What You Need for Your Jewelry Display

If you are a jewelry store owner you know how important it is to properly display your jewelry as to attract customers passing by.  There is not a lot of foot traffic that comes to jewelry stores, so making sure that all pieces are in place and properly displayed would assure that your products are getting the exposure they need to have in order to attract the interest of potential customers. It is not enough that you place everything you have in a display case or lining up all the items depending on its classification in the cases. Of course, you have to make the beauty of these stunning pieces of gold, silver, and gem stones stand out.  Getting people to notice your merchandise is top priority if you want your sales to shoot up.

Gone are the days when jewelry display involves only glass cases, fluorescent lights and laying all the items for the people to scrutinize. Now, your whole store should have a concept so that the jewelry you are selling will be properly highlighted. For those attending jewelry shows and exhibits, the owner must think more about how to display the jewelry properly. After all, the degree of competition in these events can be pretty tough.

Of course, there are various display cases for different kinds of jewelry.  In order to display jewelry properly, one must have the right display case for each kind of piece.  It is best to separate the pieces so that the customer would be able to compare easily among the available designs and styles. But despite the different kinds of jewelry that are being put on display, there must be a unified look or theme that will unite the whole setup.

As said, one must invest in good quality jewelry display cases.  It might be more expensive but these things will last a long time as long as you take good care of them. Theses are the display cases that one must have in the store.  These are the very basic ones that will add a little extra show to your display:
  • Necklace Display - It can be as simple as a box where the chains are laid down or a neck bust where you can hang a several necklaces of different lengths. 

  • Earring Display – You can opt for a lazy Susan display that revolves for easy inspection of the items.

  • Ring Display – Can be placed in individual boxes or one box with several rows where the rings can be inserted.

  • Bracelet Display – The most common way to display bracelets is to place several pieces in a T-bar display.

 Nile Corporation can supply you with all these display cases and more including jewelry tools. They have a website where you can place your orders and have them shipped to where you are located.  They have different cases made of different kinds of materials, which include felt, acrylic, wood and many more. Do check them out if you are in need to make over your display area.  This may be the one thing that you need to do to attract more customers and increase sales. 

Success in Business With the Right Jewelry Display

How you display jewelry in your store is important, as it can make or break you business.  Getting the goods the best good exposure is important, and it can only be done with the help of strong display implements.  If this is your first time to sell jewelry, it would be best to first go around and see the different displays like other stores have.  This will give you an idea on how to go about with your own display for your necklace, earrings, watches and other jewelry.

Jewelry Store (Photo Credit: vcstar.com)