4 Things to Avoid in a Jewelry Display

Every time a seller showcases their jewelry, they have to think of innovative ways to get people to notice their pieces. If they had beautiful jewelry and they were the only sellers in the world, it would’ve been easy to catch the attention of their customers. Unfortunately, you’re not the only jewelry seller in the world. And unless you make your own jewelry, it’s important to have a completely unique jewelry display to distinguish yourself from the other sellers. While you can’t always have the perfect display, you can find ways to avoid giving your brand and jewelry a bad name.

Here are a few things you’ll need to avoid in showcasing your jewelry.

1. Lack of light

Light is very important in displaying beautiful things. How are people supposed to see what your jewelry looks like if they don’t have sufficient light? Customers have to see what your jewelry offers. The only way that you can give them something to look at is if they can see the jewelry at its best. You may have to play around with different colors and specifications of light and it may take time to discover what kind of light will work best for your jewelry, but once you’ve figured out the specific shade to bring your jewelry the personality it needs, then you’re good to go.

2. Too much light

If not having enough light will ruin your necklace display stand and other jewelry displays, so will having too much light. You don’t want to drive away your customers. You need to impress them, not give them a headache. If you have too much light around your jewelry, you’ll end up turning away several of your customers who just cannot stand the brightness of your shop. Never have too much light inside the shop. At the same time, never have too much light inside the display glass as well. Light reflects inside and it’ll only make your jewelry bland and boring.

3. Lack of space

Space is an important factor to making a piece of jewelry seem unique. If jewelry is spread out evenly, people will likely notice every one of your pieces. They won’t have a hard time choosing between jewelry because they can see each one without so much as a disturbance. If you cannot help having a crowded jewelry display, you might have to use specific display equipment to save space efficiently.

4. Lack of color

People love rainbows because they are easily attracted to the colors. If you don’t have sufficient color in your display, then all you have is a dull showcase of your items with no personality. Keep people interested by giving them something to look at. Colors attract people. Display jewelry with bold colors. And to make your shop look better, also consider using display items and backdrops that will capture the attention of your customers.

What Does a Start Up Jewelry Business Need?

Before any business can officially start selling, they have to make sure that they have the right ingredients to keep the business going. If you start the business without knowing what it needs, there might be a chance that you’ll end up closing the business due to the unpreparedness on your part. Instead of diving into business, do learn about what you need first in order to prepare for what the business may bring. This way, you don’t have to worry about the jewelry display or your funds to make the business a success.

If you have plans to start a jewelry business, here are a few things you’ll need to begin.

A Jewelry Maker

Starting a jewelry business isn’t easy. You need to know where to get your items. Will you be making them on your own? If you will be making the items on your own do you have enough items to sell? Without an actual jewelry maker in the books, then you really have nothing to start your business with. If you’re a jewelry maker, you need the inspiration to continue making jewelry. Otherwise, if you end up losing inspiration for your jewelry, you’ll end up without stocks.

Jewelry Supplier

Every jewelry seller has to have a supplier for anything they need. You’ll need beads, tools for making jewelry, jewelry display equipment and more. Without a reputable jewelry supplier, you could end up with an empty shop. Having a good supplier of rotating earring display, necklace stands and ring display will also allow you to save money on the expenses that you need to set up the shop.

Concept and Theme

All artistic businesses have to start with a concept or theme. What is your business all about? Do you have a concept for your jewelry? Are you aiming to sell formal or elegant jewelry? Or are you after a boho – beach theme? Having a concept or theme is essential to building the actual jewelry shop. Without one, you don’t really know your target market.

Business Permits

No business can last for long without the right business permits. Always make sure to secure the right business permits so you can continue doing business legally. If ever your business actually makes the second step, you won’t have to worry about doing all the legal stuff again. Besides, having a business permit will allow you to operate in a real location. It will also give you the chance to target a bigger market.

Selling Opportunities

There are many selling opportunities for sellers. However, only those who are resourceful will find ways to make their selling opportunities infinite and beneficial. Besides building necklace display stands on a physical store, you can also set up an online shop or look for trade shows and expos to further your profitable rates.

Special Nilecorp Sale Items

December is the time of the year where spending is absolutely necessary. Do you know of anyone who doesn’t spend on Christmas? Probably not. Everyone ends up spending on Christmas. The more family and friends you have, the more money you have to spend just to buy them gifts. Unfortunately, if you don’t have that much money, spending so much just for the holiday may not be an attractive idea. And if you really don’t have enough money, it may not be a feasible idea either.

However, as a jewelry seller, you don’t have to spend so much all the time just to create an effective jewelry display and provide equipment or special items that may catch the attention of jewelry makers. In fact, when it comes to Christmas and providing the best for your customers, all you really have to do is wait for good sales from trustworthy jewelry equipment shops to make your plans work. And that’s why you have Nilecorp to lean on at moments like these.

When everyone thinks spending is necessary on Christmas, a jewelry store should always have the option to save. Nilecorp offers you a few sale items that may be of interest to your jewelry interests.

1. Lampwork Pendant

Lampwork Pendant

Do you make your own jewelry? Because if you do make your own jewelry, then this pendant may just become one of your biggest moneymakers for this Christmas season. This beautiful glass disk pendant was handmade so you can expect a little difference in color and design by pendant. But with its intricate details and gorgeous traditional design, you might find this pendant a good addition to your jewelry collection. Now all you have to do is find a good chain to make the pendant into a necklace. At $0.74 per piece when you buy 12 pendants, it does seem like a pretty good investment. Besides, the beautiful design is enough to market it for a nice Christmas present to someone’s sister or aunt.

2. Acrylic Bead Display

This equipment will definitely serve the jewelry sellers / makers of their own jewelry. Because you cannot handle all the beads all the time while you make the jewelry, you’ll need something to dispense the beads at the right time. This rotating acrylic bead display has 12 bars which can hold as much as 288 beads. With this bead display, you won’t have to stack your beads randomly around the shop. When you’re not in the mood to make jewelry, you can also use this bead display to showcase different beads to other aspiring jewelry makers.

3. Velvet Pendant Box

Velvet Pendant Box

Because it is Christmas, you really need special boxes to put earrings or pendants in. Random boxes aren’t enough at times like this. This velvet pendant box will be easier to wrap. Customers will also appreciate the extra step to helping them take care of their jewelry. Since the box is made of velvet material, it will be better for the jewelry as well.

Jewelry Gift Packing Ideas for Christmas

It’s Christmas season! And this means every jewelry store has to come up with their own creative ways to impress their customers with good wrapping skills. Despite the fact that most jewelry stores focus on providing good jewelry display and beautiful jewelry collections, sellers also have to ensure that they are prepared for certain occasions such as Christmas – when their creative and wrapping skills are needed for on the spot situations.

Because Christmas is a time for giving, you need to expect a lot of customers who will come in, buy their jewelry and ask for their gifts to be wrapped. When that happens, turning away your customer is bad business. Either you have an easy way out of wrapping their jewelry or you know how to wrap a nice box within a few minutes. To help you prepare for the upcoming rush of Christmas gifts, here are a few gift packing ideas that you might be able to use for this occasion.

1. Buy paper bags

Are you lazy? Too tired to learn how to wrap? Well then, there’s no better way to take the easy way out than by buying paper bags. Paper bags are the easiest ways to wrap a piece of jewelry. All you have to do is buy a good selection of Christmas paper bags in different sizes. When a customer asks you to wrap their jewelry, take the jewelry, place it inside the paper bag and staple it closed. You can also add ribbons or stash decorative paper strips into the paper bag to make it seem more festive. Sure, it’s not as creative as real wrapping, but it’ll be a good alternative for those who are currently in a rush to get out.

2. Use boxes

On the other hand, if you do know how to wrap, even just a little, you might want to put all of the jewelry you sell into a box. Boxes are easier to wrap, you won’t even have to consider its shape. If you can put all of the jewelry in a box, you won’t have to think of neat ways to successfully wrap the jewelry. Wrap the necklace display box in a nice wrapping paper. Use clear scotch tape to tape up the sides and close off the wrapping. Once you've finished, you can place a small ribbon at the clear front of the wrapped box for additional embellishments. There are also some ready-wrapped Christmas boxes that you can buy in other jewelry supply stores.

3. Create ready-made, personalized gift wrapped bags

If you want a little personality to your jewelry shop, buy a roll of pretty wrapping paper. Then, create gift wrap bags in different sizes. Of course, you should have extensive wrapping experience to do this. But if you need help, YouTube and other websites are a great source of ideas. Before you open up every day, make sure you have a good count of ready-made bags to store jewelry that have been bought at your shop. At the same time, you can also personalize the wrapping by adding special embellishments like quotes, ribbons or special decorative stickers.