Displaying Your Clearance Items Attractively

Now that the holiday season is coming, you might want to clear some space to make way for new items in your jewelry store. Before the holiday shoppers drop by to begin their shopping, why not implement a well-thought strategy to clear some items off your necklace display and make way for newer, more in-demand items.

One great strategy to move your items effectively is to sell them through clearance sale. Whether it is some accessories from previous season, slow selling jewelry style or slightly damaged items, you can still monetize these items and turn it into something profitable. This move will you cut your losses and will let your customers avail your products at a discount.

Display tips for your clearance items

1. Choose clearance items carefully

Now that you finally decided to have a clearance sale, it’s time to determine which items should be included in your clearance sale. Hot items from past season that may no longer sell these colder months should be included in this section. Items that may be sitting on your shelf for more than six months can also be sold at a discount on your clearance area. 

2. Find a space for your clearance table/shelf

The clearance section is a good attention grabber which can help encourage shoppers to check out your jewelry collection. Utilize this by placing your clearance display near the entrance or near the checkout counter so customers can easily grab some sale items on their way to the cashier. The layout of your jewelry store has a lot of impact on the shopping behavior of your customers so don’t forget to consider before displaying your clearance items.

3. Make it more noticeable through signs and posters

Bring attention to your clearance section by hanging posters and store signs announcing your clearance products. You can use bold labels or signs to indicate which items are included in your sale. Putting a red sticker to indicate a sale item is also a great strategy to easily differentiate it from regular prized items.

4. Use proper lighting to highlight your jewelry

Installing a lighting system to highlight your clearance section will definitely help in making it more visible. If you’re selling costume jewelry or stainless steel cocktail rings, a high quality store light will highlight the detail of your jewelry pieces.

5. Use jewelry displays in varying height and styles

Displaying jewelry attractively means investing in quality jewelry display racks and busts. Encourage your buyers to purchase from your jewelry collection by displaying your items creatively. Use props and other decoration to make it more visible in your jewelry store.

How to Make Delicate Jewelry Stand Out

Unlike large and chunky jewelry which easily grab people’s attention, displaying small and delicate jewelry is definitely more challenging. When not displayed properly, they will easily go unnoticed by busy shoppers, especially during peak hours.

Make jewelry stand out

While most trendy accessories nowadays comes in bold and large designs, there are still some classic yet small jewelry pieces that definitely deserve a space in your jewelry store.  If you want them to get noticed, you may want to consider creating a strategy that will help bring attention to those delicate earrings and necklaces in your collection.

Creating a display for small jewelry

When displaying small jewelry, there are different strategies you can implement to make sure they get the right exposure they need.

•    Display small jewelry in group

Using plastic earring stand, earring rack or jewelry display, display small jewelry in groups to keep it from getting lost or stolen. Group jewelry based on colors and styles for more organized look then place it in a noticeable area of your table display.

•    Use attractive earring cards or jewelry tags

Using earring hanging cards is a smart way to make handling and organizing small jewelry a lot easier. To make your jewelry more noticeable, use earring cards or tags that is in contrasting colors of your fashion jewelry. Highlight silver jewelry with black earring cards and use white or grey cards for dark colored items.

•    Use proper lighting system

Your store lighting plays a great role in the appearance of your jewelry products.
Keep small and delicate jewelry sparkling by using bright white light, most especially when selling diamond jewelry.

Promoting small jewelry pieces

Whether you’re selling jewelry for little kids or studs for multi piercings, small pieces should also be included in your promotional strategies. Make sure all your pieces jewelry are properly labeled and the price tag easily seen to encourage shoppers to purchase your jewelry.

Hanging large print photos or posters is also a great strategy to keep buyers interested in your jewelry collection. Choose high resolution photos that show the details of your jewelry and how it looks when worn on your ears or fingers.

Small and inexpensive jewelry can also be promoted by giving it away as part of your seasonal promos or loyalty perks. Invite your customers to shop for a minimum amount and give them a pair of your stud earrings. This is a good way to increase sales on your retail store and will let people avail of your jewelry without spending a dime.

Decorating your Store for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and what other festive way to celebrate it than to decorate your store with some fun and fabulously creepy adornments. Here are are a few tips on setting the mood for All Hallows Eve:

Go for the Vintage Look

Vintage look display
Image via Pinterest

Antique pieces are not only chic, but are also perfect for halloween because they remind us of haunted houses and scary movie flicks. Incorporate your jewelry displays with vintage accessories such as old typewriters or suitcases, and classic metal frames or candleholders.
Bust displays and black or white basic hand displays are usual choices for the vintage Halloween atmosphere, but if you're looking for something different this particular hand display is  a perfect fit!

hand display

Black, Orange, Green and Purple are Your Best Friends

Black is ultimately the staple color for Halloween, with orange, green and purple trailing behind it. Integrate a lot of black items for that dark, moody feel, or add the other three colors to the palette to make it a little more upbeat. 

hand display
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Turn Everyday Items into Halloween Decorations

You don't have to break the bank in order to set the mood for Halloween. We like these 30 easy Halloween ideas that use simple, everyday items. For example, you can turn old milk jugs into ghostly lanterns like the one below.

easy holloween ideas
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New Arrival: Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

As the saying goes, “great things come in small packages”. This holds true even to retail store displays where big is doesn’t always mean the best. When it comes to jewelry displays, you can find a lot of jewelry display options in miniature sizes that can give you the same catchy look compared to the usual ones used in major jewelry stores.

One of usual challenges jewelry store owner has to face everyday is how to maximize space in small jewelry store. When large bulky display busts and racks is definitely out of the picture, you have to look for smaller jewelry displays that still creates the biggest impact and effectively draws customers into your jewelry store.

If you’re starting to run out of idea on how to display your jewelry, why not try using one of our fabric-covered mini mannequins to showcase your latest collection?

This small and catchy mini mannequin can hold small to medium size necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even brooches. Just like other doll display found in our website these newly arrived mini mannequins are crafted in style so it can look visually appealing to your target market. It can also serve as the centerpiece of your table top display or placed on top of shelves or cabinet as a part of your decoration.

These mini mannequins are ideal for vintage style jewelry, pendant necklaces, pearl bracelets and other high fashion accessories.

Take a look at the new arrival section of our website and discover these mini mannequins.

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin, Linen
Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin, Linen

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin
Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin
Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin
Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin
Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin

How to Use Hand Displays to Showcase Your Jewelry

When you’re setting up your display, a little creativity surely goes a long way. It helps create variety and dynamics in your store and lets you experiment on what works well with your customers.

How to use hand display to showcase your jewelry

One of the ways to make your jewelry stand out is by using different jewelry display in presenting your collection. Instead of using one type of display stands or racks, you can use different variations like mannequins or doll displays to add depth and diversity in your display.

Another ideal type of jewelry display that will let your jewelry stand out even from a good distance is hand display. It’s usually made from polystyrene plastic and shaped in a form of a ladies hand.

polystyrene plastic and shaped in a form of a ladies hand
Here are some major advantages of using hand display in your jewelry store.

•    It lets you display different types of rings, bracelets, necklaces or bangles at the same time.
•    It helps create story and uniqueness in your store display.
•    It can be dressed up to match the theme of your jewelry or the designs of your jewelry store.
•    It also allows you to mix and match jewelry to give your customers more idea on how to wear your collection.

Hand displays are definitely one of the most effective ways to display your jewelry, but there are still some things that you should remember to keep your display effective and attractive to your customers.

1.    Choose a unique hand display form

You can easily opt to buy the usual hand display form at any jewelry supplies store online, but as much as possible, choose for a unique form that will elevate the looks of your overall display and will let you experiment more on your display.

2.    Choose hand display with the right height

Hand displayHand displays vary in height or weight. Make sure to pick the right one that will let you hang your creations properly. If you’re planning to use it as necklace display for short chunky necklace, consider the weight of your jewelry and make sure that your hand displays are sturdy enough to hold its weight. Long pearl necklaces can be displayed by looping it around the fingers until you form a multi layered look.

3.    Decorate around the hand display

If you’re planning to make your hand display the centerpiece of your display, it is important to decorate it properly to let it standout against other items in your jewelry display. You can paint it in different fun and exciting colors that complement the colors of your jewelry or dress it up with some piece of cloth. You can also place it next to other display racks to create variation on your display and to make your display table more interesting for your customers.

Here at Nilecorp, we have vast assortment of jewelry display that can help retailers like you to create the best jewelry display for your business. Check out our collection of hand display on our website.

5 Jewelry Boxes You’d Love to Include in Your Holiday Wish List

It’s just few weeks before Holiday shopping officially starts. With all the exciting sales and discount promos that will be happening beginning on Thanksgiving Day, you are sure to find trendy fashion pieces to include in your holiday jewelry collection.

But before you go into your jewelry shopping escapade, let us first go through different jewelry boxes to help you organize your jewelry and accessories. Instead of digging through piles and piles of bracelets and necklaces before deciding which one to wear with your outfit, why not get yourself a lovely jewelry box for easier and clutter-free collections.

Here at Nilecorp, we bring you different jewelry boxes in stylish designs to help you organize your collection and help you get through some of your biggest jewelry dilemmas. From wood jewelry boxes to glass top boxes, you can surely find jewelry organizers that can accommodate all your accessories.

Take a look below and find five jewelry boxes that you can include in your wish list this year.

1.    High Gloss Piano Wood Jewelry Box

High Gloss Piano Wood Jewelry Box

This high gloss Jewelry Box is beautifully made from high quality timber. It has a high gloss piano finish that adds extra dash of elegance to your jewelry collection. It has multiple compartments with velvet inner lining to keep your rings and necklaces free from scratches. This jewelry box also comes with a lock and key to keep your collection safe and secured.

2.    Leatherette Jewelry Box
Leatherette Jewelry Box
Packing your belongings every time you travel can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have the right organizer to keep your belongings safe inside your bag. This leatherette jewelry box can let you  has enough space for large piece jewelry like bangles, statement necklaces and even brooches.

3.    Round Type Jewelry Box
Round Type Jewelry Box
Another jewelry box that you can easily bring anywhere you go, is this round type jewelry box from Nilecorp. It has three level jewelry organizers that lets you keep some of your collection when going on vacation or whenever you need to bring an extra pair just in case you want to change into something more appropriate with your outfit.

4.    Velvet Jewelry Display Box
Velvet Jewelry Display Box
Create a new home for your jewelry collection with this velvet jewelry display box. Available in purple and pink colors, this jewelry box is sure to make jewelry organizing fun and hassle-free.

5.    Wooden Jewelry Box

Wooden Jewelry Box
 Imagine having this cute and adorable jewelry box on top of your drawer. It has small compartments that let you put small to medium jewelry pieces. This jewelry box is also a great gift idea to your friends who love collecting jewelry as much as you do.

Do you love these jewelry boxes? Find more of these on our website and discover more creative ways to organize your jewelry.