Modern Minimalist Jewelry Display Ideas

A cliched expression such as "less is more" is definitely overused, but holds so much truth. In terms of design elements, sometimes a minimalist approach is much better. Aside from being easier on the eye, it's also better at providing a clearer, much better focus on the key items you want to be showcased the most. 

 Photo Credit: Oceano Sea Glass Jewelry
Photo Credit: Oceano Sea Glass Jewelry
Adapting a modern and minimalistic style to your window display or jewelry gallery gives off an effortless, stylish and clean vibe. Of course, it's not suited to everyone's taste, but if it reflects your personality and your jewelry pieces, why not go for it? Jewelry pieces that go best with this design factor are simple, geometric, or classic-looking items.

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White is usually the color of choice, but you can also utilize other monochromatic colors such as grays and certain shades of blue. Mixing white with tan, wooden colors also work well. Want a little more color? You may also adapt a touch of rose tint like the one below or any other color for something different.

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When it comes to this contemporary mode, we recommend jewelry displays that are classic and simple. Whether it's velvet, leather or wooden, stick to basic shapes and designs. We love using jewelry risers for this look, as it's functional in a lot of ways. You can choose whatever piece you want to place on it and allows the viewer to focus on just that one item. 


New Arrival: Antique Wooden Trays

 Oak Antique Wooden Tray
Jewelry trays are classic options for displaying jewelry. Practically everyone has them in their store or their personal closet, so it's no surprise that it's a constant must-have no matter what time of the year. 
Wooden trays in particular are simplistic but versatile. Aside from presenting your jewelry the usual way, you can also suspend the trays up and make a hanging jewelry display. Simply attach hooks on the base or wooden board and you can dangle earrings and necklaces away, similar to a shadow box. You may also add wooden or cardboard dividers to separate pieces. Get creative with it and you can turn any seemingly boring wooden tray into a fine masterpiece of display. 
Check out below how one of our customers, Marlene Brady, used our regular wooden trays to exhibit her items.

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This season our newest antique wooden trays come in a variety of beautiful rustic colors; in three different sizes.  Take a look:

Antique Wooden Tray, 14 3/4"W x 8 1/4"D x 1"H


Festive Holiday Display Ideas

This holiday season make a statement with your jewelry displays and window displays utilizing props and handmade ornaments to really make your boutique pop against your local competition. We've compiled from unique props you can easily make in your backroom for a festive white wonderland look that consumers will love! 

Cotton Ball Snow Effect 
Using clear fishing line or thread, carefully string cotton balls for a fun "snow-like" effect in your window displays. 

Faux Snow Paper Confetti
Gather paper strips or confetti and tape it to your display window with double sided tape. For easier removal after Christmas you can also use removable vinyl stickers to achieve this effect.

Kraft Paper Gift Wrap
Place faux presents in your window to give the Christmas gift-giving vibe when consumers walk into your store. You can dress up Kraft paper gift bags with fun tissue paper and ribbons for a holiday inspired look.

Red Leatherette Jewelry Boxes

When consumers walk by your door you want to feel something festive that is reminiscent of Christmas. To get your customers in the buying mood display your window jewelry in holiday inspired red jewelry boxes. Nile Corp. carries a wide variety of high quality red leatherette boxes for every jewelry type.