Creative Ways to Display Your Jewelry

Looking for unconventional ways to display your jewelry and attract more customers? Then you need to up your creativity when it comes to thinking of effective jewelry displays. Traditional display stands are great. They make a seller’s life easier and you can simply rearrange, change colors and update your backdrop to get a finished, possibly effective decoration for your jewelry booth. But if you really want to attract customers, you need to get your thinking cap on.

jewelry display

Here are a few creative ways to display your jewelry.

Use a rack

Racks are tools used to organize stuff at home. If you have an old rack that you don’t use anymore, you can turn this into a ring riser to include in your display. All you have to do is make the rack look a little more presentable. Paint it, change the color or decorate it with hand prints and creative drawings. Racks can be used to display rings or even necklaces if you hang them at a top shelf.

Bulletin Boards or Photo Frames

Best way to display earrings in an unconventional way? Use bulletin boards or photo frames. The back of a photo frame is empty so you’ll have to nail window screen mesh to its back tightly to make it work. In a bulletin board, all you have to do is glue the window screen mesh and start hanging the earrings. Decorate the back of your bulletin board so you have a creative earring display.

Dress Forms

Because not everyone can afford the acrylic body formed display stands that were made specifically to showcase jewelry, you’ll need a similar stand – dress forms are cheap and they can be bought at garage sales or from tailors. Even if the dress forms have been used before, all you need to do is clean it up a bit to make it look presentable. Necklace dress forms display are a great way to display necklaces and pin brooches to it.


Just like bulletin boards and photo frames, you can use old shutters to display earrings as well. Since most shutters are made in plain colors, they make a nice backdrop for a jewelry booth. All you have to do is cut out a small portion of your shutters, glue it to a decorated cardboard or wallpaper and start hanging your earrings. Don’t hang all of your earrings in one row. If you hang too many earrings in one shutter cut-out, you could end up ruining your home-made jewelry display.

3 Alternatives to Buying Jewelry Display

Having to impress your customers with an effective jewelry display is an important stage in selling jewelry. While the main idea is to sell jewelry, the first thing you need to do is to sell your booth to other people. If you’re among many other jewelry sellers, why would the customers choose to buy from you? In order to attract their attention, it will be helpful if you add a little creativity to your booth. Selling good jewelry on a dull display can be hard because you won’t even get the people’s attention. But if you have an interesting cover for your booth or shop, you can get people to take a look at the items you sell.


Unfortunately, buying and creating an effective display isn't an easy job. You have to make your jewelry look presentable and creative. But if you don’t have the means to get the display stands, acrylic figures and platforms for your booth, it doesn't mean all is lost. In fact, there are many ways to displaying jewelry. All you really need is a little bit of creativity and some options.

Create your own jewelry display

Too creative? Don’t let your talent be used only for making jewelry. Try your luck at creating your own display. By using various alternative materials, you can make your own ring risers, necklace display hangers and bracelet bars. You might need a few skills in carpentry, but if you can pull it off with a little bit of glue and wire, you’re all set to making the things you need for your booth.

Buy secondhand displays

Other displays, however, can be bought from garage sales, secondhand deals and even old jewelry shops. It won’t hurt to buy secondhand stuff, especially if you’re only starting a jewelry business. Once your sales start to hit off, you can start buying brand new jewelry displays for your shop.

Use materials at home

If you’ll only be displaying on a booth at an expo, you can also simply use materials at home. Huge mugs can be used to hang dangling earrings. Books and small boxes can be used as risers underneath the cloth cover. Adhesive hangers can be used to hang necklaces. You can even use special plates to display statement rings.

Starting a jewelry business can be really hard. If you don’t have the money to start a big-time business, you can start slow and small. Eventually, you’ll develop your business and grow. Someday, jewelry displays will be the last of your problems. Soon, you'll be able to buy the best jewelry displays you can find for your jewelry shop.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Metal Frame Jewelry Stand

There are many kinds of jewelry display stands that you can use to showcase your jewelry. Popular display stands are made out of plastic and acrylic. These are common because they are light and sellers can bend them whenever they need. Others are made out of wood that provide sellers with a chance to make their display look classy and upscale. However, some of these kinds of display stands are made out of a metal frame that may or may not be beneficial for your display.

If you’ve ever thought of using metal frame jewelry stands, here are some reasons why you may want to think again:

- Metal frames make a display stand heavy. If you don’t want to lug around a heavy display stand, this wouldn’t be a good choice.

- Sometimes, if you neglect to use a metal framed stand too often, it’ll end up rusty. By then, it wouldn’t be advisable to use it for your jewelry display because it’ll ruin your design and it could be potentially dangerous to you and your customers too.

- It wouldn’t be a good idea to get the stand wet either.

However, despite its many disadvantages, there are also several benefits that a metal framed stand can provide to a seller – some of which will definitely be useful for their display.

- A metal framed stand will look great with jewelry. Metal frames make a jewelry display look antique and classic, giving it a very authentic look.

- This kind of stand won’t break easily either. No more having to change display stands too much in a month. Metal frames make it sturdy and strong, with the capability to last long.

- Metal frame necklace display stands have a variety of designs that can really benefit your display. Some designs can be used no matter the season or type of display you plan to use. Metal frame stands like the one Nilecorp sells makes a great accessory for booths and shops. You can easily hang earrings, rings or even bracelets on them.

- Metal frames aren’t always used by most sellers. Giving customers a different look can help your jewelry to stand out more.

5 Things You Need to Wrap Your Jewelry

When you own a jewelry store, one of the major things that you have to consider is its packaging. You cannot simply take a piece of jewelry and hand it to the customer, you have to find a way to present it to them so they can carry it safely home. If your jewelry display will help to attract customers, packaging provides them a way to remember where they got the jewelry from. Besides, having a great system for packing jewelry is a good way to brand your store.

Before getting into anything fancy, it’s important to start with the basics. Here are some of the things you’ll need to wrap your jewelry for your customers.


Special paper bags 

You should never run out of these. While you can always get simple, brown paper bags, there are also those paper bags with special designs that you can use for different seasons. For example, since it’s now Autumn, you can pack your jewelry in an Autumn-inspired paper bag. But if you prefer uniformity in your products and you want to brand your shop, you can always have a custom-made paper bag just for your store. However, designed paper bags are also good for special seasons like Christmas or Valentines Day.


Something to spice up your packaging. If the customer asks you to wrap up a piece of jewelry, sometimes they don’t just mean wrap it up in an ordinary paper bag. Other times, they mean to wrap it up nice for the person whom they’ll be giving the jewelry to. And if you really want to impress them with your wrapping skills, you might want to keep a roll of pretty ribbons to complete your package.

Cutting supplies 

Of course you have a pair of scissors in your store. However, there are also other cases where you might want to cut embellishments in a special way. There are several types of scissors, paper cutters and more to add to your supplies.


For more delicate jewelry, boxes are definitely necessary. It is important to keep a good set of boxes in a variety of sizes just in case your customer wants to wrap their jewelry in a fancy way. If they plan on giving the jewelry as a gift, necklace display boxes, ring boxes and wooden earring boxes make it easier to wrap up and put in a paper bag. Make sure that you don’t get ordinary boxes either, each box should be significant and pretty, representing the jewelry that you sell.


These are best used for small pieces of jewelry like earrings and rings. Pouches are used mostly because they are cheap and you can easily fit anything into a small pouch.

Before you open up shop, make sure you have the complete set of jewelry packaging supplies.

The Most Important Types of Jewelry Display

When it comes to displaying jewelry, there are definitely several ways to effectively attract your customers. However, when you’re trying to create a simple jewelry display for a local trading show booth, you cannot go unprepared. By unprepared, this means that you will need at least one or more of these display stands:

Earring trays

Jewelry shops usually have a lot of earrings to display. If you don’t have a tray to display all of it, what’s the point of even trying to display it? Laying them all out without a tray will be messy and unorganized for both you and the customer. But if you have an earring display tray, you can use this to display your many pairs of earrings without worrying about losing a pair somewhere. Your customers will also know where to look when they decide to check out your earring collection. Unlike earring stands that take up a lot of space, trays will help you showcase many pairs of earrings using a single equipment.

An acrylic necklace stand

Necklaces can be hard to display without a necklace or pendant stand. Despite the expensive price of an actual necklace stand, it’ll be worth it, because you can feature a necklace every day. Without a necklace stand, it may be hard to get people to look at your collection of necklaces. At least a necklace stand will give people an idea of what your shop offers even from afar. If they like what’s on display, they’ll end up looking for the rest of your collection.

Earring rack

rotating earring tower

If an earring tray is for displaying studs and barrels, an earring rack will help you to display dangling pairs. Because you probably have twice the amount of earrings compared to the bracelets you’re selling, an earring rack is necessary to showcase those pretty dangling jewels. Get a rotating tower if you must. This way, you can save space and at the same time, showcase as many pairs of earrings as you can. Without a rack, your dangling earrings will not look good on a tray nor will it look neat and organized lying all over your display.

Really, you can use several types of displays for your jewelry. But if you don’t arrange it to look especially inviting for your customers, it may not matter as much. These three important display stands can help you create an effective jewelry display.

Creative Jewelry Display Themes for Autumn

Just like any other fashion store, your jewelry display should also change as soon as the seasons do. It may not be necessary, but you can’t deny that being in tune with the latest happenings around the world will add to the creativity of your shop. Just like the days when you created a display inspired by the Olympics, this time, you need to redecorate your display to something more fitting for the season.

Autumn is a great season to make sales. Perfect for semi-annual sales which usually take place in September, redecorating your display will definitely get you a lot of attention.

To give your shop a boost for this season, here are some ideas for a perfect autumn jewelry display.

Trees and leaves
jewelry display
tree stand for earrings and necklaces

Undoubtedly, this is one of the easiest displays you can ever make. Because earring stands designed to look like trees are already available on sale, you can easily buy these to make your display look believable. If you cannot afford those types of earring displays, you can always redesign your old stands. Paint the old crystal stands with varnish or brown paint. Wrap them with a special type of brown paper to build your own display stands that look like trees. Stack books around the stands for a variety of height and cover it with brown cloth. Once you’ve made its backdrop, use tiny paper cuts or fossilized leaves to spread all over your display.

Earth display

If you don’t like a dark colored backdrop for your jewelry, take the earth as an inspiration. Use green and blue as backdrop for your display. Build green trees for your jewelry stands. Also create one or two tree stands with empty branches. Paint in black, without any leaves. These trees will signify the start of autumn in your jewelry display. If you don’t want to paint your display stands, use your earrings. Sell earrings in the shape of leaves. Not only are they season-appropriate but they will look perfect with your display. Then drop a few paper leaves all over your display, just to give extra color and spice. You have your own tiny earth in the palm of your hands.
jewelry display
wooden jewelry display

Colors of the Earth

Now if you don’t want to use trees for your display, you can always just use the colors of the earth as your inspiration. Colors such as brown, blue and green are very attractive for customers and if you arrange your display to focus on these colors, you’ll enjoy the benefit of an effective display. Use brown cloth as your background and wooden displays for your jewelry. Then arrange your jewelry by color, but make sure that white, yellow, blue and green all stand out the most. Simple, but definitely an organized display for your jewelry.

Best Types of Display for Jewelry Sets

When you’re displaying a whole set of jewelry, it’s important to keep the set together in order to sell it. Displaying one piece apart from another will result in the possibility of selling only one part of the set. Why sell only one part of the set when you can sell the whole set, right? The only way to do that is to make your jewelry display for sets attractive and engaging for customers.

jewelry display
display stand for sets

For special sets of jewelry, you can choose from the different types of display stands.

Platform style stand

Similar to a riser, the platform style is composed of various stands, shown at different levels. Height is important to give way to exposure and emphasis on your jewelry. If you want to showcase a set of jewelry well, you need to display it based on the piece that you want to emphasize. For example, you can put the necklace on the highest platform, or the one with the biggest space. Once the customer sees it and likes it, they’ll immediately see the next piece of jewelry just below it. When they realize it’s a set, that’s the time they’ll start imagining themselves wearing the whole jewelry set. If they like what they see, that’s the time they complete their buying decision.

Set Collection

This type of display is a collection of different stands for each type of jewelry. Usually, a set collection will contain necklace display pad, ring stands, bracelet bars and even an earring puff. Bigger collections will have two or three of each. The good thing about a set collection is that it’ll allow you to display special collections in one designated jewelry display. Uniformity can make a display look very elegant. Match that with an elegant collection and you have a successful display for your jewelry shop.

jewelry display
jewelry display sets

Collection Pads

Pads, on the other hand, are a simpler and more basic way to display your jewelry. Pads are simply soft, comfy pads where you can lay your jewelry. Best used for booths, collection pads will test your creativity in arranging the sets. When you arrange your jewelry, just make sure that you don’t clutter all of your pieces in one place. Remember, a cluttered display will only make your booth look crowded.

Jewelry Risers

This type of display is very helpful in adding height to your jewelry. Whether or not you may be selling a jewelry set composed of a necklace, bracelet and ring, or a collection of rings with a similar concept, you can use these jewelry risers to instill interest and add variety to your display.

Women are very particular about the type of jewelry they wear. As much as possible, they’ll want matching jewelries to avoid the hassle of looking for another piece that will look great on their outfit. If you can give customers the set of jewelry they want, you can guarantee more sales for your shop.

Different Types of Display for Rings

Out of all the jewelry you can sell, rings are usually the hardest because it can be a challenge to find a way to make one ring stand out among the rest. In order to find which ring stand will be perfect for your display, here are the different kinds of stands you can use in your shop.

display stands for rings
display stands for rings

Ring riser

A ring riser is a set of jewelry display stands with a varied height to give each ring their own platform. This way, if you have a collection of rings (same concept, different designs), you can use a ring riser to showcase each ring, with emphasis on its differences. The good thing about this type of stand is that it only showcases one ring, allowing a customer to focus their attention on each ring. It also gives them the chance to see other rings in a single collection. When it comes to creating an effective display for your jewelry, height can definitely make a difference.

jewelry display
ring risers

Showcase ring tray

If you have a lot of rings to display, on the other hand, a ring tray will be most appropriate for your shop. A tray will allow you to showcase many rings at one time. You’ll also have an easier time setting up shop and packing afterwards if you have a ring tray.

Ring Stand

These types of displays can only showcase one ring – usually a big one too. Made into the shape of a ring, usually the forefinger, having a single ring display will allow customers to see the ring in full view, without distractions of other rings in display. If you’re picky about the type of ring stand you want, you can get choose one made out of crystal, wooden or even plastic, depending on your budget and how you want your display to look. Crystal ring stands are also popular due to its elegant look.

Finger shape display

Best used to showcase several rings in one tray, this finger shape display is composed of a single tray with one or more ring stands on it. The good thing about this type of tray is that it’ll allow you to showcase couple rings. On the other hand, showcasing two rings in a tray will result in each ring competing for attention. However, don’t assume that competition will be bad for business. In most cases, giving your customers variety and choices results in more sales.

Toe Ring Display
jewelry display
display stand for toe ring and anklet

Didn’t think there was a display stand for toes, did you? Well, in fact, there is, because toe rings are actually quite famous for some jewelry lovers too. Made into the shape of a foot, these foot stands are usually available in different colors, allowing the customer to appreciate the ring, without feeling awkward at looking at a foot.