Boxes

– the perfect jewelry box to put your jewelry gift set. It has a dimension of 6 1/2"L x 5"W x 1 1/4"H and two-piece paper box that include flocked inserts.

• Embossed Swirl Foil Bracelet/Watch Boxes

– to place any bracelet or watch you have for your special loved one. It has a dimension of 8"L x 1 3/4"W x 3/4"H.

• Embossed Swirl Foil Paper Ring Boxes

– to surprise that perfect girl you have with the right ring and the right jewelry box. It has a dimension of 2"L x 2"W x 1 1/2"H.

• Iridescent Sparkle Combination Boxes

– is a sturdy paper-covered cardboard that is ideal for a dazzling jewelry set. It offers a dimension of 6 1/2"L x 5"W x 1 1/4"H. It is also available in a variety of colors.

• Iridescent Sparkle Ring Boxes 

- is a sturdy paper-covered cardboard box that includes flocked inserts. It has a dimension of 2"L x 2"W x 1 1/2"H.

• Ribbon-Wrapped Combination Boxes

- is a cardboard box covered with paper and cream color satin ribbon on the lid gives the box a gift-wrapped look. The soft, flocked foam inserts 6 1/2"W X 5"L x 1 1/4"H.

• Ribbon-Wrapped Medium Earring Boxes

- is the ideal medium earring box that are covered with paper and cream color satin ribbon on the lid gives the box a gift-wrapped look. It has a dimension of 3 1/2"L x 3 1/2"W x 1"H.

Summer Theme Jewelry Display Ideas

Thinking of a new theme this month to attract customers to your jewelry store? Then how about a summer-theme design for your jewelry shop this season, and try changing those dry-colored display into colorful ones. Summer is all about fun and colors, a season of warmth and enjoyment, and that’s what your store needs to showcase in order to pique the interest of passerby. In order to do that, here are some ideas that will surely help you with your store’s makeover.

Colorful Jewelry Display is a Must!

Colorful Jewelry Display

Like I said, just like Spring, Summer is all about colors and warmth. So bring hide those monochromatic jewelry displays on your shop and start bringing out or buying necklace display or jewelry displays with colors and unique designs.  Here’s a tip, try picking out displays with colors or design that reminds you of the sea and the sand, such as colors blue and pastel brown just like this Frosted Color Bust display below:

This Polystrene Frosted Colored Bust Display is available in a variety of colors including pink, green, clear, blue and yellow. Their distinctive colors are sure a cure for any eyesore. You can use these bust display for your colorful jewelry set.

Aside from colored jewelry displays, you can also use burlap linen displays. With their colors strikingly similar to the sand, turquoise and blue hued jewelries will surely standout and easily attract attention.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try DIYs!

DIY's Jewelry Display

There are a lot of DIY jewelry displays you can find in Pinterest these days, and some of them are way too easy to make that you won’t even break a sweat. You just have to find certain DIYs that you can incorporate with your summer-themed design, such as these ones:

DIY's Jewelry Display Bottles

This DIY bottle jewelry display makes bracelets and watches so easy to see and organized. You can also stick fresh flowers in the bottles too! You can also put a letter inside it for added design and granules of sand as well. Just be creative and I’m sure you can pull out a prettier DIY bottle jewelry display than this.

Here’s another, a handmade surf inspired watch display rack in solid walnut and cherry wood that you can make or you can buy from Etsy for the price of £91.55.

Watch Jewelry Display Rack

And lastly, bring out your turquoise or summer-designed jewelry!

With your summer-themed jewelry displays already on place, you can now put your summer jewelry collection on them. Be careful on putting the right colored jewelry on a certain display by playing with the contrasts of both the jewelry and the display. With these tips, I’m sure your summer-theme design will come out nicely.