How to Create a Picture Perfect Necklace Display

Oftentimes, it's just a matter of how you display your jewelry. The way you artistically arrange your products and how you give emphasis to each piece is a great way to impress would-be shoppers and can give them more reasons to love your jewelry.

Visually appealing displays can get the attention of more shoppers, compared to a haphazard display. So instead of being lazy with your display, it’s time to invest your time and energy in creating a picture perfect arrangement that will bring your jewelry business to a whole new level.

Want to discover how you can do it? Here are some of our tips.

  1. Find a color scheme

The color scheme you choose to create your necklace display busts should reflect your brand or the nature of your products. You can also take inspiration from the ongoing season or from special occasions in your neighborhood. Deciding on a color scheme will let you use different impressive colors while keeping display simple and well organized.

  1. Pay attention to details

Most of the times, it’s the little things that people will notice in your store. Complement an intricately designed jewelry with sweet jewelry tags, or set a high end necklace on top of high quality jewelry bust. Don’t settle for mediocrity and keep everything as neat as possible. If you’re determined to create a style that will make your store unforgettable, focus on the details of your display and stop only when you’re already satisfied with your work.

  1. Create a story

Don’t just put random things together. Imagine how you can use your jewelry to present a story or create a scene that your customer can easily relate with. This will specifically improve your sales during shopping holidays like Christmas season or Valentine’s Day. Use different materials and enhance it by using the right lighting effect to emphasize your display.

After coming up with a way to display your jewelry, take a snap shot of your store and ask your friends or loyal customers about their thoughts on your creation. You can even post a photo of it in Instagram or Pinterest then ask others to like or repost your photos to help promote yourbusiness to a wider audience.    

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How to Safely Shop Online

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When entering a credit card ensure that you see a padlock symbol in the browser and that the latest version of your browser is on. Be sure to check the seller’s privacy policy to ensure your credit card information will not be stored or shared with affiliates.  We also recommend not making online purchases from a public or shared computer such as laptops and tablets that are using shared public wireless networks.

By taking these simple preliminary precautions you can help lessen the chance of putting yourself at risk from fraud online. We hope you can trust us as your first choice for earring display holders, necklace display busts and jewelry making supplies and continue to shop with confidence.

Using Instagram to Promote Your Jewelry Business

Aside from Pinterest, Instagram is another great place to promote your jewelry business. The number of users of this photo sharing site has increased exponentially over the year and businesses are beginning to see its potential to establish brand and even increase sales. 

If you’re already familiar with Instagram, you must notice how people love seeing visually appealing contents on their feed. With its quick and easy photo editing functions, you can simply take a snapshot of your necklace display stand and post it on Instagram to capture the attention of your would be customers. As you gain more followers, the more people will notice your products. This is a great starting point to encourage them to buy on your online store or visit your physical store.

But how can you really create a photo that will encourage users to check out your products?

1. Give your business a face

Unlike Facebook, Instagram promotes a more intimate relationship among its users. On the first stage of launching your business on this photo sharing website, you can take the opportunity to introduce yourself as the store owner along with your staffs and other faces behind your business. This will help users to connect with you on a more personal level and will help them identify you against your competitors. 

2. Post behind the scene photos

Give your followers a sneak peek of how your products have come to be. This is most effective if you’re creating your own piece of jewelry. Give them an idea how you intricately create each piece or your inspiration in coming up with a certain design. If you’re not into creating a blog, Instagram can be the next best thing to connect with your audience. 

3. Offer exclusive promos and discounts

Shoppers love discounts. So if you’re looking for ways to Utilize Instagram to increase sales during important occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day, then post it online. Create posters, teasers or short video about your necklace display and encourage people to share or like your posts. 

As the competition tightens up, it’s important to find different ways to promote your jewelry business. If you haven’t used Instagram yet, this is the best time to take out smart phones and take fun and creative photos of your jewelry inventory. You will be amazed at how it can help your business after just a couple of months.

Get Your Store Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away. For most this is a beloved holiday filled with romance, gifts, and love. For others regardless of personal feelings on the holiday, it’s an amazing opportunity for your wholesale jewelry store to gain new customers looking to buy their significant other a sentimental gift.  This Valentine’s Day give your customers something special with some of our fun ideas:

Sweet Something

You can incorporate baked goodies and candy into your packaging. You can tie a piece of candy onto the ribbons of gift-wrap or you can also add small candies to your product selection during this time. Display these items by the register or by unique jewelry displays such as necklace display stands and earring holders. For a fun spin on the idea you can use heart shaped bowls and baskets to display the candy and jewelry.

Have a Special Valentine’s Day Promotion

Everyone loves a good sale! This is true especially after the holidays when consumers are less eager to spend their money. On Valentine’s Day you can always hold a seasonal sale on heart shaped jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, or have a clearance area with older styles.

Remember by this time consumers are already thinking about spring merchandise and will be less eager to by winter styles. Hosting a clearance sale is a great way to get rid of last season’s collection.

Make it Festive

We suggest adding touches of the holiday inside your store earring display holders or jewelry booth. It doesn't have to be
over the top. Just a few pink or red touches will do. You can add fun decals of hearts, lips, and sayings. You can also drape gauze on tables for a feminine touch. Be creative with your display and let your jewelry creations shine!

Keeping Your Jewelry Store Organized and Clutter Free

Keeping the work station organized is one of the most common concerns of jewelry designers and creators. Although we all have different opinions on what can be considered organized, we must admit that a neat and clutter free working desk can have positive effect on creativity and productivity of handmade jewelers.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of jewelry making or have been a part of this creative group of people for quite a period of time, it is still important to develop an organization trick to keep your space safe and efficient.

From the way you organize your necklace display cases to the way you keep your materials in check, there are a lot of tricks to maintain the cleanliness of your store and work station. With perseverance and determination, you can enjoy a clutter free working desk despite your busyness.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your tools and supplies organized.

1.    Invest in storage box and cases

When you’re just starting to venture in jewelry making, storage boxes and cabinets are just some of the things that you should be investing in. Make sure that your storage boxes are durable to avoid damaging your supplies. It’s also important to know what type of storage box works best for your materials so you can avoid tarnishing.

When shopping for jewelry storage box, look for a box that has clear or transparent surface so you can easily see what’s inside without having to open the entire box.

2.    Develop a systematic way to store jewelry

Keep everything easy to find by putting labels or tags on your storage boxes. Include the color, description and date of purchase to keep track of your items. You can always develop your own way to store jewelry or ask a fellow jeweler for practical advice on how to keep track of your supplies.

3.    Have plenty or zip lock bags in different sizes

Zip lock bags are very useful in keeping your items safe and properly organized. You can use it to secure unfinished pieces so you can continue working on it the next time. It is also a great solution to make sure that strings won’t get entangled with other items or that those tiny items won’t get lost among bigger ones.

4.    Hang some items on your walls to make it more visible

Are you always worrying about missing scissors or cutters? Make it easy to find by hanging it on our wall. If you can do basic wood work, you can create a space where you can hang your frequently used tools. If not, get the help of your husband or hire a professional to help you create a more organized work space.

Need more jewelry supplies organizing tips? Check out our slideshare page!

How to Create a Winning Window Display for Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the first shopping holiday of 2014!

After everyone is done with the Christmas hangover, customers are now ready to shop for gift items to once again show their love for their romantic partners. And because jewelry business is one of the most profitable ventures during this season, your competitors are most likely to be well on their way on planning the best marketing strategy to capture the Valentine’s Day shoppers.


So how do you plan to engage seasonal customers? How can you convince them to step inside your store and purchase your products? One way to keep your business afloat this love fest is by creating a window display that can grab the attention of passersby and invite them to purchase jewelry from your vintage necklace display.

In today’s blog, we’re giving you some tips on how you can create a window display that can help drive foot traffic inside your store and leave a favorable impression about your brand.

1. Sit down and plan your strategy

A potential customer can instantly tell if you prepared well enough for this shopping holiday just by looking at your window display. So instead of just pulling off whatever you can, why not sit down, think and draw strategy to win the competition. Look for inspiration on creating a catchy window display over the internet or business magazines, and think how you can apply it to your business.


2. Look for unique materials

When creating a design for your window display, imagination is your only limit. If you’re thinking of just getting a table and scattering your jewelry on top of it, just forget it altogether. Go to a thrift shop, or engage yourself with DIY works. Don’t just fill your window display with red hearts and cupid’s arrow. Tell a story, deliver a message or create something interesting with your necklace display and you’re sure to win the hearts of your customers.

3. Highlight Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Men will be looking for engagement rings while ladies will be looking for accessories to fit their evening wear. Bring out the jewelry that your customers will need and display it in the most noticeable way. Highlight valentine’s ready jewelry on your window display to engage seasonal buyers. Use the right kind of lighting and utilize the space on your storefront to help you create the right display.

Valentine’s Day brings a lot of great opportunities for your business. Make the most out of this season by coming up with a window display that will tell more about your brand and your business.

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Eye-Catching Valentine's Day Displays

It's the middle of January so you know what that means! It's time for retailers to start planning their Valentine's Day decor for February 14th. For starters, consider that jewelry sales are always at an all time high for Valentine's Day. With this being said, it is imperative that your jewelry displays and corresponding decor are equally as appealing to help get shoppers in the mood.

If your optimizing your Valentine's day displays, you've probably focused on the main jewelry focal points which will probably boast a diamond necklace resting atop a faux velvet necklace display. If have other items being sold besides jewelry then we suggest going the extra mile to incorporate banners, posters, and pink and red hearts.

Another great option for little Valentine's Day is adding more shelves and wall units which is an easy way to incorporate decor onto the walls. Give your jewelry display more pop and festivity you'll want to take more effort in ensuring that consumers will stop and admire your product. We recommend using pinks and reds to help draw the most attention possible.

For items to sell during this romantic time, small heart shaped jewelry boxes are always charming, also boxes of chocolate, jewelry, and flowers always bring smiles to every girls face. Cards and chic wrapping will always be another Valentine's Day staple. You can incorporate ribbons, wrapping, stamps, and raffia for a festive polished look from inside and out.

What Makes a Jewelry Shop Attractive to Customers?

Attracting the people who walk by your store every day is one of the easiest ways of growing your jewelry business. Especially when the competition is stiff, it’s important to discover what arouses people’s interest and what you can do to draw them inside your store.

 If you want to see potential customers pushing through the door, you have to make sure that you are giving them something valuable, something that will make them choose you over thousands of competitors. Attracting few customers each day will have a great impact on your business and can help establish customer loyalty and greater profit.

How to Attract Customers

  • Fun and friendly ambiance

Sometimes the overall mood of a store alone can make your store look and feel more attractive to customers. A positive vibe makes people more relaxed and has better impact on their shopping experience. Train your staffs to keep a positive attitude whenever at work and encourage them to serve with a smile to make your store look inviting.

  • Excellent Store lighting

Bright and clear lighting installed strategically can give your jewelry an extra sparkle, making it more noticeable to customers. Dull and dim lights, on the other hand, can easily bore people, making them leave before looking into your products. Walk around your store. Does the store lighting helped in highlighting your jewelry? Is it able to emphasize its uniqueness and design?

  • Engagement and communication

Don’t let shoppers go without being noticed. Talk to them, get to know their needs and make suggestions about what item on your necklace display can look great with their outfit. Hang different business signs and posters with informational or entertainment value to encourage people to hang out more in your store.

  • Excellent jewelry display

Your window display is a great venue to showcase your creativity and dedication to your craft. Instead of doing a haphazard display, come up with a unique way to present your jewelry. Create a story through your necklace display and let it make a statement that will speak more of your brand.

There are dozens of things that can make a store more attractive to customers. From the colors you use to paint the walls or the music you played in your store, it’s usually the small things that people will notice. However, it’s also the small things that we usually take for granted that can drive them away. So if you want to make your business thrive in this industry, it’s time to make those little things count and encourage buyers to come back.

Image Credits: Flickr | eoconnjustinablakeneydougclemens

Essential Tips for Selling Jewelry at Trade Shows

Getting it right at jewelry trade shows can open bigger opportunities for your jewelry business. Whether you’re a retailer or selling your handmade jewelry, it’s important to expose your brand to a bigger market by joining art shows and trade shows in your area.

Being a successful jewelry seller at trade shows takes a lot of hit and miss. From building up your jewelry display to making a profitable income, you will learn a lot of things that you can only get from experience. But when you finally figured out the rules of the trade, you can get the hang of things and enjoy the whole process.

Displaying Jewelry

One of the most important aspects of joining trade shows is your booth display. Creating an attractive display table drives customers in and keeps them interested in your products. Before joining any trade show, it’s best to research on different ways on how you can create a necklace display stand or earring display and how it can be used to.

Take into consideration the materials that you’re going to use in building up your display and how long will it take to have it completely ready for the show. For some jewelry seller, it can take up to 4 hours to have their booth ready, but as you get more experienced, you can eventually create a system that allows you to work more efficiently.

When thinking of items to bring in for the show resist the temptation to put everything on your table. What you can do is decide on your best product and highlight it your show. This way, customers can easily associate your brand to your jewelry leading a better brand recall.

Customer Service

As much as you can, it’s best to keep standing to greet people who come to visit your booth for the whole duration of the show. Your energy can easily be picked up by trade visitor and will make them feel more at ease to check out your products. Also learn how to handle rude customers as they are everywhere and should not affect you negatively.

Put labels and price tags on each of the items on your earring display holders to make it easier for your customer to go around your collection. You can also make your booth more recognizable by hanging the name of your business in front of your given space. Include an information card or leaflet with every purchase so they can easily check out your website or contact you in the future.

These simple things will surely help you have a more profitable day at any trade show you’re going to attend in the future.

image credit: kurtwendling | Flickr

How to Maximize your Wall Space in a Jewelry Store

When retailers think of methods to efficiently maximize their space inside their store or booth they typically think about floor space. Wall space is of equal importance and should not be left alone. If you’re currently not optimizing vertical areas in your store, take advantage of wall mount fixtures and jewelry display stands to help boost your level of space and help give your store a more comprehensive total look.

You’ve hopefully taken the opportunity to examine how shelves can advance your store’s appearance and maximize space. We recommend something that is functional and still minimalistic so that it won’t overwhelm the rest of your space. Don’t forget that you can create your own shelving with acrylic displays, which will blend well on the wall.

Slatwall Displays

We recommend trying to incorporate slatwall displays. If you have more room and time for a more advanced level of shelving you can opt for the fixtures are usually available to customize with earring and necklace display mount cards that will For instance, boutique items can incorporate little glamorous details and customize your space.

Try Wall Décor

Wall décor is an amazing way to decorate your storefront and also put together the finishing touches on your space. This might include using paint in shades that compliment your existing display colors of store fixtures. We recommend using acrylic pieces so that they will tie in with whatever seasonal wall décor you may chose. 

Tips on How to Make Jewelry Shopping Easier for Your Customers

With a busy schedule and demanding lifestyle, customers nowadays are always looking forward for a hassle-free, smooth and easy shopping experience. Especially now that there are a lot other ways to shop, people are most likely to go for brands that can provide convenient shopping coupled with excellent customer service and quality products.

Do you go extra mile in making sure that your customers are having an excellent time in your jewelry store? Do you invest in tools and equipment that can help them find what they need? If you think doing a half hearted service is enough, you might be missing a lot of opportunity to grow and attract more shoppers in your jewelry store.

Here are some simple, quick and easy ways on how you can provide convenient shopping for your customers.

  1. Keep your store clutter free and well organized

Don’t let clients go digging through piles of accessories. Instead, keep everything in a neat display so they can easily find what they need. Look for necklace display cases or earring racks that can neatly display jewelry while still letting the customers touch and try on different pieces.

  1. Keep price tags clear and accurate

If your customer is in a hurry, she would really appreciate accurate product pricing and labeling. Imagine the time you and your customer can save by just putting the right price tag on each item especially during clearance sale and other promos.

  1. Put mirrors in strategic locations

Customers love trying on jewelry that they will be looking for mirrors to see how well it will look on them before making up their mind about what they will buy. Install wall mounted mirror or use display racks with attached mirrors to make it more convenient for your customers.

  1. Provide trays or shopping baskets

Some shoppers would like to shop for multiple jewelry pieces every time they visit a store. But if they can’t see a shopping basket, or your staffs don’t even offer assistance, shoppers can become easily discouraged that they will be glad to hop off to the next store. Put a shopping basket next to your earring display holders to make it easily available for shoppers anytime.

Make your store the go to place for jewelry in your area. Create a jewelry shopping experience that can make your customer feel good and soon they will be raving about your brand.

Image Credit: LifeBridge Health | Flickr

Decorating with Radiant Orchid

As many of you all know, each year Pantone selects a color of the year and this year it is this beautiful hue known as radiant orchid. Radiant Orchid is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer because it has an eye-catching factor as well as an intriguing intensity. According to Pantone officials, “Radiant orchid emanates health, joy, and love.” This color is similar to purple but has a mix of pink and fuchsia in it. As a jewelry retailer, you should know that color is very important in store and booth décor as well as displays. We think this color would be fun to play around with this year and incorporate it into your look.

Accent Wall:
An accent way is less severe than painting an entire room this color. This can look very chic in a boutique space and look simple and elegant at the same time. Leave the remaining three walls a white or cream. Pick out accessories to compliment this look such as a slanted wall displays or acrylic displays on an accent side table.

Jewelry Organza Pouches:
If you use white or black jewelry boxes and shopping bags using sheer organza pouches to wrap jewelry in is another chic touch. Our drawstring styles come in five different sizes and are a subtle way to incorporate the hue into your packaging. You can also use radiant orchid colored tissue paper for a pop of color coming from your packaging.

Whatever unique spin you decide to add to your existing aesthetic, we are sure that radiant orchid will compliment it seamlessly. We would love to see how many of our followers love the color. Comment below on your ideas and opinions.

Happy Thursday!
From Nile Corp. 

Maximize Your Jewelry Store Space with These Simple Tricks

Have you ever been in a retail store that makes you feel so uncomfortable that you have to find the nearest exit? It’s often the problem of businesses that has limited store space. If you are a startup entrepreneur who just ventured into jewelry business by renting a small space in your area, this should not be your case.


With the store fixtures, equipment and display shelves that you have to use in your business, it’s quite challenging to put everything together without making your store look too crammed. However, with a little research and careful planning, you can come up with ways on how to make your store more comfortable for you and your shoppers. 

If you’re having trouble when it comes to maximizing your retail store space, here are some tips and tricks that can help you come up with a space saving necklace display stands.

How to Maximize Jewelry Store Space

  • Choose the right shelves for your store

Before buying a shelf, make sure that you have explored different options that will work for your floor space. Instead of using bulky wooden shelves, you can use wall mounted shelves to hold your necklace or ring displays. You can also hang shelves at different levels to maximize the vertical space in your store. This can provide visuals that easily capture the attention of shoppers and make them more engaged with your products.

  • Create an illusion of space

Make small space look bigger by painting your walls with rich and bold colors or by using ornaments that can draw the eyes of your customers. You can even use wallpapers with interesting patterns to spice up bare and empty walls. Large mirrors that are hanging in strategic places do not only give you the illusion of space but also makes it easier for shoppers to try on fashion necklaces and statement earrings. 


  • Less is more

When creating a earring display holders, it’s quite tempting to put everything on the table to give your customers more shopping options. But given the limited space, you have to be smart about product placing and how much space it will take up in your store. Place your jewelry collection in such a way that each of them will have the attention they deserve instead of having to compete with one another.

  • Use proper lighting

Installing the right lighting in your retail store is essential in making it look more spacious and airy. Use a variety of lighting types to improve the ambiance of your store and to highlight seasonal jewelry that can drive more people into your business.

How about you? How do you make use of the space in your jewelry store without making it look too crowded?

image credit: coutorturefwk | Flickr

How to Create an Eye-catching Jewelry Display

Retailers look to a variety of sources for inspiration for the upcoming months but deciding how to setup your own storefront space can sometimes be a challenge.  As with anything regarding your stores image, you want to make sure that your scheme is as unique as your products. We have searched for some unique references for some fun, unique fixtures to attract onlookers into your store after the holiday frenzy.

  •       Try a Pop of Color

Even though the weather is still cold outside, you can still choose a pop of color and incorporate it into your window displays. We like using acrylic earring display and accessorizing with a bright colored table for a nice contrast.


  •      Monochromatic

Monochromatic color schemes offer something very sleek and modern feeling. We love wood and linen jewelry displays with matching wood tables and chairs. It gives the store an earthy feel but still is very new age at the same time.


  •       Radiant Orchid

Pantone recently dubbed this stunning hue the color of year. This striking color looks amazing against black velvet jewelry displays and acrylic displays alike. You can paint an accent wall in this color or put small purple flowers inside your jewelry cases or necklace display stand for a unique look that is transitional into spring. 

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