Does Your Gemstone Reflect the Real You?

Stones have been considered to be the “Bones of Mother Earth.”  This is a common item that can be found anywhere and everywhere.  It has played an important part in the history of the humankind. Hunters and shamans have used them as talismans and amulets.  Women of the early ages have used it to decorate their clothes and body almost the same as the way we use it today with colorful stones found by the men.  Because of this, the early people has learned to appreciate the beauty of it, most especially that of those gemstones that are proven to be precious and rare.

It has been said that because of the way these gemstones were treated with reverence and importance that people have associated it with personalities of people.  Most of the gemstones that are used have meanings.  It has also been used for healing with the belief that if you have it with you all the time, you will be emulating what it means.  The evolution of man and the cultural advances that have given birth to legends and lore surrounding these precious pretty stones.

One of the more common charts used for matching gemstones and personalities are with birthstones.  Specific gems are said to be the birthstones of people born on a particular month.  Each month has a birthstone assigned to it.  These gemstones are given meanings with no clear basis at all, which is why the argument of having the same personality as that of your gemstone can be raised.  Although there are instances that the meanings of each gemstone do in fact match the personality of the wearer.

If you have no idea on what your gemstone is, you can most probably ask the shopkeeper in your favorite jewelry store.  For sure, these people know the gemstones of each month of the year.  They would even immediately show you some sample jewelry display of your birthstone. Here are some gemstones and their meanings.  You can decide if these gemstones truly match your personality and reflect the real you.

  • Garnet is the birthstone of those born in the month of January.  It is said that those born under this month are stubborn, ambitious, likes to criticize, hardworking and productive, rather reserved and highly attentive.

  • Aquamarine is for those born in March.  They have an attractive personality, affectionate but can be shy at times, love peace and are sensitive to the needs of others.  However, they can also be easily angered and be revengeful.

  • The month of May consider emeralds as their gemstone. These people are strong-willed and highly motivated, firm in making decisions because of their being systematic. However they do enjoy traveling, literature and the arts.

The next time you check on the necklace display stands, earring holders and ring display of your favorite jewelry store, it is best to read up on the meanings of the stones that you are planning to buy.  Wearing those that reflect the real you would be beneficial because it affirms what you are and what you believe in. 

Mixing and Matching Gemstones

Jewelry is one of the most fascinating things that a woman can have. It can make or break the outfit when used as an accessory.  It can complete the ensemble that a girl wants to show off, with the sparkling pieces dangling on her ears and bejeweled pieces wrapped around the neck, wrist and fingers.  This is why women put a lot of effort in purchasing these trinkets, as they know the effects that it has on them.

Different Gemstones (Photo Credit:

When purchasing jewelry, the best way to check if a piece is right for you is to try it on.  Sure, those pieces placed on jewelry display stands and cases sure do look attractive by itself but the effect on you would be highlighted if you try on the pieces.  By doing this, you would be able to see the net effect it has on your looks.  For sure the people in the store would not mind letting you try on those pieces especially when they see how keen you are in making a purchase.  You can also ask them for an opinion if the pieces do look good on you but don’t fall easily on their words of praises they would say anything to convince you to purchase these items. It is best to go with your instinct if the pieces do look good on you and are worthy of you money or not.

 For those who love colors and want to do away with the traditional gold, silver or platinum jewelry, gemstones are the best thing to invest on.  Of course, the most popular among the gemstones are diamonds.  We all know that they are considered to be a woman’s best friend as it can make any outfit look even better. It can add the sparkle needed for a plain looking outfit to shine.  As much as diamonds look good on their own, it can still look even better when you match it with other gemstones.

Most store displays take a play on this mixing of gemstones.  Checking out the jewelry display of the store will give you an idea on how to go about this. It does not have to be that you would use jewelry of the same kind like diamonds, or emeralds or sapphires with all the pieces.  You can always get creative with the pieces including the colors. 

You can deal with mixing gemstones in two way:

1. One is to go with those that are coordinating colors like red and yellow or orange and red or blue and violet.  This way, you can wear your opal earrings with a yellow topaz necklace or a ruby bracelet and citrine ring.  
2. The second way is to go with opposing colors.  This way, the colors would stand out especially when your outfit is monochrome.  Orange coral neck pieces placed in necklace display busts in you favorite store can go with blue sapphire earrings.  If you decide to go this path, you know that there are no right or wrong combinations.  It is how you carry yourself that will show people how confident you are no matter what the color of the accessories that you are wearing. 

Practical Cleaning Solutions for Jewelry Displays

No matter how hard we try to make jewelry and their corresponding displays presentable, they are still subject to wear and tear, not to mention dirt. The thing is, a majority, if not all jewelry sellers make it a point to never forget about the cleanliness of their merchandise and their beautiful necklace display cases, earring holders and jewelry display sets. Thus, clients are always regaled by the sparkle and shine of the jewelry being displayed in stores, booths, and fairs. However, the equipment that holds and presents these pieces can sometimes be ignored, often to regrettable consequences.


After all, who would like to buy jewelry from a company that has dirty displays? The mood of any customer can definitely be affected by how presentable a display is. No matter how pretty a piece of jewelry is, if it is displayed in tacky or worse, unkempt shelves, can turn off any willing customer.  

For jewelry stores with huge budgets, cleaning can easily be done by professionals who have the advanced knowledge and equipment to keep jewelry displays sets spic and span. Obviously, not all businesses have the luxury of hiring expert cleaners, especially if these procedures can be done more economically and without the need to hire third party cleaners.

For practical jewelry collectors and jewelry business owners, here are some tips on how to make these displays looking clean and as good as new:

  • For flat trays and pendant board, use a pet roller.
Pet rollers are a popular piece of equipment among pet owners wanting to avoid the abundance of hairy problems such as fur balls and hairs shed everywhere. For jewelry business owners, pet rollers function like smaller vaccum cleaners, for the purpose of taking out stray hairs, lint, and dirt from flat displays. This piece of equipment does not actually work on displays with a lot of ridges, like trays with compartments. However, for trays that have flat surfaces and contain very few crevices and corners like flat trays and boards for pendants, using a pet roller is recommended.

  •  Finish cleaning the display with a soft damp cloth.

After using a pet roller for displays with few crevices, the process of cleaning off jewelry displays can be done by wiping them using a damp cloth. Take note that scotch tape and mini HVACs can be used for displays with many nooks and crannies. However, please take note that the method of damp cloth cleaning should not be applied to displays with carpet. Doing so will only damage the carpet surface and in some cases, the surface emits a rather nasty odor.

Cleaning one’s own jewelry display can save people a lot of money, not to mention there is no need to deal with other people in the process. At least, when something bad happens to a particular display, the owner can only blame herself instead of other people.

Tips for Jewelry Display Maintenance

Jewelry needs to be cleaned in a regular schedule for them to retain their beauty and shine. You definitely would not want your necklace display stand, finger shape display or earring holders without luster. The will not reflect well in terms of how others who will see your jewelry collection will think of you. Maybe you will be seen as someone who doesn’t know how to take care of her things. Maybe you’ll be perceived as someone sloppy or doesn’t give importance to cleanliness. Thus, it is highly important to know how to take care of your jewelry to make them look shiny and new as always.
But wait! It’s not only jewelry that needs to be cleaned. Of course, the implements that you use to hold and store them need some maintenance, too. They cannot possibly stay clean and last for years without proper maintenance. They may still be usable, but without proper cleaning, jewelry storage display will not look that attractive anymore. It would be unfortunate to have beautiful jewelry to be stored in cases that look unkempt, or worse, already have detached parts. Time should be set aside for taking out all trinkets to the side so that all the displays would be emptied and cleaned.

 Of course, they can be cleaned by hired professionals, but that would only be an added expense. Besides, cleaning jewelry displays is not such a difficult thing to do. Anyone with the right tools and some know-how can achieve spotless displays that will further enhance the beauty of their jewelry.

One of the more popular ways of cleaning displays for jewelry is by using a vacuum cleaner. This should be very effecting for taking out large dirt and visible dust. When using this piece of equipment look for one that has nozzles that can be attached to the hose so that nooks and crannies of trays can be cleaned as well. Obviously, an industrial strength vacuum cleaner must not be used, or else, the whole display might get ruined!

A number of jewelry displays have surfaces that capture lint and attract tiny dust balls. An effective way to get rid of this problem is by using scotch tape. Of course, this method may take longer and will require a bit more effort, but fingerprints and lint will surely stick to the sticky side of the scotch tape. You just have to wrap around wide scotch tape on your four fingers, making sure the adhesive side is facing outward. The, slide your fingers on the surface of the displays and marvel as the dirt sticks to the tape. This will prove to be a challenge if the surface of the display is uneven, which would make a roll of tape on a single finger more ideal, so that you can get into the smaller corners a thick roll of tape may have difficulty getting into.

See? Jewelry displays are not that difficult to clean, as long as some patience and ingenuity is exercised.