Showcase Eye-Catching Necklace with Jewelry Display Bust

A necklace with an impressive details and made from exquisite materials deserves the spotlight in your store display. This kind of jewelry will surely catch the attention of even the most casual shoppers and will encourage them to immediately bring out their wallet to buy your jewelry or come back with their friends as soon as possible.


When purchasing a display for statement necklaces, it is important to find something that will help accentuate its details and remarkable craftsmanship. The best feature of a precious stoned jewelry or a handcrafted necklace can be best displayed through a display bust.

A necklace display bust is a form of display that is made to showcase a single necklace at a time. Often it is shaped like a torso and sometimes includes a head of a woman.

Different colors of display busts for your jewelry

To achieve an eye catching display, you have to pick something that complements the color and nature of the jewelry being displayed. Busts are available in all colors of velvet, silk, linen, satin or leatherette. Light colored bust display works for dark colored jewelry such as those that are dominated with the color of black, navy blue, gray or dark green. On the other hand, black colored display will bring more justice to light colored jewelry like pearl necklace, sterling silver necklace and crystal jewelry.


If you're going to order for a necklace display bust over the internet, you can see a lot of variations of it. You can find busts thatt are made from metal, wood and plastic. Paper twine necklace display are also available if you want to showcase a nature themed jewelry.

If you're into DIY, you can also search online about different ways to decorate your display bust and turn it into something more unique and stylish.

Each of this kind of display has its own beauty and advantage. Make sure to pick something that will not only look good with your jewelry but will also work well with the rest of your store appearance.

Make Shoppers Feel Welcome

Usually if a customer is shopping in your store, they are interested in your products. Of course there are sometimes those people who won't want to be in your store but don't let it break you down. Customer experience is based on a variety of factors such as interest, customer service, displays, and merchandise. Simply put you cannot appeal to everyone so focus on your core target market and you will yield higher positive results than trying to please everyone. Whether it’s getting exactly what the consumer wants or leaving empty handed window necklace display stands and jewelry displays really make the difference for shoppers.

To make your jewelry shop feel more welcoming and attract people to come in from browsing at the windows you should make the environment as inviting as possible. Seating is always a nice option for a shopper who needs to take a break while his/her partner shop. You can find chic vintage chairs to a shabby chic spring look. You can also repaint chairs and reupholster the padding with a seasonal fabric. Remember you want to accommodate friends or family your shopper may be with. This will make them feel more relaxed and they will give your shopper more time to shop.

Keep your sales floor staffed with positive friendly people. Jewelry sales are all about making that connection before making a decision. If your sales staff can connect with the consumer and identify his/her needs a sale is more likely to be made. Cater to your customers and make them feel special. Let them know you value their business and want them to be happy and confident with their purchase choice. Even if they leave your store without purchasing, it’s better to have a potential customer leave on a positive note instead of a distasteful opinion of your business. 

4 Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Jewelry Display Clutter Free

Aside from creating a well planned necklace display, a jewelry store owner should also have a strategy on how to keep it clutter free and well organized. As customers come in your store to try on your jewelry, getting your display jumbled or misplaced is almost inevitable. But how are you going to deal with it as a store owner?

With your diligence and the help of your staff, you can definitely work together to provide your customer a good shopping environment. This way, they can enjoy shopping inside your store without being confused and with ease.

Here are some of our tips on how you can keep your display organized.

1. Assign specific area of your store for particular products

If you’re selling different types of jewelry, it is important to arrange them strategically by putting it in different areas of your store. Assign a specific shelf for different types of necklace. Separate them according to length, materials used and the theme of the jewelry. Do this with the rest of your jewelry such as rings and bracelets.

2. Put signs and labels

Make sure you’re products are in the right places by putting labels on shelves, racks or jewelry trays. Instead of putting up a simple sign, try to incorporate it to your interior design by decorating it with different colors or patterns that complement your store. Avoid any confusion by putting up pricing labels on your necklace display to make shopping easier for your customers.

3. Keep precious items in glass display

Maintaining the orderliness of your jewelry inventory will not only help in making your store look impressive. It can also prevent thieves or shop lifters from victimizing you or your customers. An organized room will make it easier for you to spot when an inventory is missing or if someone tries to steal from your store.

4. Assign a personnel to keep your display in order

Ask someone from your team to go and watch over your display. If you have a big jewelry shop, you can assign different people in various areas of your establishment. Assign them to assist customers, replenish display, pick up misplaced items and report damaged necklaces or bracelets.

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Why Having a Creative Packaging Matters for Your Jewelry Business

When managing a jewelry store, whether you’re a retailer of a popular brand or seller of handmade jewelry, it’s important to pay attention to small details – from the way you create a necklace display box to your jewelry packaging.


Some jewelry sellers commit the mistake of just handing out their jewelry in a sad-looking, plain colored jewelry box that doesn't represent their brand or the quality of their work. By doing this, they may have missed an opportunity to make an impression to the customers and to convince them to come back to purchase more from their store.

But if you’re a start-up jewelry seller, is it really important to pay attention to the details of your packaging? Will it really help boost your brand popularity?

  • Making the best impression through creative packaging

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just create an impressive necklace display to create an impression to your customers. Make an impact by handing their necklace inside a quality jewelry box. This will not only protect your items but will also make shopping more convenient for your customer.

  • Packaging as an opportunity to connect with customers

Don’t just let the connection be over as soon as they step outside of your store. Have your shopping bag customized to bear your logo, social media handles, address of your branches and contact number to let them know how to reach. This will open an opportunity to keep your relationship with them. Make sure to keep your details updated and accurate to reach your goal.

  • Making life easier for your customers

Customers are loyal to those companies that make life easier for them. And since jewelry is a perfect gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other celebration, an impressive packaging will surely score you a plus point. Keep your packaging relevant with the season or celebration and your customers will surely appreciate your extra effort.

How about you? Do you pay attention to the details of your jewelry packaging? Share to us how you keep your product interesting in the comment section below!

Springtime Displays

The weather is warming up down in Southern California which the perfect indication that spring is near! We couldn't be more excited for warmer weather and springtime flowers to bloom. What's your favorite part about spring? For many its the freedom to be able to go outside and breathe fresh spring air, hear the birds chirping, and see all the plants in bloom. The world have so many beautiful shades this time of year that we think would tie in beautifully to your existing jewelry displays or store displays.

Spring usually means that business is picking up especially for the spring selling season. The first thing you need to tackle is getting spring colored merchandise into your displays. Everyone tends to want bright colors and pastel in their jewelry. To decorate your display tables, you can reflect the budding flowers with ribbons, beads, and faux flowers scattered around your window necklace display. Incorporate risers to give your displays more height and dimension. For springtime jewelry, we love using linen or wood jewelry displays especially for necklaces and bracelets.

We love the way big brick and mortar store, Anthropologie has used real dried trees, moss, and butterflies for an uber-spring look. Occasionally you can add glitter to the leaves and flowers for a luxurious feel that will add a touch of glamour.

Another fun way to add a touch of spring into your store is by choosing a fun printed shopping bag. We firmly believe package is a great way to go the extra mile and impress customers. You can get pastel colored ribbon to decorate a brown paper bag or opt for pastel colored shiny paper shopping bags for a chic packaged look for jewelry purchases. If you really want to wow customers you can decorate gift boxes with pretty leaves and flowers and tie in hemp wire for a nature inspired look.

How to Clear Out Old Jewelry Inventory

Fashion trends come and go. And it's a jewelry seller's job to keep her inventory fresh and updated. But before jumping into the next season's trendy items, it's important to clear out old inventory to give way to the new ones. Look around your store. Can you see some items sitting on your necklace display stand that has been there for too long? How about moving those items to make room for new ones?

Photo image: Gerard Stolk | Flickr

As the spring season comes in, it's also a great time to clear out your store of the items that you were not able to sell During the holiday season. This way, you can turn it into cash that can be used to purchase inventory for the coming season. The sooner those items can be sold out, the better for your cash flow.

Here are some ways to help you move items in your inventory.

1.    Feature items

Instead of putting old jewelry in the corner of your display, why not try to reinvent it by putting it in different location on your jewelry display. Sometimes, a simple change of location can help people to notice your necklaces or bracelets. Put it on the window display or near the counter and stylize your display to give an updated look.

2.    Sell items on bundle

Pair up old necklace with a best-selling earrings or bracelets to give it a new style and flavor. Make sure to create a combination that will look appealing to your customers. Adjust the price accordingly.

3.    Buy one, Get 1 Free strategy

Move items faster by putting it on buy-one-get-a-free-gift promo. Adjust the price to cover the cost of that jewelry to at least help you get your money back. Promote your promo by hanging a poster or giving out a leaflet to your customers. Decorate your necklace display to give value to your products and to attract more people to avail of your promo.

4.    Put up a “Sale” bin

Put a basket near the counter and fill it with items that need to go. This can include jewelry from the last season or products that do not sell as much as your other inventory. Put a red dot on the price tag of each item to make it easier for you to sell outdated products.

5.    Flash Sale

Probably the fastest and the most effective way to sell out old inventory are to hold a flash sale where people can buy your jewelry in an amazingly discounted price over a limited time. Dedicate the last hour of your weekend store hours for a flash sale and invite loyal customer to come and pick up items that they will love.

Get Your Jewelry Prepped For V-Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and we all know what ladies like...Jewelry! It's the one day of the year that you can show her how much she truly means by giving her the classic stud earrings, sterling silver jewelry, or diamond necklace! Jewelry has always been a good way to show how much you love her and that is certainly not going to change anytime soon.

As for a jewelry store owner, its the perfect time time to set up your jewelry display and gorgeous inventory. We love the look of acrylic jewelry displays and line displays because they really make colored gemstones and diamonds pop against a neutral background. There are also other creative ways to showcase your styles with cases and wooden trays and velvet lining. You can line up rings and make custom complete jewelry looks this way to help upsell at your boutique.

We love adding props too! Try rose petals, vases, glass beads, or balloons to help get shoppers in the mood to shop for loved ones. You'll be glad you did because your store will look flawless and romantic all season long! Valentine's Day only comes once a year; it's not about the glitz and flashy presents. It's more about making someone feel special with a simple heartfelt gift.

If you put as much effort into your jewelry displays, consumers are sure to notice and appreciate the extra effort. Your store could become a part of someone's special Valentine's Day memory this holiday. Everytime she'll look at that gorgeous ring she will remember where it came from as well!

The Benefits of Creating a Fun and Witty Necklace Display

As people start stepping into your jewelry store, it's very important to know how you can instantly establish rapport and relate to your customers. Once you're able to capture their attention, it will be much Easier to introduce them to your products and create meaningful conversation.


But first time customers are usually shy and hesitant When approaching a jewelry store. The usual formal and upscale look of a jewelry store and the expensive necklace display stands can intimidate people who are not used to visiting a jewelry store. How can you break the ice? How can you make a display that will make them feel more welcome in your store?

Our tip? Create a fun and witty display!

Let us give you some Reasons why you Should by giving you 5 benefits of creating a unique and funny display.

1. It sets the mood in your store

Adding a dose of humor in your jewelry store keeps everything light and positive. If you want to invite more people in, you have to provide them with a pleasant shopping environment that will make them feel comfortable inside your store. Skip the outdated way of presenting your products and try to be more creative in presenting your jewelry.

2. It helps set a good first impression

A well thought display can Create a positive first impression and will surely make people raving about your products. Compared to the more formal display, a witty display is more relatable and engaging. When decorating your store for holidays and special occasion, try your best to come up with a display that will capture the heart of first time visitors and soon you can earn THEIR loyalty.

3. It makes it Easier to stand out against competitors

A unique and witty display sets you apart from your competitors. Instead of just using necklace holders or necklace racks or as it is, you can make it better by decorating it with cool icons and funny images. Your imagination and sense of humor is the only limit. Other stores there sell the same items as you are selling, but your originality and wittiness is something that can never be stolen by copycats. 

Make your jewelry business fun and enjoyable. Show your personality through clever display and make your jewelry definitely remarkable and unforgettable.

Jewelry Business Tips: How to Deal with Copycats

In a world where creativity and uniqueness is a big deal, or knockoff artists copycats can cause headaches and frustrations to a lot of handmade jewelers and designers. It's like being Ripped off and violated for something that you have dedicated your time and efforts in.

However, having other people copy your designs and selling your works as their own is almost inevitable. Especially when you publicly post a photo of your necklace display stands or ring display on your website, social media or blogs, it’s even easier for people to just create an item that is almost as similar as your creation.

So how do you deal with the thought of other people gaining profits from your ideas? How do you handle those sellers who make it a point to copy your designs?

Here are some of the things that a jewelry seller should remember.

  1. Keep your cool

We all know it’s quite frustrating to see someone claim to be the owner of a design especially if you’re sure that it was all your idea. However, it won’t do your business any good to have a verbal argument with other sellers in jewelry tradeshow or exhibit. The best thing to do is to keep calm and plan your next your next move.

  1. Know your rights

Before you put your creation on a necklace display rack, be sure that you know your rights and responsibility as a jewelry designer. Knowledge of the basic law in regards with copyrights and design patent can save you from a lot of trouble in the future. If you opted to have your designs patented, make sure to include it in your display or packaging to avoid possible copycats.

  1. Keep improving your craft

You can choose to confront someone for copying your designs, or you can just choose to shrug it off and move on. However, the best thing to do to be ahead of the competition is to continuously improve your crafts by learning new technique and mastering new skills. If you really want to keep your products unique, you can purchase materials abroad or from specialty stores so you can create a jewelry that is uniquely yours.

They say imitation is the highest form of admiration but as a jewelry seller, you should also know how you can deal with copycats. Learn the laws regarding your craft and how you can protect your items from being copied.

Radiant Orchid for Spring

If you're a jewelry store owner, you probably have been seeing the new Pantone color, Radiant Orchid around in stores. Radiant Orchid is a lush, vibrant color that beautifully blends violet and magenta into an alluring shade. The color should be paired with fun spring jewelry for a nice pop or color and contrast. Even though spring is still a few months away, it’s a good time to get your customers in the mood for the time ahead. We think adding touches of radiant orchid in your jewelry display is a great idea especially for any upcoming promotions and shows.
Having a bold accent color in your palette is always a chic way to go. Complimentary colors include, creams, beige, lemon-yellow, and auburn sienna orange. Mixed with linen necklace display busts, the earthy pairing gives a sophisticated appeal. We strongly feel that using a splash of Radiant Orchid will help your store achieve a high-end boutique feel while still looking charming and inviting. This color scheme epitomizes spring because it always for you to play with neutral and loud colored jewelry, mix and match jewelry displays, and have a consolidated theme throughout the store.

If your store has a sitting area, you can incorporate a pop of color in the pillows or table with orchid printed accessories, trays, and decorative accents. Since this colors are so popular among fashion bloggers, jewelry makers, and designers having merchandise in this hue as well. Chandelier earrings with Swarovski crystals, beaded bracelets, and dangling necklaces are fun options for new product.   

Show Your Customers Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

It’s true that Valentine ’s Day is a big day for businesses. People are in the mood for shopping, buying gifts or just giving away small mementos. However, this is also the perfect season to give back to your customer and offer them something that will make them feel extra special.

It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. Sometimes, a sincere expression of love and gratitude is all that you need to tell your customers how much you value their patronage. This is a great opportunity to rekindle relationship with your long time customers and to establish loyalty from new clients.

Looking for ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your customers? Here are some simple ways to do it.

  1. Rev up customer service

Nothing can ruin the day of your customer than a bad service. Prevent this from happening by asking staffs to keep a smile on their faces when greeting store visitors and helping each of your visitor. Pay attention to what they are looking for and be quick to assist when they ask for a replacement. Be extra patient when waiting for customers to make up their mind about the items they want and politely recommend appropriate items in your acrylic necklace display to make shopping easier for them.

  1. Keep a positive vibe in your store

Love is in the air. And it must also be felt around your store. Express your love to your staffs and let everyone have a light romantic vibe on Valentine’s Day. A loving and welcoming atmosphere can make customers feel more comfortable and can encourage them to make a purchase.

  1. Offer free gift wrapping service

Customers really appreciate simple gestures that can make gift shopping easier. Offering a free gift wrapping service is just a small way to help people save time and money. But don’t just offer haphazard wrapping services. Add a personal touch by writing a special greeting from your company or by including a discount card for their next purchase.

  1. Highlight Valentine’s Day items

A lot of last minute shoppers will visit your store hours or even minutes before their date. Make it easier for them by dedicating a space in your jewelry store for gift items and Valentine’s Day ready items. Jewelry with heart shaped details is a sell out during valentines so make sure to create a unique necklace display to showcase your jewelry collection.

Spread some love this Valentine’s Day. Who knows, your next customer may fall in love with your jewelry and come back again for more.