Gold Earring Talk

Gold is definitely the choice when it comes to jewelry material.  Throughout the centuries, gold has become a standard, not just in the world of anything that glitters, but also in the worlds of business and finance. This is why gold jewelry has also been a very popular instrument when it comes to investing. Those who choose to invest their money in jewelry know the importance of the carat of the gold jewelry that they buy.

This is why most of those who invest in jewelry prefer the 22K to 24K jewelry pieces.  Those that have an earring display holders with the higher carats of gold are sure to be always visited by investors and fashionable women alike. We also know that there are different kinds of gold that are available in the market, depending on where they have been sourced.

Different Kinds of Gold in the market

  • Italian Gold

This is generally 14K in rating, which means it contains around 58.5% pure gold.  Its 18K variety would mean it contains 75% gold. It has a reddish hue particularly because of the alloy that is added to it.  It is the copper that gives it its distinct color.

  • Chinese Gold

It has a high karat value, usually at 22K, which means it is 91.7% gold. It is closer to the gold color that we know because of the zinc that is present to the alloy that is added to it. Most of the people who invest in jewelry prefer to purchase jewelry with this kind of gold.

  • Saudi Gold

This has a higher karat compared to the other two.  It has a deeper and darker gold color because most of the jewelry made of this kind of gold is rated 24 karats, or the type that contains almost pure gold.

It really depends on the design and usage which to choose.  High karat level gold is best saved for special occasions, like engagement or wedding rings. For daily use like earrings, get one from the earring display that has lower karat value. Gold that has lower karat value is sturdier as well, as the purer the gold is, the more malleable it actually is, which is why you may remember old people take a bit of gold to see if it is tough or "chewy."

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Best Necklace and Jewelry Pieces for Your Hair and Skin Color

Choosing the right jewelry for you is a difficult task. You may have an expensive jewelry, but it does not mean it will make you look grand if it is not the right jewelry for you. There are some jewelry that are better left on your necklace display stand rather than around your neck. If you want to be gorgeous with accessories or just simply look beautiful, just follow these tips on how you should choose jewelry pieces for yourself.

How to Choose Jewelry for your Skin Color

Look for an area on your body where your veins are visible. Usually, the wrist is good enough. Based on the color of your veins, your skin tone have one of these two categories: cool and warm.

Your skin tone is cool if you have bluish colored veins. People with this kind of skin tone sometimes have pinkish or rosy undertones when they look in the mirror. Their eye color range from light blue to dark brown. Most people have cool skin, even those with dark skin or tan skin.

If you have greenish veins, then you have a warm skin tone. People with this kind of skin tone might see yellow or golden undertones when they look in the mirror. The eye color can be of any color. People with red, orange or strawberry blonde hair always have warm skin. It does not mean that you have a warm skin tone just because you have dark skin.

To pick a jewelry from the necklace display, choose metals like silver, platinum, and white gold if you have cool skin tone. If you have warm skin tone, choose gold, pewter, brass and copper. Cool skin tones can also go with white pearls and diamonds. They should choose colored jewels that are pink, purple, blue, red and magenta.

For warm skin tone, choose coral or golden toned pearls. They should also wear earthy colored stones like those of color brown, orange, green, yellow, peach, coral, and turquoises.

If you want to look fabulous with jewelry, make sure that the ones you pick from your necklace display complement your skin tone. Moreover, the best rule is choose something you like and you are comfortable wearing, regardless of what you look like.

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Affordable Ways of Necklace Care

Many people cannot afford to buy new necklaces that they wear the same necklace and not be able to put it back on their necklace display. However, it is inevitable that you might break your necklace someday. How can you avoid breaking your necklace display stand? Here are some tips on how you can take care of your necklace in affordable ways.

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How to Take Care of Your Necklace

You have to avoid some things to ensure that you can enjoy your necklace for a long time. For example, never use chemicals. Some everyday chemicals can destroy gold and silver. In other words, not all cleaning jewelry products are good for cleaning necklaces. Sometimes, they take away the natural sheen of your necklace when used improperly.

There are times when chemical reactions happen when you clean your necklace. So make sure that you remove your necklace when you take a shower, clean the house, apply makeup, lotion, hairspray or even perfume.

Moreover, chlorine has effects on the color of your jewelries especially gold ones. Make sure that you remove your jewelry before going to swim or taking a shower, or even taking a dip in hot tub. Put it back on a necklace display first. Moreover, if you are about to go to sleep, make sure that you remove your jewelry, because you might accidentally break it when it clings to the fabric of your clothes or bed sheet.

Even a good silver necklace may tarnish someday. You should take care of your necklaces now and you will save a lot of money later on. When you clean your necklaces on your necklace display, clean away the fingerprints and tarnish it with a cleaning cloth regularly. Remove oils and dirt. Use a small amount of liquid soap with warm water for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry it completely.

When your necklace tarnishes, clean it with a silver polisher. Use a well-known care product, at least you know that it has been tried and tested by many. Besides, there are products that may cause scratching. Be careful in choosing cleaning products.

How to Display the Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is literally right around the corner! You know what that means...tons of new displays and fixtures will be needed to accommodate your new merchandise! Here is our list of suggestions to display the best Black Friday deals in your store.

Utilize the cash-wrap area to display sale merchandise
Sale items are what entices customers on Black Friday. It's that time of year when shoppers know they can get a deal and they won't settle for anything less. Make sure your customers are able to easily identify a bargain by using acrylic jewelry displays to make the merchandise evident. One of the most powerful advertising tools is using store sale signs. Sale sings are an easy and cost effective method to advertising. Using red and green and eye-catching sparkling accents is also a great way to draw attention from onlookers.

On this busy holiday season, you will experience larger than levels of customer traffic and you need to get your sales floor ready for the madness. We recommend designating areas of your store for sales. If you effectively spread out the deals you can spread out the customers and reduce herds of eager shoppers. For pricier items not on promotion, we recommend keeping them in locked glass cases where assistance is required. It is more likely that the discounted goods will be in high demand and they are the ones that should easily be within the customers reach. 

Whatever your industry, this advice will help you effectively display help your store sell more and keep organized during the holidays 2013! Good luck and remember with proper jewelry displays such as necklace display busts and earring holders. and storage the holiday season will be a stress free time of business. 

Whole Year Round Jewelry Pieces on Your Display

To be successful in the world of jewelry selling, you have to have grasps on two things: On what you are selling and the customer. Marketers must make their customers notice their products, and the best way is by having a great necklace display stand. Sure, there are jewelry pieces that should be on your display for a long time, but if you want to be successful, you have to make your display more enticing. You have to get your prospect buyers get interested to your product or at least make them not go to the next store.

All jewelry pieces can be put on the display the whole year round, but it is through the presentation that can make them look grand. Here are some of the things you have to remember in putting jewelry pieces on your display.


The Color Background of the Display Should Be Different From the Jewelry Pieces

You should make a contrast between the jewelry pieces and the display. For example, if you are going to put diamonds, crystals and other white or clear gemstones on a necklace display, present them on a plain yet dark background. If you make the display in contrast with the jewelry, you are making a dramatic effect.

Group Jewelries That Are Similar

You should always put together jewelry pieces that are similar in terms of color or type of gemstone. However, make sure that you do this with personality and characteristics. Be creative in displaying them. Use textures in the display.

Don’t Forget the Light!

How will your jewelry sparkle if you do not have light to your displays? Place your necklace display under a light. You can put the light hanging directly over the display, or put them on the ground in an angle for a more dramatic effect.

Use Complementary Fabrics

It is great to use textures to add to the elegance of the display; however, the best way texture to complement your jewelry is fabric. It makes your jewelry look grand without going over the top.

The best way to get a great and elegant earring display cards is to avoid complicating it. Remember, you have to clean and maintain it. If the display is complicated, it would be very hard for you to update it. Sure, you have to do everything to attract the customer, but you have to make sure that it is easy to dissemble the display so customers will always have fresh displays.

Pendants and Necklaces: A Perfect Match

To paraphrase what a famous song pronounces: “Diamonds are girls’ best friends.” But it does not mean that it won’t betray you. Not all necklaces, whether it is made of diamonds or pearls, can always be worn in any occasion. Besides, a necklace display stand is perfect not because of its cost but because it brings elegance or at least balance to what a woman wears. For men who need help in buying a need help in choosing the right necklace and pendant for their special lady, worry no more because here are some things to remember when choosing the perfect match of pendant and necklace:

Types of Necklaces

Metal chains
You can never go wrong with metal chains. A platinum chain in a choker length is good enough to bring elegance. Consider an 18-inch sterling silver or 18 k gold chain.

Gem necklace
Usually, the most expensive way of having a necklace display is when it is made out of gem stones or diamonds. If you cannot afford a diamond necklace, try to buy a pendant instead to suspend from a chain.

Pearl strands
Any woman wearing a cocktail dress can have a classy look with a pearl strand necklace.

Choosing the Length of Your Necklace

  • You must always consider the length of the necklace since it will determine where the necklace displays itself on your chest.
  • Choker length: This one is just above the collarbones. It emphasizes necklines. If you are wearing a dress with small neckline, this length is a good choice.
  • Princess length: over the collarbones. This is the most common necklace length. It can go with any dress.
  • Opera length: Over the blouse or dress. It provides drama and sophistication to your outfit. 
Now you know some tips on choosing the perfect combinations on your necklace display. If you are new to choosing necklaces and pendants, know that some women start out with fake pearls. Try gifting your friend with a strand of freshwater pearls which are actually cheap. For special occasions like wedding anniversaries, buy a solitaire pendant with a pearl or diamond. If you just want to surprise someone special with a gift, a metal necklace with small pendant is good enough. Besides, it is the thought that counts, not the cost. 

Gold By Any Other Name...

Unbeknownst to many people, each golden jewelry piece is not made with the same metal. Knowing the different metals will help you choose the best gold jewelry piece for your earring holders or necklace display stand. Each metal has a unique quality, so always think twice when buying a jewelry piece. The most common types of metals used to make jewelry are platinum, titanium, silver and stainless steel. Of course, the most popular among them is gold. Sometimes, metals like rhodium and palladium are used to make jewelry.

Different kinds of gold used by jewelers:

Yellow Gold
If you want the familiar color of gold, then yellow gold is for you. This is the natural shade of the much-beloved metal. It is also the most common gold used to make necklaces and bracelets. It is usually alloyed with copper and silver to strengthen its durability. Moreover, with yellow gold, you can wear any outfit, and it does not fit any skin or body type. It can also complement any gem stone. However, not all yellow gold have the same “yellow-ness.” The more gold a yellow gold necklace has, the brighter its color is. If you want deeper yellow, then choose a necklace with fewer karats.

White Gold
If you want to look cool or contemporary, then you should buy white gold jewelry, which is a fad nowadays. In terms of properties, white gold is the same with yellow gold, but the alloys are different so that it will be white. Instead of copper and silver in yellow gold, white gold is alloyed with nickel (palladium alloy), zinc and copper. A white gold necklace is sometimes plated with rhodium, which enhances its whiteness. White gold chains are perfect for diamond pendants.

Rose Gold
Want a pinkish necklace display? Then you will rose gold. This kind of gold is made by adding copper to yellow cold to attain its famous pink color. This kind of gold, when worn, makes the skin looks soft.

Green Gold
Green gold is made with alloys silver, copper and zinc to yellow gold. Unlike the other three kinds of gold, this one is a bit harder to pair with clothes due to its limiting color.

Some Tips Before You Go

If you want to retain the classic look of yellow gold but still want to look modern, then wear a combination of white and yellow gold within the same necklace display. This is very fashionable nowadays that brides love to wear this kind of necklace on their wedding day. Also try wearing three colors of gold, especially yellow, rose and green. Who knows, you might start an awesome elegant look or trend.

Stock Up on Gift Bags Before the Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner; many holiday shoppers are eagerly awaiting sales and planning out the presents they will give their friends and family. Many presents are hard to select because you really want to ensure their present is special, even down to the unique wrapping. As a store owner, you can make this part easier on a consumer by offering complimentary gift bags to your customers for their special gifts.

Improve Image and Branding

Stocking up on unique necklace display busts, earring holders and gift bags from Nile Corp. can greatly increase your branding efforts for your business. Our selection of printed gift bags include polka dots, fleur de lis designs, animal prints, and holiday styles.  You can also explore solid colored gift bags in glossy finishes for a high end look. As the holidays come closer, more and more parties will consume shoppers free time and many are looking for a way to save money and complimentary gift bags and boxes are great purchase incentive for consumers. We also have a great selection of tissue paper and pull bows if you are opting for giving customers gift boxes.
                                           Mixed Print Kraft Paper Bag,10'' H x 8''W x 3 1/4''D

Offer Quality Customer Service

Simply, by having a full supply gift boxes and gift bags will enhance your customer's store experience and encourage them to visit your store again. American consumer's value additional small gestures by the stores they choose to shop in, especially during the hectic holiday season. Offering complimentary gift wrap is just a small way to say "thank you" to your valued customer and let them know you value their business.