Jewelry Displays for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just two short weeks away. This gives you ample time to create some custom displays for this special day. Your jewelry store should already have a spring theme in place to match the season which will make changing it for a Mother’s Day exhibit very easy. This is the ideal time of year to up-sell your existing customers with gifts for wives, mothers, and daughters. All kinds of people will be looking for sentimental jewelry to gift to their mothers so it is up to your creative team to compose designs that will catch shopper’s eyes.

Jewelry is always a safe way to go when shopping for mom. When someone is looking to show their mother just how much she means to the family there really is no better way than an engraved necklace, a special pendant, or a keepsake ring. Keep complimentary décor in mind to add more attention to your display such as hats, flowers, and feminine shoes so you can appeal to different individual styles of your shoppers. You can showcase your products on busts, hands, natural displays, and jewelry trays. Your display should appear neat yet interesting. Your store should also offer special wrapping in a soft lilac or pastel hue to help draw in buyers. This will make shopping much easier so the consumers will not have to worry about wrapping their present after purchasing.

To get your consumers talking about you and your store’s products we recommend hosting a special promotion during this time of year as well. You will need to have eye-catching necklace display stands plus an enticing savings. We recommend having a buy one, get one 50% off section or a store-wide savings of about 20% to get visitors in the door. Mother’s Day promotional signage is also a solid method to draw consumers in. We recommend blasting your new arrivals and promotion on social media as well for added exposure.

Try to ensure your product selection on display appeals to mothers of all ages and walks of life. Try fashion bracelets, drop earrings, and personalized necklaces. Try to think of gift ideas for all types of women and you will have a steady flow on shoppers in your store this season. 

Using Jewelry Packaging to Improve Customer's Shopping Experience

When you’re aiming to establish yourself in jewelry industry, it is important to give your customers something that will set you apart from your competitors. If you are surrounded with different jewelry stores which offer almost the same items as yours, exerting extra effort to encourage repeat customers will surely pay off in the long run.

One way to keep people swinging in through the door aside from having impressive necklace display, is by making sure that your product packaging is unique and of top quality. Although a lot of jewelry sellers take for granted the importance of setting their items in a unique packaging, doing so will surely be of advantage to you and your business. Do you still stick to the usual jewelry box or paper bags?

Here are some ways you can increase your brand popularity through your packaging.

Make it elegant and stylish

Instead of just opting for an ordinary jewelry packaging, your customers will surely be impressed if you can create an elegant packaging for your jewelry collection. If you’re selling trendy fashion earrings and necklaces, create something that reflects the beauty and characteristic of your products. Using high quality pouches and jewelry boxes let your customers know how dedicated you are in providing top notch customer service and will encourage them to recommend your store to their friends.

Add a tinge of excitement to your packaging

During peak season, like the wedding month or the holidays, paying attention to your product packaging can even be more rewarding. The use of ribbons, printed paper bags or unique boxes help build up excitement towards your jewelry and let your customers anticipate what’s inside of the packaging. This is especially useful during peak season like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding month and the Holidays.

People who are looking for great ways to present their gifts to their loved ones will surely appreciate the extra effort you put in preparing the packaging of their items. Although this may mean added cost, a lot of them will be willing to pay the price for a little convenience.

Make it creative and witty

Nothing makes an impression than a classy humor and ingenious creativity. It does not just set you apart from the rest but also says a lot about your brand. Although opting for a unique packaging would mean investing on a professional to design it for you, this will definitely help increase your brand popularity and ultimately drive more sales.

How about you? Have you given your product packaging much thought? Share to us how you present your products through jewelry boxes or pouches.

How to Incorporate Natural Elements into your Displays

Spring is in full swing and jewelry displays are an excellent way to lure consumers to your storefront and ensure some sales this time of year. In nature the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and new life is emerging. You want to reflect this joyous time of year with your displays.

You do not have to do anything extreme to bring a “wow” factor into your jewelry store. As long as you have a clear consistent theme incorporating natural elements and materials into your jewelry windows and display areas that will tie in the entire look. A great way to achieve this look is by using wooden or linen jewelry displays and adding props such as Spanish moss, faux birds, bird nests, flowers, and greenery. You can discretely display your jewelry in a natural way by laying them over tree branches and dried green plants. Wooden necklace displays and t-bars look amazing against natural elements. This look will attract onlookers walking by your store and remind them it’s time to shop for spring accessories.

The best way to bring elements of nature to your stores is to bring elements from nature inside! This allows you to be creativity because you can explore various mediums to decorate with. We recommend trying sea glass, rocks, and branches. Use these elements to reflect the environment into your products and overall spring look. The striking combination of plants, wood, and stone will show consumers that you take the time to factor in the seasons into your product selection.

The built up excitement generated from eye-catching spring displays can make consumers fell like they need to buy more to get into the spirit of the season. It’s the best way to get consumers walking around your shop and keep them entertained in your creative displays. 

Jewelry Business Tip: Make Customers Your Best Ambassadors

Don’t you just love it when your customers say good things about your jewelry? What about hearing them tell other people how they LOVE the fashion rings they purchased from your store? That’s even better, right?


When it comes to selling jewelry, getting recommendations is definitely one of the best ways to grow your customer base. It’s not enough that you create a stunning necklace display cases in your retail store; you also have to learn how to value repeat customers and turn them to your biggest brand ambassadors.

Once a customer became impressed with your products and services, they will not hesitate to tell their friends about your store. This will lead to increased brand popularity and will help drive more foot traffic into your store.

But how can you really get your customer’s trust and recommendation? Here are some strategies you can use.

1.    Identify your loyal customers

You may have a lot of customers, but there are few who would definitely stand out among them. They are those who are ready to spread the word about your brand and would recommend you to their friends every chance they got. These people are your asset and should be properly leveraged to grow your followers. 

2.    Give them a sneak peak on your latest collection

Adding a hint of mystery into your jewelry is a sure way to keep people coming into your store. But if you want to make your products more interesting offer, giving a sneak peak to your latest collection is a great idea.
You can even offer early bird prices to encourage your loyal followers. When they talk about you on Facebook or twitter account, make sure to repost or share their stories on your social media pages to encourage other shoppers to try your brand.

3.    Give them something exciting

Keeping your collection fresh and trendy is sure way of keeping your customers hooked about your brand. Give your customers something unexpected or remarkable to add excitement to their experience. Send thank you notes during special occasion or offer exclusive promos to reward loyal shoppers. Once you capture their attention, they will be glad to talk to their friends about you and remain loyal to your brand for the longest period of time.

Are you looking fore more tips on how to grow your jewelry business? Check back for more useful information here on our blog or follow us on Facebook for more exciting tips.

Tips on Displaying Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Celebrities, models and fashion bloggers are now seen wearing this popular trend. If you’re a jewelry retailer, selling this kind of item will surely bring people into your store.

But unlike earrings, bracelets, rings or necklaces, body jewelry is often more challenging to display. To successfully capture the attention of your customers and encourage them to wear your collection you have to create a display that will highlight the unique design and details of body jewelry. Get your creativity working and design a jewelry display that will let your jewelry stand out.

Here are some of our tips to guide you in creating a stunning display.

1. Dedicate an specific area for body jewelry

If you are selling other type of accessories aside from body jewelry, you have to make sure that it is placed in certain area to avoid confusing your customers. Help your customers to distinguish your items by putting a label on the shelf or display racks. This will ensure that your customers get the right item and will help keep your display properly organized.

2. Be visual

Creating a display for body jewelry is a little different than crafting a necklace display stand. Because it looks more complicated than usual jewelry, you have to make sure that that your customers understand each piece before going to the counter. As much as possible, include a photo of how each piece is worn to give them an idea on how they are going to style it. First timers or even those who haven’t tried body jewelry will surely thank you for your extra effort.

3. Include a detailed information of your items

Those who are buying navel rings, tongue rings and other type of body jewelry will surely appreciate detailed information of your items before they make a purchase. This will help them identify which type of material will fit their style and skin type.

Create a poster that explains each type of body jewelry then hang it next to your jewelry display.
Mention the type of metal used in that particular type of jewelry and the name of gemstone used whenever applicable. You can also include a short instruction on how to wear it so they can refer to it when needed.

Do you need display cases for your body jewelry? Visit our website for all your jewelry display needs.

Reasons to Buy Homemade Jewelry

We all love jewelry whether it’s handmade or manufactured jewelry can easily make or break any outfit. There is nothing better than the perfect piece of jewelry to make your outfit really pop. Sometimes no matter how many stores you go to in the mall you just can’t find the right piece of jewelry to compliment your attire. At Nile Corp. we are strong advocates and supporters of handmade jewelry for a various number of reasons. We love the novelty behind the pieces that someone took their own time to create. Although sometimes pricier than something store bought, we feel that supporting handmade jewelry makers has more benefits than it does negatives. Below is our list of reasons to buy handmade:

1. Quality
Quality has a price tag and it’s typically more than something mass made in a factory. Jewelry that contains precious metals and gemstones will not only last longer but also be set in a professional prong setting versus being bonded with inexpensive glue. Typically purchasing a handmade article of jewelry will be sturdier and more detail oriented.

2. Individuality
Everyone wants to be unique. Why wear a necklace everyone has seen in your local store when you could sport one that suits your unique personality. You can achieve a unique look with a handmade item because no one else will have it. It makes it that much more special for the wearer.

3. Support Local Artisans
Making jewelry is a form of art just like painting and sculpting. Someone spends their creative energy on perfecting your piece of jewelry. It’s extremely rewarding t not only be supporting a local artist but also to be giving back to the community.

4. Sentimental Value
Remembering where you got your customized piece of handmade jewelry will forever be a memory for you. It has been designers by someone who put their heart and soul into creating the piece and now they are passing its sentimental value onto you. Wearing someone so special is sure to bring value to the jewelry.

5. Eco-Friendly
Being that you are buying from a local artisan, chances are that the jewelry making process is not going through so many stages of chemical processing. By supporting local manufacturing, you are reducing the impact on the environment.

To conclude, buying handmade jewelry is always a great option for either yourself or as a gift. Supporting your local artists is a rewarding experience in itself plus you great a truly unique piece of jewelry along with it.

8 Easy to Install Jewelry Display for Trade Shows

During trade shows, you only have few minutes to set up your display before people start coming in. This means you only have at least 30 to 40 minutes to get everything in place and to have all your jewelry ready for the show. But getting your booth really becomes extra challenging especially if you don’t have extra hand to help you move shelves or carry around display boxes.

Every extra minute you spend arranging jewelry items, installing necklace display busts and stands and other materials is precious time that should be spent interacting with your customers instead. Decrease your preparation time by purchasing easy to install jewelry displays that can showcase your jewelry as fast as possible.

Take a look at the list below for jewelry displays you can use:


•    Necklace display Busts – Display costume jewelry efficiently with necklace display busts that can be placed on top of the table. Using busts to display jewelry allows you to save some space. Plus it’s great way to maximize the result of the limited space you must be given during trade shows.

•    Chain Pads with Snaps and Hooks – If you want to showcase multiple jewelry pieces at a time, go for necklace chain pads. It can hold different necklaces and allows would be buyers to easily pick and try it on before making a purchase. There are other necklace displays available in the market but this one will work easily for you.


•    T-Bar Display – Display a variation of a particular style of bracelets using T-bar display. And because you can easily put up and take down T-bar displays, you can also use it during jewelry party, craft fairs, charity bazaar and other special events.

•    Bracelet Ramp – Highlight the details of each of your jewelry with bracelet ramps. It’s perfect for luxury jewelry as it can definitely help your products to standout against other items in your collection.


•    Earring Stand – Studs and other small to medium sized earrings can be displayed using various type of earring stand. There are some that are made with plastic or metals but there are also made in wood. Earring stand allows to you showcase different pairs of earrings at a time so you can creatively present it during trade shows.

•    Metal Wire Earring Display – it has a certain charm and elegance that can easily match your earrings. Plus it allows you to organize your items in a more efficient and clutter free way.


•    Finger Shape Displays – give your customers a glimpse of how a fashion ring can look like using finger shape displays. Just look at different designs that can match the style and theme of your jewelry to make it look more appealing to your customers.

•    Ring Pads – Display all your collection in one easy to install display. Ring pads let you bring together different fashion pieces that can capture the attention of trade show visitors.

Light-weight, sturdy and easy to install – these are just some of the things that you should look for in your jewelry display.  Browse our website for different jewelry display tools to help you in your trade show needs.

Get Your Jewelry Store Ready for Wedding Season with These Ring Displays

Wedding season is one of the busiest days for jewelry sellers around the world. And although we’re still two months away from June, we can already expect an increase in sales especially when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands.

Even before the wedding season arrives, a lot of brides are already excited and preoccupied with all the wedding preparations. This is also the time where most couples go out to search for the perfect wedding bands that will symbolize their union.

 If you’re a jewelry seller, you can take this as an opportunity to get ahead and prepare your business for one of the most anticipated season in jewelry industry. Equip your store with all the necessary tools that you can use to highlight your best wedding collection and get it to stand out against your competitors.Go to your most trusted jewelry supplies store and ask about rings and necklace display stands that you can use for your store.

Here are some ring displays that you can use to highlight your items.

1.    Showcase Ring Trays
This type of display is ideal if you have a big collection of wedding bands and engagement rings. It allows your customer to choose from variety of styles and designs in the easiest way possible. If you’re going to attend wedding fairs, showcase ring tray is the most convenient and ideal choice because its ability hold multiple items at a time.

2.    Finger Shape Display
Let the best of your wedding collection shine with this type of ring display. It’s an ideal form of display for high priced engagement rings as it can help highlight the details and intricate design of gemstone rings. Ring shape display comes in plastic, polystn figurine or ceramic materials.

3.    Metal Wire display
Unique items and contemporary wedding bands are best displayed using metal wire display. It can also hold up to 20 rings so you can display your collection neatly and orderly. You can also choose revolving display to make it easier for your customers to choose among your collection.

4.    Wooden Ring Display
Wood has a distinct charm that adds elegance to store displays. If you’re going to purchase wooden ring display, make sure that it matches the color and the materials used in your store decoration.  This will help create harmony inside your store for that dreamy and enchanting look.

Are you looking for different ways to display jewelry? Just visit our website and browse different items that can be helpful in your jewelry business. We also have different types of ring and necklace displays for all your business needs.

How to Host a Successful Spring Sale

Spring is here and the weather is warming up. Now is a good idea to consider a huge sale to help ring in the change of the season. You can revamp your existing jewelry displays for an inexpensive change to your existing look.  Mixing up the look and feel of your store can be a simple process that includes rearranging, markdowns, new display props, and attractive banners.

Stock Up

Due to the rise in projected sales this season, we recommend stocking up on necessary supplies for a smooth sale event. Purchase tons of shopping bags, jewelry boxes, and tissue paper. You can even hand out reusable bags for your promotion to help reinforce your brand and have consumers advertise for you by putting other shopping items in your bags. You can also advocate being eco-friendly and sustainability. You can opt for having dressier wrapping with spring colored raffia, ribbons, and gift tags. It will show your customer how much you care about your brand’s products. You can also use dressed up wrapping in your window necklace display. This will attract spring shoppers who are also considering gifts for mom this time of year. To prep for Easter as well we love the look of pastel colored wrapping used to create Easter baskets. You can giveaway prizes or incorporate Easter baskets in your window displays and have jewelry in them.  


By revamp we don’t mean that you have to go out and spend a ton of money on new fixtures but what you can do is change the overall direction of your store’s layout so that it feels more inviting. A simple way to achieve this is my rearranging jewelry displays to face the front of the store so that onlookers can see what products you have on sale at a quick glance. The best thing for new displays is to add a round table in the center of the front aisle and place your new products on it with linen t-bar displays and necklace displays. You can also print out new promotional material and place signage to promote your sale.  By rearranging existing fixtures you can easily give your store front a completely different look.


When running a successful small jewelry business, the key it to strategically manage your adverting and decoration budget and find the most cost effective alternatives to achieve successful sale events. Sales and spring cleaning are a great way to take advantage of consumers extra chunk of disposable income after the tax season. Add some fresh looking décor to your store this spring and showcase your new arrivals as well as your amazing reduced price merchandise. By marrying the two categories seamlessly with the help of displays you will be able to attract both types of customers; the trend forward fashionistas and the budget conscious deal hunters. 

Jewelry Business Tip: Spice Up Your Store Counter

A lot of jewelry store owners pay great attention on how they can decorate their window display or how they can create a necklace display stand that gets people to notice their products. However, there is another part of the store that equally deserves your creativity and planning – the checkout counter.


Take a look at it. Is it a great place to wrap up an excellent shopping experience? Does it help establish your brand so people can remember you after shopping? Does your checkout counter help give the right impression to make people comeback for more?

If you’re answer is yes, then great job! But if you’re not really sure about the way your checkout counter appeal to your customer, here are some tips that can somehow help you make it better.

1. Keep it clean and clutter free

Once your customers are ready to pay for their items, the last thing you have to do is to make their checkout transaction as smooth as possible. Put the shopping bag and jewelry boxes neatly organized under the counter and your cash register filled with enough change for your next customer. This will cut off waiting time and will allow you to handle more customers efficiently.

2. Decorate sparingly

This is especially true during holidays, Valentine ’s Day, wedding season among other special events. You don’t have to create something fancy just make sure it fits the overall theme of your store. Keep your decorations entertaining and sweet but make sure it doesn't interfere with the functionality of your checkout counter. Keep large decorative items off your counter and choose the ones that don’t block the view of your customers or your cashier.

3. Promote your business

There are times when some of your customer will have to stand up on the line for few minutes before you can entertain them. Make use of this time to let them get to know your business. Hang a logo of your store and put a poster or signage that informs your customers about your other services like gift wrapping or delivery. Put a small shelf or magazine stand where you can put a brochure of your latest collection or leaflets about your store. You can also put an invitation or a promotional material in case you’re having an event or store sale.

4. Put small items for last minute purchase

Checkout counter is a great place to encourage your customers to add one more item on their shopping cart. You can create a simple necklace display or earring display that can keep your customers occupied while waiting in line. You can even sell other items like hair accessories, brooches that can be worn with your jewelry.

If you pay enough attention, you can definitely create a checkout counter that leaves lasting impression to your customers. Give your counter a small makeover and see how it can help boost your brand’s image as well as your sales.

How Retail is Evolving with E-commerce

While you're gorgeous store necklace display stands, merchandising skills, and window displays will drive you traffic on your brick and mortar stores, jewelry owners must come to realize that e-commerce is forever changing the way consumers shop. Competition is becoming more and more competitive as new vendors enter the market on a seemingly daily basis. Your displays are just one avenue to push your jewelry but there are also popular internet based channels that can help you spread your brand and products to an even bigger audience.

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Utilize Two Ways to Make a Sale

Everyone is not familiar with going to a conventional store to get merchandise but the latest is that internet retailing is now such a huge influencer when it comes to shopping. In a recent survey conducted by Internet Retailer, 65% of consumers scope out deals online before actually hitting retail stores to make a purchase. If people have the option to buy from your website, it allows for a second outlet to make sales from your business. 

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Incorporate Social Media Marketing

You can create a Pinterest account so that everyone can see what products you have and also what your brand is all about. It’s always a good idea to associate a lifestyle to a brand regardless of what products you sell. Hosting special online promotions is another way to drive traffic to your website. Make sure you update your online tools to stay up-to-date on the latest shopping trends. Instagram is also a powerful marketing tool. Take daily photographs of your products and displays to attract people from all over the world to your products.

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It’s Time to Upgrade

Make sure you upgrade your retail tools to meet the demands of both your online and offline customer base. Companies all over the United States are making the transition from traditional retail to e-commerce. Jewelry stores who do not want to be left behind must stay on top of technological advancements. Embrace change and grow with a digital presence! 

Types of Necklace Display Stands and Their Uses

Necklaces come in variety of styles, shapes, sizes, lengths or materials and because of this, getting the right display stand for all your jewelry items can be sometimes daunting. However, once you get to learn the different types of necklace display stands and their uses, you can confidently create a display that doesn’t just capture the attention of your customers but also helps keep your jewelry properly organized. 

Whether you’re buying a display stand for your newly opened jewelry store, or just want to upgrade your display this season, there are a lot of necklace display stands you can choose from.

Here are some of the most commonly used displays in the market.

1. Slatwall Display


If you have a store that has a limited space, it’s important to maximize all the space most especially the walls. Slatwall display allows you to display more necklaces without making your store look too crowded. Use your creativity to create a layered look or form a pattern instead of randomly putting together different items. 

2. Chain Pads with Snaps or hooks

When selling small, light weight jewelry, chain pads are often enough. The major advantage of this necklace stand is that it can be easily dissembled and transported when you’re attending trade show or jewelry parties and craft fairs. Just remember to secure your jewelry to avoid losing your necklaces to thieves or damaging your products in case it falls on the ground. Reserve the more pricey items to enclosed glass displays. 

3. Bust Display


The most special piece in your collection deserves a spotlight. So if you have a new arrival or just something that has to take the center stage, remember to hang it on a bust display. You can even dress up or decorate the bust display to fit the theme of your products. Just remember to keep your display neat and simple so it won’t take all the attention away from the rest of show. 

4. Doll Display


This is often the cutest and most endearing necklace display. If you’re selling girly items or you specialize in personalized jewelry, this can be a perfect choice. This colorful necklace doll display is also an excellent way to spice up your store because of its eye catchy details. It can hold two to six items and can be used to display light trendy jewelry

5. Metal Wire Necklace Display


Do you want to sell jewelry items in bulk or just want to display multiple jewelry at a time? Meral Wire display is perfect to use for your business. However, remember to pick the one that can securely hold your products. Take note of the length of the necklace before putting on display. Long necklaces look much better on display busts or on top of a display table. 

Remember to consider the space, budget, the kind of your jewelry you’re selling as well the niche that you’re trying to reach before purchasing any necklace display. With right planning, you can come up with store design that will impress everyone who walks into your store.