Give Your Jewelry Business a Quick Spring Cleaning with These Tips

It’s the time of the year again for spring cleaning around the house and the yard, but if you’re also an entrepreneur, why not extend your spring cleaning in your store?

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Give your business a fun and refreshing vibe by getting rid of the extra items in your store or just giving your store space a thorough cleaning. Make sure nothing is overlooked from the stock room, the checkout counter to the shelves and necklace display stands you are using to showcase your products.

Here are some of my tips to make your spring cleaning more efficient.

1.    Identify problem areas around your store

Before your scheduled cleaning, list down particular areas in your store that need to be given more attention and make sure to put it on top of your to do list. Does your stock room looks like a mess? Or does any of your store furniture need a repair? List it down and think of a better solution to address these issues.

2.    Clear out the clutter

Your store may be filled with boxes, paper bags, discarded ribbon and other small items that you don’t actually need or won’t need in the near future. Get a large garbage bag and toss anything that doesn't seem to be useful in your store. Include old posters, flyers used in previous promos and other promotional paraphernalia to make room for other more important items.

3.    Recreate your display

Does your necklace display look so dated it doesn't fit your brand’s image anymore? Take it down and plan a new look for your window display this spring season. Purchase different necklace display racks and bust to give your presentation a new look and use your imagination to create something that can capture the hearts of passersby in your area. Need some help? Read different jewelry blogs and articles to get new ideas for your store display.

4.    Develop a new system to keep your store organized

After cleaning your store, it is also useful to devise a strategy that will help keep things in order. Maintain the cleanliness in your stock room by creating a procedure that will help you sort and organize your items systematically. Think of a way to reduce waste and clutter in your business and train your staff to comply with new policies if necessary.

Showcase Whimsical Necklaces with Charming Jewelry Doll Display

Some jewelry is just so fascinating it deserves to have a special spot in your jewelry store. This kind of jewelry is sure to steal the hearts of your customers and can catch the attention of even those who are not so much into jewelry. Do you want to showcase your personal masterpiece or the latest from a popular jewelry line? Why not put it in eye catching doll display?



Unlike other necklace display cases, doll displays are known for its chic look and fun designs. They are often made with metal and high quality fabric that looks perfect for short to medium length necklaces. Jewelry doll display is also highly noticeable because of the details on its design. They often come in small pieces and shaped like woman’s body. It’s often filled with different knick knacks like sequins, feathers, beads among others.

How to use

Jewelry doll display is a great addition to your table display during trade shows or a center piece on your store display. Just put together different pieces of these cute little creations and hang beads or peal necklaces. Remember to purchase doll display that fits the theme of your jewelry to keep things properly coordinated.

During wedding season, you can purchase some dolls with their cute wedding dresses to emphasize your wedding collection. Prom accessories can also be displayed with dolls that are wearing some fashionable cocktail or evening dresses. Just use your imagination and creativity when accessorizing your display and you’re good to go.

Some important tips!

If you want to create a necklace display that can bring more customers into your store, using jewelry doll display is a very good choice. Just remember to keep things classy and simple as this dainty jewelry stands can look too cute that it can look distracting when overly done.

If you’re going too look at different jewelry supply store, you can definitely find one that matches the elegance of your jewelry while adding a bit of playfulness in your store appearance. Aside from displaying necklaces, you can also use displays shaped like shoes to showcase fashion rings or earrings to match the necklace that you’re selling.

How to Bring Back the Love of Your Old Customers

Caring for your customers is like being in a relationship. You have to give them your time, commitment and efforts to keep them coming back to you. When you work hard to them your best products and services and they give you their loyalty in return. They will even rave about your brand and will constantly talk about your jewelry in front of their friends and family.

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However, there will come a time that, despite your efforts, they will feel cold and indifferent towards your brand. What used to be a frequent visit will become rare. Those who used to rave about your jewelry collection will just pass by your store. Worse, they may even find something else to replace you.

There can be a lot of different reason for this change of heart. Maybe you have forgotten to give them incentives for their loyalty, or maybe you have failed to keep your necklace display stands updated. Whatever it is, it is important to know when you've started to experience decline in your relationship with your customers. The sooner you realize you’re losing your most valued customers, the better.

Here are some ways to bring back the love your customers.

1.    Communicate with them

If you haven’t included them in your email yet, this is the time to do so. Create a short message containing different jewelry that they might actually like and put it in visually appealing email. Add a personal touch by using their name, or signing your first name. You can also send a short text message on their mobile phone to inform them about your latest products and promos. Just make sure it doesn't sound too spammy or they will just ignore your attempt to communicate with them.

2.    Use Social Media

Your face book and twitter page is not just for gaining new customers. It can also be used to bring old customers back in your jewelry store. Take a picture of your latest necklace display or the new arrival section of your store and post it in your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag them or send them a message about the latest in your business to bring back the old spark.

3.    Give your store a new look

Sometimes, too much familiarity is not good for any business. If you haven’t updated your store display for the past six months, you might appear boring and uninteresting to your customers. People are looking for new things and if you fail to give them something that keeps captures their interest, they will definitely hop on to the next jewelry store.

How about you? How do you keep your customers coming in your store? Share your thoughts with us!

Chic Display Ideas for Wedding Season

Spring is here which means it is officially wedding season! Try to help remind consumers of this time of year by making your jewelry displays and store displays appear reminiscent of this time.  With jewelry, it’s best to help the consumer paint a visual of what the ring or necklace will look like with their attire. Let them know that your bridal collection can be integrated into a variety of different looks. The entire process of shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands can already be overwhelming for the bride and groom so you will want to make them feel as comfortable as possible during the shopping process. One thing is certain, all brides want their day to be perfect and shopping for jewelry is one big factor of the process.

Windows to Reflect Wedding Season
The simplest way to remind shoppers of wedding season is through the incorporation of a chic background image.  Something such as an image of warm weather, spring flowers blooming, or a black and white photograph of newlyweds is an ideal approach. The goal is to make sure the image in the window will catch their eye and make them think about wedding accessories and bridal jewelry. You can also utilize jewelry sets with risers and multi-level bases to help give your display dimension. Make these displays as crisp and clean as possible using white or black suede or leather jewelry displays as the main backdrop color. To include a spring theme, place rose petals and foliage around the displays or dress up the area with pastel colored butterflies.  

Keep Bridesmaids in Mind
The bride to be is not the only potential customer you may have walk in your store. Keep in mind that ladies seldom shop solo. They will usually come with an entourage of a mother, sister, or group of friends. You want to make sure your shop caters to them as well. Have spring colored jewelry on necklace display stand in another window so that the bride’s party will also have a selection to choose from. To showcase your other accessories, you can place them on acrylic risers and t-bar displays so that all your customers will try them on while shopping.
Take the time to make your jewelry store prepared for the wedding season frenzy this time of year to reap the benefits from satisfying your customers. They will see the value and effort from your perfect window displays and store jewelry displays and want to refer your store to a friend! With the right clientele, you have the potential to grow and have loyal customers for many years to come. This time of year is a great time to try to sell tons of different jewelry styles such as pearl bracelets, diamond earrings, and pave tennis bracelet styles . Just because someone isn't looking for an engagement ring doesn't mean they may not be interested in fun bridal jewelry. Use this time of year to make the most of your selling opportunities! 

Get Your Store Decorated For Easter

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring which means Easter is right around the corner!  As the weather begins to warm it’s time to start preparing for the festivities that come with Easter. The sooner you start changing your store displays, the more you can capitalize on the holiday frenzy.  Store displays are a cost-effective way to spruce up your store front and display your product selection in a new light. This upcoming holiday predominantly focuses on the rebirth of new life. The Easter Bunny hops in to make things fun for children and teens and give them something to look forward to in terms of candy and treats.

A storefront with a highly coordinated theme will stick out from the rest. Do not be afraid to be creative! We love the use of Easter eggs, pastel accents, and faux plants to give window and pop-up displays some character.  If the majority of your clientele come shop with their children’s having a way to incorporate them in the promotion would be a good idea. If you live in a smaller community, the more members you are able to engage the better. Any extra effort you put into your store’s events will show a positive impact on your store’s image and sales.

In weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, you can begin to make your store theme come to life! Start with spring decorations, adding flowers, animal figurines, and Easter eggs in noticeable places of your store will help make mannequins and jewelry displays pop. We love using baby peeps and little rabbits to symbolize the holiday in an easily translated message. You can also put colorful woven baskets filled with raffia and grass sting instead of putting rings and necklaces on shelves you can place them in the baskets to up sell customers at the register. Take advantage of the added foot traffic adding these decorations will bring and try to make the overall shopping experience enjoyable for everyone.

As long as you capture the essence of spring and Easter in your store you will remind your customers of the beauty in nature this time of year. Take the time to put effort into your store necklace display this time of year and you will help remind your customers just how unique your store and products really are. Get your shop's theme perfect for spring and help your products transition into summer. You will have excited customers who are anticipating in the upcoming season's possibilities. 

Effective Jewelry Booth Display for Outdoor Trade Shows

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer and spring is definitely on its way, it’s the perfect time to join outdoor events and trade shows for your jewelry business. Outdoor trade shows work basically similar to indoor events but somehow better and more exciting.

Because it’s usually held on parks, university grounds and other large open spaces, outdoor trade shows or craft fairs create a more relaxed and engaging experience both for the exhibitors and attendees. It also allows you to create more creative necklace display and boot decoration. You even get to meet more people and establish useful networks that can help you improve your business in the long run.

Before attending an outdoor trade show, you have to make sure that you’re prepared enough to address different issues that may occur during the event.

Here are some tips to Remember when Attending Outdoor Trade Shows:

1.    Plan ahead
Any issue may be significantly reduced if you can prepare for it in advance. Make sure that you have all the tools you need in decorating your booth. List down all the things you may need so you won’t forget to bring anything at the show. If you’re renting a big space, you may also consider hiring an extra hand or asking your friends for help to help you manage your booth.

2.    Choose your inventory

Since it will be more difficult to manage your items during an outdoor event, it’s important to choose what items you want to showcase on your necklace display. Pick your best jewelry items and securely put it on your booth for the rest of the show. You can also display specific items that are related to the event or the theme of the occasion. If you want to bring extra inventory, just place it inside a storage box and hide it under a table or any secure area in your booth.

3.    Use the right jewelry display

Indoor trade show may be more comfortable because of its secured and controlled environment. However, you may not expect the same for shows that are held in open spaces. Secure your jewelry display in case of strong winds and sudden rainfall by using quality necklace display stands and sturdy display busts.

4.    Keep it fun and engaging

Enjoy the relaxing mood of your location and let your visitor feel the same. No need to get uptight. Communicate with the people who are dropping by your store and make sure to take note of their name and contact info so you can keep in touch even after the event.

Are you planning to join any trade show this spring season? Share to us your tips and preparation for an outdoor event.

Spring Decoration for Your jewelry Store

When we hear about spring, the thought of blossoming flowers and the pleasant warmth of the sun against our skin quickly come to mind.  And if you’re going to look around, even the way people look uniquely represents this season’s positive mood and amazing energy. For businesses, spring is also a great season to start anew and refresh the old look of a store.

So how about giving your jewelry store a new look? Isn't nice to have something great to start this new season with? We won't suggest having a great renovation in your store, just a little twist with the way your store usually look is enough to imbibe the spring season.

Want to have some idea? Below are some the things that come to our mind.

1. Hang lovely paintings on your walls

This is one of the quickest ways to bring spring into your store. Just purchase a large framed art piece with paintings of colorful flowers and lovely scenery and you will love the instant uplift it can bring in your store.

2. Paint shelves and racks

No need for overall repainting. You can just get some paint from a local school supply shop and dab some paint in your shelves or racks for a little accent. What used to be a boring necklace display stand can instantly look great with this simple idea.

3. Move some in store furniture

If you have chairs or small tables sitting around your jewelry store, consider moving it to a new place to give your store a new look. Imagine how your customers will react to the small change. You can also ask them for suggestions and try the things you haven't done in your store before. Change is good so don't be afraid to move things around your store from time to time.

What other things do you want to change in your store this spring season? Free your creativity and add a touch of personality in your store today!

Colorful Spring Necklaces? Display it the Right Way With These Tips

Spring fashion is about bold colors, exciting patterns and edgy designs. From bulky sweaters and thick clothes, we’re down to casual dresses and cool prints. If you’re a jewelry seller, this is definitely a great time to create a necklace display stand that can showcase your best selling colorful jewelry.


Because of its details and often intricate patterns, colorful jewelry is more challenging to display compared to other kinds of jewelry. However, a well planned jewelry display can brighten up the mood in your store and can make shopping more convenient for your customers.

Make sure you display your spring collection the right way by reading the following tips.

  • Create an impressive contrast

Dark colored gems like emerald or onyx are more noticeable when displayed on white or beige necklace bust, while light colored jewelry like silver, or crystal will look elegant against a black surface. If you want to highlight the quality of your jewelry, it is important to take note of the characteristic of your necklaces or earrings before displaying it in your store.

  • Be creative

Don’t just settle with store brought display. Spice it up by hand painting shelves or racks to fit the color scheme of your store. Aside from necklace display stands available in jewelry supply shop, you can also use recycled materials as an alternative. Just decorate it using different available items in your house like yarn, buttons, feathers, etc. This way, you can add excitement on your display without spending additional cost.

  • Keep it updated

Showcase different pieces of jewelry by changing the items on display everyday or at least once or twice a week. Make sure to dust off table or shelves surfaces and jewelry pieces to avoid tarnish or other damages.

Making the most out of your necklace display can exponentially help you create a more relatable display that encourages users to make a purchase. Want to get more tips and tricks? Check back on this blog and watch out for more useful articles.

Get Your Store Prepped for Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and the weather is warming up which means shoppers will be more willing to spend cash on jewelry and accessories this time of year. Preparation should begin on all the promotions you plan to host this week. The color green is a sure way to get people in the spirit of Saint Patty’s Day. Hopefully with enough decor including four leaf clovers you will be able to get some luck rubbed off onto your store for the season!

A fast way to a customer’s heart is with buy one get one deals and heavy discounts. We suggest having a fun raffle such as a drawing using a pot of gold to pick out winners. Winners will be thrilled and onlookers will want to participate. To guarantee a purchase simply have them pick a coin after you hand them the receipt so it gives them more incentive to buy.

For the week of Saint Patrick’s Day put all your green merchandise forward. Put window necklace display showcasing green gemstone jewelry and silver and gold accessories. You can even have free goodies such as pins, balloons, and candy to anyone browsing by your store.

Have fun with the holiday and don't forget to ask your staff to wear green! The small cost of a little d├ęcor matched with a strong promotion will bring your boutique tons of consumers on the day of the event. By putting out the effort to make your store unique, your customers will have a memorable experience to keep them coming back for the next holiday!

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Tips on Preparing for an Outdoor Jewelry Trade Show

Joining trade shows and craft fairs can present many opportunities for jewelry sellers and retailers. Aside from increased sales, it is also a great way to network with different jewelry sellers and meet prospective clients.

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Attending an indoor event is quite easy. Some organizers even provide you with the basic materials to help you create your booth’s display. But how about when the event is being held outdoors? How do you keep your display safe and in place?

Before setting up your necklace display stand for a craft fair or trade shows, it is important to anticipate any challenge that you might face throughout the event.

Here are some of the things that you should try to consider:

1.    Weather

This is probably the most important thing to consider before setting up your display. Having a fair weather is great. You can display your products freely and even put up some decoration to make it more appealing. But when you’re not sure about the weather, it’s best to prepare for the worst and have a backup plan on how you can secure your jewelry.

Strong wind is another thing you should anticipate in an outdoor event. Avoid the risk of losing your precious jewelry just because you failed to secure your table display. As much as possible, put precious items inside a glass cabinet to keep it in place and to keep it from harmful elements like dusts or moist. You can also cover your display with transparent plastic cover to avoid losing smaller items.

2.    Thief

Unlike indoor events, outdoor trade shows are usually more open to the public. Although it can also mean more exposure for your business, it may also make you more prone to bad elements like thieves or shop lifters. Be alert and try not to take out a lot of items at once. As much as possible, bring a staff or a friend with you so you can accommodate everyone who walks into your booth.

3.    Creating a Display

Indoor event allows you to play with lights, colors and other materials. But with an outdoor event, you have to make sure that the colors you use work well with the on going weather and the mood of the event. If you’re joining an event that will last until evening, you have to make sure that you have the right lighting fixture to keep your products well illuminated. 

Quick Ways to Touch Up Everyday Jewelry Display

One of the challenges of selling jewelry is creating a display that will look interesting and appealing to your customers everyday. But as we go along our day to day chores, creating a unique display becomes more challenging.

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Setting aside 30 minutes of your time, at least once or twice a week, to refresh the way your store looks can be useful in keeping your jewelry store updated and organized. You do not need to do a grand upgrade. If you're already using lay down necklace display, or display figurine, a simple update is enough.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your display updated.

  • Spray paint necklace stands or bust

We already know how colors can play a vital role in keeping your store pleasing to the eye of the passers by. Get a paint color that matches your brand or the interior design of your store, and then apply on your necklace stands or racks. This is definitely an affordable and easy way to add more personality to your design. Do you need more ideas on how to do it? Go check  Pinterest or head over to YouTube and look for tutorials to guide you on your project.

  • Accessorize your display window

Your window displays give pedestrians a quick preview of what you can offer. Turn your display into something that deserves a second look by dressing up your window display. Instead of just displaying jewelry on a stand, you can spruce up your display by decorating the base as well as the background with cloth, colorful beads, flowers or any other items available in your place. It will help Create more depth and texture to your design, making it more noticeable to shoppers. 

  • Use creative tags, posters or images

Make people stay longer in your store by making your jewelry display fun and interesting. Different posters that hang around your store contains beautiful scenery or a portrait that will instantly relate to your customers. If you have a new product to launch, make sure to hang photos of different ways to wear your jewelry to catch the attention of first time buyers and loyal customers.

Little things can yield great results. If you think your store needs a little updating, go ahead and do a little experiment on your display. Just use your creativity and different materials that are Easily available around you. With just a little upgrade, your store can look eye-catchy and different . 

Adding Details to Your Spring Jewelry Displays

Spring is finally here and you know what that means it’s time to update jewelry and window displays to celebrate the season. The perfect way to represent spring time fashion is by having your window displays emulate the year’s rebirth with flora and fauna. This is the perfect time to have your displays really make a statement with a consolidated theme and corresponding products.  You want to lure them into your store with a spectacular window and then keep their attention with beautiful jewelry displays once they're inside.

When achieving the perfect spring displays fine details come to mind. We love the idea of stringing together a garland of butterflies or dragonflies and having them drape around the front of the store. You can arrange them anyway you like; making them look like they're flying around. For a chic backdrop you can drape burlap or canvas for a fun, rustic look. You can also utilize props such as picnic baskets with jewelry lying on top. Faux flowers are a wonderful touch to a spring look as well as figurines. We love our new owl jewelry displays which are a clever way to utilize a prop as a necklace display holder. We love the way Anthropologie always manages to achieve an earthy, vintage look utilizing props and tree branches.

  There are so many pretty things you can decorate your shop with this spring from flowers to butterflies. Paying attention to details will ensure a creative, memorable experience for your shoppers and will grab their attention in more ways than one. Don't worry if consumers won't notice all the fine details, the ultimate goal is to attract them to your jewelry. The more onlookers you attract the higher the chance for a sale!