How Old Should Ladies Start Wearing Necklaces?

Jewelry is something that every woman must have.  She must never underestimate what it can do to an outfit.  It can easily turn a boring and plain looking outfit into something that would make heads turn.  Aside from this, it can be consider an investment when you start purchasing real ones that you see on the necklace display section of a jewelry store. 

Although it is important to accessorize, the question in most mom’s minds is when their little girls should start wearing jewelry.  You would see little girls wearing jewelry at a young age; even infants are already seen wearing necklaces and bracelets.  This could actually be dangerous to kids.

  • Choking hazard 

Infants and little kids has the tendency to put everything that they touch directly into their mouths.  This is ok if you are there to supervise them.   However, there may be times that you may be busy with something else and the next thing you know they already have something in their mouths.  The metallic parts or beads of the necklaces could break away and be a choking hazard.

  • Jewelry can get destroyed when being worn by children

A precious piece of jewelry that should have been kept on the necklace display case could be destroyed by a child.  These little kids just have a knack for breaking and taking apart things because of their innate curiosity.  So before you find yourself crying over a broken chain, keep those precious things away from the little hands.

  • Children can easily misplace jewelry

This is one thing that you would not want to happen.  Kids have a tendency to forget where they placed things so it is best to retain your precious items away.

So at what age should kids be allowed to wear jewelry?  The important thing to consider is awareness of the responsibility that you are giving them.  When they are aware then it is time to let them wear simple designs like chains that are not too heavy.  You can also let them wear fashion jewelry or those that are made of plastic or paper beads for starters. 

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The Right Occasion for Pearls

Social gatherings are one of the occasions where you can best show off your personal jewelry collection.  Everyone is dressed up to the nines with all the glittering jewelry and accessories and women in beautiful gowns and made up faces and men in their spiffy suits. Everyone is dressed for the occasion.  Different kind of jewelry made of different stones and metals are found hanging on earlobes, necks and wrists of the women.  The women become a necklace display of striking jewelry some of which can only be found in jewelry shops.

When it comes to formal occasions, a lot of women prefer to use pearls as an accessory to their already head turning gowns.  It gives off a sense of old-world charm which translates to having innate elegance and class. Women who would like to downplay the opulence of the occasion usually use pearls because it is not as loud or as flashy like a woman who has a diamond necklace display but still says a lot about her stature in life.  This minimalist rule in dressing up during an event says a lot about the person’s character and personality.



This is one occasion wherein the bride should be the focal point and the star of the show.  Wearing a huge bling-bling could take away the spot from the bride.  You would not want the people’s attention to turn to you instead of the bride.

Formal Events 


This is one place where you can show off your pearl jewelry without being the center of attraction.  Other women would surely be doing the same thing.   Long pearl strands would look classy and elegant for occasions like this.

Everyday Wear 


This might sound like one is going overboard but you can certainly wear your pearls even when going to the office. A simple pearl necklace or a pair of pearl stud earrings would make you look professional and in command of authority.  Just make sure to use only either so that you won’t be labeled as someone overdressed for a day in the office. 

Just make sure you take care of your pearl jewelry as it needs a lot of TLC compared to other kinds of jewelry.   Keeping the necklaces in necklace display cases is one or keeping them wrapped in a soft cloth are some of the ways to do this. 

Tips for a Successful Art Show

Once you find a craft show and your application gets approved, you need to start preparing for it right away. The more thought and time you put into it, the more prepared and successful you’ll be at the event. Make lots of stuff. 

The more you make, the more variety you’ll be able to offer to customers. People have different tastes, and sometimes what you thought would be a best-seller ends up not being noticed as much, but other items seem to be more attractive to buyers. Of course, you don’t have to have every single item on your table because you don’t want to make your necklace display stands, earring holders or jewelry boxes look too crowded, but you can experiment with placement and products. 

You’ll be surprised how many of them have a shop on Etsy, so you can keep in touch and maybe even find products you’d like to buy! A fun thing to do at craft shows is trade some of your items for somebody else’s products Try to give your table a sense of your products and style. Cover it with a nice table cloth. Depending on what you’re selling, the color/pattern might play an important role, but for jewelry I like to choose a neutral color. I’ve heard some people bring flowers to decorate the table, so feel free to do that if you think it fits your theme. Create a banner for your business and attach it to the front hanging part of your table cloth, or maybe have an easel with a poster right next to your table.

Think of creative ways to display your items. You can reuse something from your house or the local thrift store. You can purchase inexpensive jewelry displays on

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Be friendly and approachable! Smile! Don’t sit, be up and visible, ready to answer questions or explain your product (if they seem to be looking and interested). Make sure people know they can touch and try things on, even if they don’t end up buying anything. If you’re selling jewelry, have a mirror at your table, so that people can see how it looks. Know your product and try to make it personal – tell people how you made it, what materials you used and some interesting fact about the supplies or the process behind making it – something they can relate to.  If possible, bring your tools and create things while you’re at your table. People will see you making things on the spot and will be more interested to see your final products and respect your work. Tell your friends and family about the show. They are your biggest fans and supporters, and you never know what word of mouth can do! 

Last but not least, have fun and come with an enthusiastic attitude. Remember you are representing your products and brand. Be the life of the party and let your charm exude through your amazing jewelry displays!

Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets

Here is a quick and fun tutorial for pretty summer bracelets with inexpensive supplies from Nile Corp.


  • Hemp Twine
  • Seed Beads
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard
  • Ruler
Japan Seed Beads - Transparent RainbowHemp Twine, 0.5mm,300ftJapan Seed Beads - Transparent

Shop Seed Beads:
Shop Hemp Twine:

Cut 3 strands of twine about 12 inches lone. Tie an overhand knot 1-2 inches down for a tail.
Clip the tail to your clipboard and secure it with tape.
Braid your bracelet for about 2 inches then add seed beads as you wish.
Next, add beads to the outside strand and continue to braid.
Repeat the process to the next strand until you have a completed row. 
Continue to braid normally without adding more beads, making your bracelet a total length of 6 inches or so.
Cut your tails, making sure you have enough to tie the bracelet to your wrist.

Ta-Da! Your very own seed bead bracelet!

Simple Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets

The 3 Most Expensive Necklaces in the World

Jewelry is one accessory that a woman should have.  It adds pizzazz and oomph to a woman’s look, be it for a formal or casual occasion.  It can spell class and sophistication.  The jewelry that one wears says a lot about how a woman carries herself as well as her personality.  It also says what the woman feels that day.  This is why there are a lot of jewelry stores that abound because even though these items are expensive, women are willing to buy them.  Jewelry stores that have great necklace display cases are favorite places to visit. 

Jewelry is expensive. Although there are pieces that can be affordable, it is nice to look at jewelry pieces whose prices are stratospheric.  It does not hurt to dream once in a while.  These expensive jewelry pieces should be put in necklace display cases so that they can be seen and admired by many.  Most of the jewelry pieces that belong to the list of the most expensive ones are usually made of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stone set in precious metal.  Some of it have historical importance and are more often than not controversial!

Here are the three most expensive necklaces in the world:

  • Heart of the Kingdom Ruby 

The centerpiece of this piece is the 41 carat heart shaped Burma Ruby which is considered to be a rarity when it comes to precious stones. It is costs about $14 million as this is also surrounded by 150 diamonds.

  • Neil Lane Diamond Necklace 

This piece comes from a famous jeweler which makes it one of a kind and it costs about $4 million. This necklace is made up of 140 carats of diamonds in different shapes.  It is set in platinum on multiple strands.  Famous Hollywood movie stars have been seen wearing it.

  • De Beer’s Marie Antoinette Necklace 

This piece is valued at $3.7 million.  It has about 181 carats of diamonds with an 8 carat pear-shaped white diamond as its centerpiece.  It is also set in platinum.

Would you like to have at least one of these pieces in your necklace display? You have to shell out millions, though! 

The Best Designs for Everyday Necklaces

Necklaces are an important part of a woman’s accessory arsenal. It enhances the look and the beauty of the wearer. It can stand alone by itself wearing a single strand or be layered together with other chains to create a funky and unique look.  It can also be a part of a set of earrings, bracelet and ring.  The great thing about necklace is that it can easily catch the attention of the people because necklace display stands is easily seen and stands out in a well-coordinated outfit.

Some people prefer to put their jewelry in display cases to protect them.  Necklaces can be easily stored in a necklace display case so that you can easily choose which one would go best with your chosen outfit.   If you are one of those people who prefer to dress up every day even when just going out for coffee with friends or running for errands, then this kind of display would make choosing the perfect necklace to use an easy task.

There are many designs for necklaces available in the market today.   Of course, it is not advisable for you to wear one that is encrusted with precious stones if you are just going out to do grocery.

Simple chains 


 This is a classic design that would be great for everyday wear.  It does not attract too much attention but it does its job of accessorizing an otherwise plain-looking outfit.  You can choose from different lengths, choker to long strands.

 Matinee necklace 


This can be made of different materials like beads, pearls or precious stones or even plain metal strands or chains.  It is longer than a choker as it usually measures around 58 centimeters long and would drape from the neck down to the top of the wearer’s cleavage. The trendy statement and bib necklaces that are very popular among the young today belong to this style.



These are long strands of necklace that are made of different materials like plastic or wooden beads, crystals or precious stones.  This is usually long and perfect when wearing plain shirts to accessorize the look.

Everyday pieces should be those that are made of not so expensive materials and metals.  Fashion necklaces are recommended for everyday wear as it does not cost so much so it won’t hurt your pocket when something happens to it.

Unique Jewelry Displays

Displaying your jewelry in original ways is the new solution to jewelry storage and organization. If you haven't considered this before, take a look at some creative arrangements below for inspiration. 
Placing your jewelry on display not only reminds you of what you have but also can make a decorative statement in your home.  

Mini wooden bowls on a tray hold pretty earrings, rings, and bracelets for grab and go style.

jewelry in bowls bhg

These two ideas are definitely unique and eye-catching.  Use kitchen pulls and knob secured to a fabric covered board to suspend favorite pieces, and a shadow box on the wall displays stylish jewelry as art.  
pulls and shadow box jewelry holder
You can use your necklaces as wall decor instead of framed art by hanging your most beautiful necklaces out on hooks or nails for an electric look.  
jewelry in bathroom bhg
How do you store or display your necklace, bracelet, earrings and watches at home? Share with us via a comment below!

Fancy Jewelry Ideas for Casual Wear

There are days that we would love to dress down and not be bother by any restrictions imposed on us.  This usually happens when the weekend finally rolls in or during vacation days where we are not required to wear formal office wear.  Wearing a casual dress usually makes us feel free and carefree.  Of course, this does not mean that we should just grab a jeans and a shirt when going out because a great earring holders can change the look and feel of a rather plain looking outfit.

More often than not, we forget that even when wearing the basics like jeans and shirt, we should still look good. Making heads turn while you are walking should not be the priority though.  You can look good and feel good while being comfortable and relaxed at the same time. Jewelry plays a big role in this so better choose your earring display and other trinkets that you plan to wear as this can make or break your chosen outfit of the day.

Today, a lot of offices already allow their employees to use casual wear when reporting for work.  This is most common for offices whose staffs are considered to be the back-office where they are not expected to come face to face with important clients. However, casual outfits in the office still do not allow the common jeans, shirt, tank tops and flip-flops.  There is still some resemblance of formality here and wearing jewelry sure does a great job in helping people achieve this look.

Long strand necklaces  

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This kind of earrings is perfect for casual outfits because of the availability of various kinds of materials.  Chains, beads, ribbons can make a great statement and make your regular shirt look classy and sophisticated.

Statement necklaces

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This is the “in-thing” today.  Bib necklaces, and peter pan necklaces are the fashion rage today.  The wider the necklace, the better it is.  This is because the bigger the size or the width of the necklace is, the higher chance it has to be seen and make people take a good look at it. So, go get these "in-thing" today from your necklace display stand and let the necklace do the talking.

Chandelier earrings

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This kind of earring display can be usually seen on women who are not required to power-dress.  Pieces of this kind are great to wear on weekends and on relaxed days.  They round off any outfit beautifully especially when the material of the earring is unusual like glass beads, paper beads and wooden materials or feathers.

Simple studs

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Using this kind of style evokes class and elegance.  It may be simple but it just goes to show how a few simple things can help you go the great lengths with your looks.  This makes true the saying that “less is more.”  Diamond stud earrings or a pair of simple single pearl earrings will definitely upgrade any outfit that you decide to wear. 
No matter what kind of jewelry you wear, as long as they are coordinated with the outfit that you have, then don’t mind what other people say. Being comfortable with the way you look will definitely make people say that you truly are an embodiment of what you feel.