4 Things to Avoid in a Jewelry Display

Every time a seller showcases their jewelry, they have to think of innovative ways to get people to notice their pieces. If they had beautiful jewelry and they were the only sellers in the world, it would’ve been easy to catch the attention of their customers. Unfortunately, you’re not the only jewelry seller in the world. And unless you make your own jewelry, it’s important to have a completely unique jewelry display to distinguish yourself from the other sellers. While you can’t always have the perfect display, you can find ways to avoid giving your brand and jewelry a bad name.

Here are a few things you’ll need to avoid in showcasing your jewelry.

1. Lack of light

Light is very important in displaying beautiful things. How are people supposed to see what your jewelry looks like if they don’t have sufficient light? Customers have to see what your jewelry offers. The only way that you can give them something to look at is if they can see the jewelry at its best. You may have to play around with different colors and specifications of light and it may take time to discover what kind of light will work best for your jewelry, but once you’ve figured out the specific shade to bring your jewelry the personality it needs, then you’re good to go.

2. Too much light

If not having enough light will ruin your necklace display stand and other jewelry displays, so will having too much light. You don’t want to drive away your customers. You need to impress them, not give them a headache. If you have too much light around your jewelry, you’ll end up turning away several of your customers who just cannot stand the brightness of your shop. Never have too much light inside the shop. At the same time, never have too much light inside the display glass as well. Light reflects inside and it’ll only make your jewelry bland and boring.

3. Lack of space

Space is an important factor to making a piece of jewelry seem unique. If jewelry is spread out evenly, people will likely notice every one of your pieces. They won’t have a hard time choosing between jewelry because they can see each one without so much as a disturbance. If you cannot help having a crowded jewelry display, you might have to use specific display equipment to save space efficiently.

4. Lack of color

People love rainbows because they are easily attracted to the colors. If you don’t have sufficient color in your display, then all you have is a dull showcase of your items with no personality. Keep people interested by giving them something to look at. Colors attract people. Display jewelry with bold colors. And to make your shop look better, also consider using display items and backdrops that will capture the attention of your customers.

What Does a Start Up Jewelry Business Need?

Before any business can officially start selling, they have to make sure that they have the right ingredients to keep the business going. If you start the business without knowing what it needs, there might be a chance that you’ll end up closing the business due to the unpreparedness on your part. Instead of diving into business, do learn about what you need first in order to prepare for what the business may bring. This way, you don’t have to worry about the jewelry display or your funds to make the business a success.

If you have plans to start a jewelry business, here are a few things you’ll need to begin.

A Jewelry Maker

Starting a jewelry business isn’t easy. You need to know where to get your items. Will you be making them on your own? If you will be making the items on your own do you have enough items to sell? Without an actual jewelry maker in the books, then you really have nothing to start your business with. If you’re a jewelry maker, you need the inspiration to continue making jewelry. Otherwise, if you end up losing inspiration for your jewelry, you’ll end up without stocks.

Jewelry Supplier

Every jewelry seller has to have a supplier for anything they need. You’ll need beads, tools for making jewelry, jewelry display equipment and more. Without a reputable jewelry supplier, you could end up with an empty shop. Having a good supplier of rotating earring display, necklace stands and ring display will also allow you to save money on the expenses that you need to set up the shop.

Concept and Theme

All artistic businesses have to start with a concept or theme. What is your business all about? Do you have a concept for your jewelry? Are you aiming to sell formal or elegant jewelry? Or are you after a boho – beach theme? Having a concept or theme is essential to building the actual jewelry shop. Without one, you don’t really know your target market.

Business Permits

No business can last for long without the right business permits. Always make sure to secure the right business permits so you can continue doing business legally. If ever your business actually makes the second step, you won’t have to worry about doing all the legal stuff again. Besides, having a business permit will allow you to operate in a real location. It will also give you the chance to target a bigger market.

Selling Opportunities

There are many selling opportunities for sellers. However, only those who are resourceful will find ways to make their selling opportunities infinite and beneficial. Besides building necklace display stands on a physical store, you can also set up an online shop or look for trade shows and expos to further your profitable rates.

Special Nilecorp Sale Items

December is the time of the year where spending is absolutely necessary. Do you know of anyone who doesn’t spend on Christmas? Probably not. Everyone ends up spending on Christmas. The more family and friends you have, the more money you have to spend just to buy them gifts. Unfortunately, if you don’t have that much money, spending so much just for the holiday may not be an attractive idea. And if you really don’t have enough money, it may not be a feasible idea either.

However, as a jewelry seller, you don’t have to spend so much all the time just to create an effective jewelry display and provide equipment or special items that may catch the attention of jewelry makers. In fact, when it comes to Christmas and providing the best for your customers, all you really have to do is wait for good sales from trustworthy jewelry equipment shops to make your plans work. And that’s why you have Nilecorp to lean on at moments like these.

When everyone thinks spending is necessary on Christmas, a jewelry store should always have the option to save. Nilecorp offers you a few sale items that may be of interest to your jewelry interests.

1. Lampwork Pendant

Lampwork Pendant

Do you make your own jewelry? Because if you do make your own jewelry, then this pendant may just become one of your biggest moneymakers for this Christmas season. This beautiful glass disk pendant was handmade so you can expect a little difference in color and design by pendant. But with its intricate details and gorgeous traditional design, you might find this pendant a good addition to your jewelry collection. Now all you have to do is find a good chain to make the pendant into a necklace. At $0.74 per piece when you buy 12 pendants, it does seem like a pretty good investment. Besides, the beautiful design is enough to market it for a nice Christmas present to someone’s sister or aunt.

2. Acrylic Bead Display

This equipment will definitely serve the jewelry sellers / makers of their own jewelry. Because you cannot handle all the beads all the time while you make the jewelry, you’ll need something to dispense the beads at the right time. This rotating acrylic bead display has 12 bars which can hold as much as 288 beads. With this bead display, you won’t have to stack your beads randomly around the shop. When you’re not in the mood to make jewelry, you can also use this bead display to showcase different beads to other aspiring jewelry makers.

3. Velvet Pendant Box

Velvet Pendant Box

Because it is Christmas, you really need special boxes to put earrings or pendants in. Random boxes aren’t enough at times like this. This velvet pendant box will be easier to wrap. Customers will also appreciate the extra step to helping them take care of their jewelry. Since the box is made of velvet material, it will be better for the jewelry as well.

Jewelry Gift Packing Ideas for Christmas

It’s Christmas season! And this means every jewelry store has to come up with their own creative ways to impress their customers with good wrapping skills. Despite the fact that most jewelry stores focus on providing good jewelry display and beautiful jewelry collections, sellers also have to ensure that they are prepared for certain occasions such as Christmas – when their creative and wrapping skills are needed for on the spot situations.

Because Christmas is a time for giving, you need to expect a lot of customers who will come in, buy their jewelry and ask for their gifts to be wrapped. When that happens, turning away your customer is bad business. Either you have an easy way out of wrapping their jewelry or you know how to wrap a nice box within a few minutes. To help you prepare for the upcoming rush of Christmas gifts, here are a few gift packing ideas that you might be able to use for this occasion.

1. Buy paper bags

Are you lazy? Too tired to learn how to wrap? Well then, there’s no better way to take the easy way out than by buying paper bags. Paper bags are the easiest ways to wrap a piece of jewelry. All you have to do is buy a good selection of Christmas paper bags in different sizes. When a customer asks you to wrap their jewelry, take the jewelry, place it inside the paper bag and staple it closed. You can also add ribbons or stash decorative paper strips into the paper bag to make it seem more festive. Sure, it’s not as creative as real wrapping, but it’ll be a good alternative for those who are currently in a rush to get out.

2. Use boxes

On the other hand, if you do know how to wrap, even just a little, you might want to put all of the jewelry you sell into a box. Boxes are easier to wrap, you won’t even have to consider its shape. If you can put all of the jewelry in a box, you won’t have to think of neat ways to successfully wrap the jewelry. Wrap the necklace display box in a nice wrapping paper. Use clear scotch tape to tape up the sides and close off the wrapping. Once you've finished, you can place a small ribbon at the clear front of the wrapped box for additional embellishments. There are also some ready-wrapped Christmas boxes that you can buy in other jewelry supply stores.

3. Create ready-made, personalized gift wrapped bags

If you want a little personality to your jewelry shop, buy a roll of pretty wrapping paper. Then, create gift wrap bags in different sizes. Of course, you should have extensive wrapping experience to do this. But if you need help, YouTube and other websites are a great source of ideas. Before you open up every day, make sure you have a good count of ready-made bags to store jewelry that have been bought at your shop. At the same time, you can also personalize the wrapping by adding special embellishments like quotes, ribbons or special decorative stickers.

Sale on Nilecorp!

November and December are both pretty significant months because you end up with a lot of sales. Jewelry is pretty popular as a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift. This is why as a jewelry seller, you have to be prepared for the best during this season. The holiday season is not a time to rest. In fact, it’s the perfect time to increase your sales, double your stocks and take advantage of sales from your favorite supplier. Not to be the last shop to offer discounts this holiday season, Nilecorp is pleased to inform everyone that a special sale is currently ongoing!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Nilecorp and check out their complete collection of jewelry displays and equipment.

To help you make your choice, here are a few interesting displays that might catch your eyes.

1. Bracelet T Bar

Jewelry Display

Bracelets are easy to display because you can simply lay them out and customers will see them. However, if you can have them over a bar, it might be easier for customers to see its actual design. This is what T bars are for. Nilecorp offers you a special sale for their small bracelet T Bar. For only $3 each, you can get your own T bar. That’s a good $1.27 savings from the original price. And if you’re on the budget, that’s a really big deal. The bracelet T bar is available in white. If you’ll be using this T bar, make sure that the jewelry you display has bold or darker colors so the white contradicts them and helps the jewelry stand out.

2. Leather Box for rings

Christmas is also a great season for engagements. You have to be prepared for those who are finally ready to pop the question to their long time girlfriends. This ring box is made out of faux leather so it won’t be too heavy at all. Not only will the box protect the ring, ring boxes are also the perfect props to propose. This ring box is available in black and white colors. You can buy it at only $0.80 each box. Just for the holiday, you should get a good set of ring boxes, just in case a rush of men find Christmas the perfect time to propose.

3. Necklace Metal Boxes

On the other hand, not everything is about proposing on Christmas. Other times, it’s just about giving special people unique gifts. Besides engagement rings, necklaces are also pretty special for a gift. Imagine giving someone a necklace without a proper box. Awkward? Definitely. Make your customer’s recipient feel special by wrapping the necklace is a necklace display box. These faux leather metal boxes cost only $2.60.

Random Jewelry Display Tips

When you want to create a good display for your jewelry, it is important to keep track of the ideas and concepts that you’ve used in order to keep up a consistently interesting display. However, when you’ve used too many jewelry display ideas, you start missing out on some of the basic tips and tricks to displaying jewelry. In order to attract customers to your display, here are a few random display tips to help you get back on track.

1. Don’t worry about repeating the same design over and over again. What matters is that your jewelry is different from time to time. Selling the same kind of jewelry all the time kills the interest of your loyal customers. Keep things interesting by featuring new jewelry from time to time.

2. Benefit from the occasions and special events. Don’t miss out on all the special occasions and events that come up during the year. Christmas, New Year, Halloween and Valentine’s Day are all very important occasions that can help boost your business. Use the occasion to market your products and use it to conceptualize your display. The more people will see that you’re inspired by the occasion, the more they’ll be attracted to your display. Be creative and use different kinds of decorations for each occasion. Remember, most of these occasions will happen again the next year so everything you buy to decorate your place is an investment and not an expense.

3. Don’t copy the display of others. Go around different expos and check out other bazaars. Learn from them. Be inspired by them and even talk to them to get more tips. You don’t have to copy to be creative. Instead, get some ideas from different booths and turn your display into something totally original. In marketing, this is called benchmarking. People don’t always have original ideas. Instead, they get inspiration from others to make their own ideas seem original.

4. Space vs. amount. Never forget space when you’re creating a jewelry display. This is very important because many people stack their jewelry into one booth at one time. This causes them to overcrowd their display and the whole booth loses its charm. Maintain a good amount of space between jewelry. This allows people to see each piece clearly and they won’t have a hard time finding the jewelry they want.

5. You don’t have to take hours just to conceptualize your booth. If someone invites you impromptu to sell at a good show, go for it and use the basic concepts to display your necklace, earrings or rings. If the trade show lasts long, you’ll still have a lot of time to make changes. Some sellers turn down selling opportunities because they can’t find a good jewelry display idea to fit the size of the booth. Whether the booth may be big or small, you should never refuse the chance to sell.

How to Make a Homemade Necklace Display in 7 Easy Steps

When it comes to jewelry, necklaces are pretty easy to sell to young adults. Almost everyone loves to wear a necklace. Some may wear it for sentimental purposes, others would gladly wear it to match their outfit. As a jewelry seller, you can use jewelry display stands to showcase different types of necklaces. However, if you want to save some money or change your display, you might want to go beyond the common practices of other jewelry sellers around town. Instead of buying the usual necklace displays, create your own homemade display for occasional use in special events.

Home-made Necklace Display

Before you start, prepare the things you need first – scissors, cord, hole punch, poster board, fabric, glue, printer and photocopier.

1. The first thing you need to do is get a template of a necklace display stand. These can usually be found online. The best thing about making your own necklace display is that you can control the colors of your display equipment. If you know how to use photoshop, you can easily change its color. But if not, print out the template on a colored piece of paper.

2. If you’re not satisfied with the size of the template you’ve printed, get a resize of it using a photocopier. Standard necklace displays have a size of about 10 inches. If you’re planning to display longer necklaces, you might want to consider the length of the display. Resize your display until you’ve gotten the appropriate measurements.

3. Next, use paste or glue to stick the template onto the poster board. Since poster boards are hard enough to stand alone, you can use this for lighter necklaces. However, if you have plans of displaying heavy jewelry like beaded and pearl necklaces, you can use cardboard instead. Gemstones are too heavy for cardboard, so you might want to look for a sturdier base material.

4. If you don’t like the color of your template, use fabric to cover the template. If you have a specific color in mind, this is your chance to change the color of your display. If you’re a little pickier with the look of your display, use velvet or leather for your display. Avoid using wet glue when you stick this onto the template. Wet glue causes the fabric to wrinkle. Instead, use stick glue to keep the fabric tight, but never wrinkle.

5. Wait for a few hours for the glue to dry.

6. Use a puncher to create two holes at the bottom corners. The template itself will guide you on where to punch the hole. Use any sharp object to fold the lines on the template. For ease, you can also use a knitting needle. If your template is glued to cardboard, flip the template over and draw the lines with paper knife for easy folding. Once you’ve gone through the lines in the template, fold it until it remains in its place.

7. Once the template has been folded, pierce a thread of cord into the holes to tie it up.

This should allow your necklace display to stand. Congratulations! You’ve made your own jewelry display!

More Unusual Jewelry Displays

Sometimes displaying your jewelry is the one way you can convince your customers to buy from you. As long as you have a good jewelry display, you can easily convince them to purchase that piece of jewelry that they want. Unfortunately, if you use the usual types of display equipment, your booth might turn out to look exactly like everyone else’s. Give your shop a different look by using these unusual display items.

1. Use lamps


Lamps aren’t just used for side tables and interior designing. They can give any booth the extra light it needs and the special display equipment to give your shop a boost. Some lamps are shaped especially to allow the handler to hold it easily around the body. You can use these handles as a way to display some bracelets or necklaces. This can also serve as earring display stand. For example, a white lamp will be able to showcase a colorful set of bangles. Not only do you get an unusual display, you also give your booth extra lighting for evening displays.

2. Hooks


Instead of using nails to hang necklaces and bracelets on boards or walls, use decorated hooks instead. Nails are pretty boring and they can easily tarnish along the way. Instead of risking your pretty, white walls by punching nails into them, use embellished hooks with a creative design. These can be bought in hardware stores and DIY shops. Some hooks are designed to look like flowers or butterflies. At least, you won’t have to worry about tarnished nails or boring walls. Besides, hooks with designs give your necklaces a decorative boost on your walls. If you have white or cream walls, you can get similar colored hooks to make it naturally blend with the background. When you hang the necklaces on the walls, they will stand out effortlessly.

3. Display cases


Photo frames are a really good way of displaying important art or photos. On a wall, they can be used to create aesthetics or give the room a different feel. Use these frames for your jewelry. Jewelry display cases like shadow box frames allow you to hang jewelry within them. Pick a frame that makes your jewelry stand out. For example, if you have light colored jewelry, choose a soft, but bold colored shadow box frame. Darker jewelry should be framed by light colors to give them a chance to stand out more. Many jewelry sellers use this trick to create a successful display for their pieces.

Tips to Displaying Jewelry in a Flea Market

Flea markets are a great place for people to sell their jewelry. It allows them to open their selection of jewelry to a whole new market. Since flea markets allow you to display your jewelry in an open area, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to sell. This means that you need to think of creative, but effective jewelry display to get people to come to your booth.

an effective jewelry display

Here are some ways you can display your jewelry during the event.

1. The seller should wear the jewelry

Your best bet at selling jewelry is to wear them yourself. Models are very helpful in selling clothes and fashion. If people like what they see on a person, they will buy it because it gives them an illusion of what to expect when they wear the jewelry themselves. If you really want to catch the attention of the customers in a flee market, get someone to wear the jewelry. If you don’t know any models, you can always wear them yourself. That way, you can personally tell the customer more about the jewelry and even give them tips on how to wear it.

2. Table top displays with glass lids

Displaying jewelry in a flee market can also be quite risky. Because there will be hundreds of people in the area, it might be a little hard to control who gets to handle which of your jewelry. If you use table top displays that have glass lids, you might be able to protect your display from any quick hands. This may be especially useful for shops with long tables for their booth. Since potential customers can see the jewelry from the outside, they won’t have to hold it just to see it. If they’re truly interested in the jewelry, only then can they take the jewelry from the box – with your assistance, of course.

3. Mannequins

mannequins for jewelry display

On the other hand, wearing your own jewelry might not appeal to you and some of your customers. In this case, you might want to use mannequins instead. Mannequins are very useful in displaying clothes in a clothing store. This is the same for jewelry flee markets. Mannequins allow you to display your earrings and necklaces without really requiring a human body. You can also use mannequin heads, wrists or feet to separately display certain types of jewelry.

4. Shadow box frames

Photo frames successfully display pictures over a wall. If you want the same for your jewelry, you can use shadow box frames. Similar to photo frames, they allow you to display other things besides photos and flat art.

Tips in Packing Jewelry-Making Tools For Airplane Rides

Are you planning to take your entire collection and jewelry display somewhere far away that you have to ride an airplane? Do you have plans to take your tools with you as well? If you need to protect your tools when you travel for a few hours in a car, then you also have to keep your tools protected when you travel in an airplane. Now that the security in airports is tighter than ever, you have to keep your tools protected and at the same time make it convenient for checking.

Unfortunately, because you will be bringing some potentially dangerous tools, that means you cannot put them all in your hand-carry bag. Despite the fact that you may want to protect your tools by keeping it close to you, you need to have them checked in. This also means that your suitcase or bag will be due for hand inspection and x-ray machines. To save yourself some time, here are a few tips to packing jewelry tools for the airport.

Protect your tools when you travel on a plane
Protect your tools when you travel on a plane

1. Use transparent plastic

First of all, when you pack your supplies or tools, use transparent plastic to keep them all sorted out. Even if you want to keep your supplies in between clothes for extra protection, you need to place them at the top instead. If the guards ask to inspect your bag, you won’t want to dig into your bag just to show them your tools. Instead, keep the plastic at the top of the clothes so that they can easily see what you have.

2. Place all tools in one bag or location

Don’t scatter your things in your bag. The more you keep your supplies scattered, the easier it’ll be to lose something or misplace them in the future. Instead of placing them in different parts of your suitcase, keep them in one place only. If you have business cards, wrap them in a transparent plastic and tape them to your supplies. When the guards check your bag, they’ll see the business card and they won’t have to ask why you’re carrying the tools and metal supplies with some jewelry displays like necklace display stands.

3. Transparent photo boxes

If you really need to keep your supplies in a box, use those transparent plastic photo boxes with the snap-up cover. Not only will it be easy to keep your metal tools in one place, it’ll also allow the guards to see what’s inside the box. As a result, they won’t have to ask to open it up for checking.

Packing your current tools for regular travels can be a real hassle. If you travel a lot with your tools, buy another set especially for traveling. This way, if you lose anything while you’re on the road, you know you have another set available at home.

Tips When Shipping Jewelry-Making Tools

As a jewelry maker, you have to treasure the things you use to create your jewelry. Whether they may be hammers, pliers, tweezers, you need to keep them protected and safe so that you can continue to make your jewelry. However, when you travel to different places, it’s not just the jewelry or the jewelry display that you need to protect. You also need to keep your tools protected from any harm that might ruin its capacity to help you create jewelry.

Jewelry Tools

In protecting your jewelry-making tools, you need to ensure that they don’t spill, get crushed, dropped, bent, get wet or moist or even open accidentally. In shipping your tools, the most important thing that you have to protect is the jewelry making surface and the tools, so that they don’t shift during the travel. You also have to ensure that your tools don’t moist or they’ll end up being at risk of getting molds and tarnish. Protect your tools at all times and you won’t have to spend a lot of money in buying new tools.

Wrap jewelry and jewelry display in bubble wrap

Here are some tips to help you keep your tools safe without having to spend too much.

1. Don’t leave your metal tools in the open air. You can use old socks to cover them up. They can make thick covers for hammers, pliers and even your tweezers.

2. Instead of using old boxes to contain your supplies, you can also use plastic deli containers. These containers have snap on lids that will make it easy to store pliers, scissors, stamps, scribes and other smaller tools. They’ll also be transparent so if you need something, you can easily see it from outside.

3. Use bubble wrap to protect your jewelry, necklace display stands, earring holders and other jewelry display. First, you need to roll a few layers of bubble wrap for additional protection. Then wrap the tools inside and put them inside the deli container.

4. Do you still have those silica-gel packets that you usually get from packages of electronics, shoes and other products? Well, they can actually be pretty useful in protecting your tools. Take the packets and drop them inside the plastic bags and containers for your tools. They can help to prevent moisture when you travel.

5. To keep your tools and packaging intact, use those strapping tapes with filaments to keep the carton closed. Steel can be pretty heavy so if you leave them in an unsecured carton in a rocky ride, it can easily break the carton.

If you follow these simple tips, you can keep your tools intact and ready for use when you unpack.

Jewelry Display Ideas for Halloween

In a few days, everyone would be celebrating Halloween, the scariest day of the year where you can merely enjoy everything scary. If other shops will go out of their way to make their shop look appropriate for the occasion, you should too as well. Just because you’re selling jewelry doesn’t make it harder to decorate your store or booth. In fact, by using these jewelry display ideas, you can easily turn your store into one Halloween party.

jewelry display
Scary Jewelry Display Tree

Create easy decorations with plastic Halloween decorations

First of all, if you don’t have all the time to make creative Halloween decorations, then your best bet at turning your store into a Halloween pad is by buying plastic decorations, instead. While this could hinder your creative thinking cap, it could also save you a lot of time thinking of possible decorations and creating embellishments for your store. Simply go to the nearest store, buy a few decorations like spiders, bats, Scare Face masks, even scarecrows to decorate around your jewelry store. Don’t worry, these decorations are made to be hung or put conveniently in some place so you don’t have to drill holes or punch nails into your walls.

Use plastic skeletons for displays

Plastic skeletons can be pretty useful for Halloween. Buy a whole skeleton from any store and use this to display your jewelry. Yes, instead of your usual display equipment, change up your whole theme into something scarier – the skeletons! Besides, those skeleton hands are really cute if you display huge rings on them. You can also use those glow in the dark hands too. Display on a dark backdrop and you have a successful ring display.

Make spider webs

If plastic skeletons are not enough, you can also consider using spider webs. Spider webs are pretty easy to put up, even if you don’t buy those plastic ones in the shop. Alternatively, you can also use cheese strings which are easy to handle, delicious and they make a pretty convincing spider web. However, if you have plans to use these spider webs as display equipment, you can use wires instead. It will take a little creativity to build your own spider web, but once you have, you can use it to hang bracelets or rings.

Create Halloween packaging options

Now, instead of using the common paper bags when you make a sale, you can buy some plastic jack-o-lanterns to store the jewelry they bought. Not only is this a creative alternative to the usual paper bags, the customers will also appreciate the Halloween gesture.

How to Choose From Different Types of Jewelry Travel Organizers

Do you have plans to travel with your jewelry? If you have plans to take your jewelry out in the next few months, then you better start preparing yourself for the expenses and protection for your jewelry. Traveling with your jewelry is not a simple matter. If you want to arrive in your destination with your jewelry in good condition, then you have to find ways to ensure that they are protected from any scratches along the way.

One of the best ways to make this happen is to buy a travel organizer for jewelry. However, because there are many different types of travel organizers, you might not know which one you should choose.

Here’s a guide on choosing from the different types of travel organizers.

Presentation Folder

jewelry display
Presentation Folder
This type of travel organizer can be used for those who have a limited collection of jewelry. A presentation folder is just a two part, folder-like organizer with its own slots and pockets to place the jewelry. Because it has limited space, you can’t put too much jewelry inside. Otherwise, you need to buy more than one presentation folder for your jewelry.

Jewelry Rolls

If you plan to take on more jewelry than it’ll fit inside a presentation folder, then a jewelry roll could be your best travel organizer. While it’s not the ideal type of jewelry display equipment, it’ll help you to protect the jewelry you have. Even more so, you can add more than the usual amount of jewelry into one case. Unfortunately, because you tend to “roll” the jewelry, it can increase the risk of scratches on them. Choose a jewelry roll with thick material so it can prevent the jewelry from bumping into one another.

Attaché Case

The ideal form of traveling for jewelry salesmen is through a car. They can easily put the jewelry in the back and drive to their destination. However, if you happen to be commuting to your destination, an attaché case is the ideal travel organizer. Why? Unlike a presentation folder or a jewelry roll, you can put more jewelry inside an attaché case. And it’ll also be easier for you to hold onto it while you travel to your destination.

Carrying Case

But if you need to pack up all of your jewelry to attend a trade show somewhere, a carrying case is your best bet. Carrying cases are big, some even with its own levels and tiers for each type of jewelry. You can easily set your jewelry into the organizer without having to worry about its safety. A carrying case is appropriate because you can choose from a hard case to a soft case. You can even pick one with its own handle so you won’t have a hard time carrying it around.

Always remember to pick the type of travel organizer for your necklace display bust you need depending on your long term requirements.

3 Jewelry Display Tips to Boost Your Booth

Creating a successful display for your jewelry is never easy. You need to be creative and sometimes, spontaneous and risky, especially when it comes to trying new strategies. In order to be able to sell your jewelry well to your customers, it is essential to try different things that will make your jewelry stand out. A successful jewelry display is hard to make because it has to be a lively background to your jewelry. If it overshadows the jewelry you’re displaying, then it’ll only lessen the chances of people noticing the jewelry you’re selling. Yes, they’ll find your display equipment amusing. But all in all, they won’t be interested in the things you sell.

To help you improve your skills in displaying jewelry, here are a few tips you can use.

jewelry display
Take advantage of the black colored background

Take advantage of similar items

Uniformity is a very attractive factor for any jewelry. If you happen to be selling any collection of jewelry that looks nice and has potential to be sold well, then you can take advantage of it and place them all together in one display equipment. If you have set up a set of strings or wire over your booth, you can set them up to be display together. If you have a tiered platform, you can also use this to display the collection. Once the customer sees that the jewelry is pretty, they’ll immediately want the item that will look most compelling to them. If you display the collection together, they won’t have a hard time comparing it with different colors. From afar, they can already tell which color stands out the most.

Make use of different backgrounds

One of the best ways to play up a feature of a piece of jewelry is to use its background. If a piece of jewelry has a background that can highlight its features, then you should use this for your display. For example, you can use different types of cloth for its backdrop. But don’t just focus on regular cloth. Play up different cloths, depending on the type of jewelry. If you’ll be displaying a one-colored item, you can use an elegant fabric to highlight its colors. Consider using silk or any other shiny material to highlight the jewelry.

Play up the colors

Jewelry always looks best if they are put together with the things that they look good on. For example, a black platform is the ideal necklace display for a colorful necklace. Why? It is simply because the plain, black background allows the colorful necklace to stand out. In a person’s view, all they can see is the colorful jewelry. And that’s a good way to boost jewelry’s appearance. Do this for all of your pieces and you have a successful display for your jewelry.

How to Pack For Traveling With Your Jewelry

When you come across an amazing opportunity to sell at a trade show somewhere, you shouldn't hesitate to take it. Even if it means you need to travel a few hours just to get to the place, the opportunity to sell could be good for your business. Unfortunately, this also means that you have to travel with your jewelry and necklace display stands. Still, you should definitely take the risk. Besides, there are many ways to get your jewelry to the location safely. In order to prevent anything from happening to your jewelry during the ride to the trade show, here’s how you can pack them safely.
jewelry display
Carrying Case

1. Create a record of your jewelry

Before anything else, the first thing that you should do is to create a record of your jewelry. Check each of them, one by one and examine them. Make sure to take notes if you have to. Double check the count for each type of jewelry and ensure that you take note of their current condition. If they are in perfect condition now, they should be in the same condition after your travel. Don’t forget to check your jewelry display too. You’ll need them during the trade show and you can’t afford to have them broken during the trip.

2. Pack them in their designated packaging

It’s time to start packing. But this doesn't just mean you throw the jewelry all into one bag. It means you need to sort them out first. Which jewelry will be okay if you put them in one box? You should set a limit too. There should only be 3-5 pieces of jewelry in one box. Use different boxes for every type of jewelry. Place cushions inside the box if you need to protect them from any scratches along the way. Use fabric too if you need to.

3. Place them in a travel organizer

Double protect your jewelry by placing them in a travel organizer. Travel organizers are pretty convenient and they can help protect your jewelry during the trip. Sometimes, if your travel organizer has its own pockets and slits for the jewelry, you can place them inside without the boxes. Otherwise, the travel organizer can serve as the second box for the jewelry.

Now that you have wrapped up your jewelry well, all you have to do is drive carefully to the location. Be careful with humps and swerves so that your jewelry won’t have to wobble around too much. Do remember to check your jewelry again when you arrive. Hopefully, with your means of protection, none of the jewelry got bruised while traveling.

Techniques for Selling Jewelry in a Trade Show Expo

It can be hard to sell jewelry in a trade show expo. There are so many other jewelry booths that you need to find a way to stand out above all of them. Besides selling good jewelry, you can also use these 3 techniques to help you sell your jewelry faster.

jewelry display
attractive jewelry display

1. Use attractive jewelry display – no one will disagree with you that a good jewelry display can actually help you sell more. If your display is organized and attractive, you’ll be able to attract more people to your booth. On the other hand, if you keep your display messy, customers won’t be able to find what they’re looking for. A cluttered display will also attract dust so your jewelry will likely be affected if you don’t regulate maintenance and cleaning for your pieces. Besides maintaining an attractive display, you should also use display equipment to create elevation, classify pieces and put together similar pieces of jewelry. If you can’t make your own display equipment, you can always buy assorted types of display from popular wholesale shops.

2. Color-coordinate jewelry – there’s just something about jewelry when you color coordinate them. Sometimes, the more a person sees a color, the more they are attracted to it. If you put all of your jewelry in a display where red necklace are with red rings, then you give your customers a chance to see the type of jewelry they want in an easier manner. Besides, if they already have a specific outfit in mind, they probably already have a specific color of accessory planned out as well. Unfortunately, color coordinating jewelry can be a little hard, especially if you don’t have a balanced amount of jewelry per color.

3. Ride on a celebrity’s fame – everybody has a celebrity they adore. If you use a celebrity’s jewelry style to create your own pieces, you can let people know this by posting pictures of celebrities wearing a similar jewelry. Once the customer sees that your jewelry is similar to the one worn by their favorite celebrity, they’ll definitely be interested in buying it. Of course, this means that you’ll have to get several inspirations for your jewelry. But if you’ll be targeting the fans of a celebrity, it’ll be worth the effort.

5 Important Supplies to Make a Necklace

Sometimes, jewelry makers are the ones who built jewelry shops for themselves. Other times, it is the jewelry shop owner who decides to try their own streak at creativity. When this happens, they’ll need a little more than creativity to make their own jewelry.

Here are a few things every jewelry maker should have first before making their own necklace.

Beads as you Main Object
1. Main object – this is the most important part of the jewelry. If you design your own pieces, this is the part of the jewelry which will capture the eye of the customer, aside from unique necklace display. For beginner jewelry makers, this could be the beads or the pearls that highly make up any piece of jewelry. Others who have a different idea of how they can make their jewelry can create their own pendant, or buy one from a local crafts store. You can also look for a gemstone, if you were hoping to make jewelry with birthstones.

2. Wire or cord – now the next most important part of jewelry making is the wire or cord which will be used to string together your pendants and other parts of the jewelry. The quality of your necklace highly depends on the wire or cord that you choose. If your chosen string happens to break easily, you can lose all of your beads and you may have to start over. Otherwise, you can also choose chains for your necklace. Unfortunately, chains are harder to hide so you need to pick a good chain that you can actually be seen wearing. The chain can get tarnished easily too.
Jewelry Findings

3. Findings – these allow you to close your necklace around your neck. It is important to find one that will look suitable for your necklace. There are many different types of findings so you can choose which one will match the type of necklace you’re wearing.

 4. Pliers – if you’ll be making a complicated type of necklace with all the pearls and beads, you’ll need pliers to manipulate the wire or cord. These cannot be easily warped to your favored shape so you’ll need the help of metal equipment. Pliers will help you wrap the wire around beads and ensure the safety of your main objects. Special pliers for jewelry can be also bought at jewelry display shops.

5. Tweezers – creating a beaded necklace can be pretty hard if you have big fingers. The only way this is possible is if you decide to use a loupe and a magnifier to help you string the beads. Otherwise, tweezers really help to handle the beads while making the necklace.

Styles and Fashion – What Jewelry to Wear on Important Days

As a jewelry seller, it’s not just the jewelry display that you need to worry about. In fact, you also have to worry about how to sell your jewelry and how you can sell them to your customers. One of the best ways you can sell to your customers is to know your jewelry well. It’s not just about helping your customer choose a piece of jewelry – it’s about letting them know what will look good on them. And for important days, they need to know what kind of accessories they should wear.

jewelry display
when it comes to selling jewelry, it's not just the jewelry display that matters

Here’s a few tips on what jewelry to wear on specific days:

For a job interview

Job interviews have to be formal and elegant. You can’t be too elegant or you’ll overshadow your boss. But you can’t be too casual or your boss won’t take you seriously. When it comes to dressing up for a job interview, you need to keep it simple, but classy. Wear blazers and formal blouses. These are common for job interviews. When it comes to your accessories, pick the pearl strands in your necklace display box. But don’t overdo it though. Don’t wear too many pearls or you’ll end up looking trashy. Wear a simple, pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings. You’ll look elegant and simple, just enough to impress any boss.

For a beach event

Beach events are easier to dress up in. You can wear almost anything and no one would really care. But seriously, don’t wear studs to a beach. If you lose them, you’ll never find them again. Avoid wearing anything pearl in a beach event. Pearls are too serious and if you wear them and they break, you lose every pearl that you have. Wear beads instead. Beads are the informal version of pearls and they make you look ready to party. You can wear chains, but if you’ll be wearing accessories made out of cloth, you might want to avoid the waters. If you wet a cloth accessory, you’ll end up ruining it.

For a formal event

Formal events have stricter rules than in job interviews. You’re there to have fun but look elegant still. If you wear pearls, you’ll look like you’re going in for a job interview. If you wear beads, you might be out-shined by every other girl in the room. However, if you go for silver accessories, you’re just in the right place. Silver necklaces, silver earrings are great for formal events. They are elegant, simple and they won’t make you look trashy.

Now that you have an idea of what accessories to wear, tell your customers this when they ask you. Show them the accessories that will make them look at their best during their event. The more helpful you are, the better for your jewelry shop.

5 Tips to Selling Jewelry to Your Customers

When it comes to running a jewelry shop, you have to be creative in order to sell well to your customers. There are so many different jewelry shops nowadays that people have a hard time finding loyalty in one shop. They prefer different shops instead to match their styles. However, if you truly want to make customers loyal to your shop, you need to up your selling strategy and creative and unique jewelry displays.

jewelry display
interesting jewelry display

Here are 5 tips you can use to impressing your customers.

1. Interesting jewelry display – having engaging display equipment can help attract customers. If you creatively display your jewelry using earring display trays, necklace display busts, risers and towers, you can easily get people to look at the jewelry you’re selling. Sometimes if your display is too random or messy, you end up confusing customers and they can’t make a connection with the jewelry they want. If you can bridge the connection between customers and jewelry, you can easily captivate their attention and make them want to buy your pieces.

2. Be knowledgeable about the products – when you sell to your customers, you need to know some facts about the products. Where did the products come from? What materials were used to make them? Are they authentic? What country did they come from? Some customers will ask this, especially if you’re selling silver or gold. You need to be prepared to answer them. It’s embarrassing if they ask a question and you can’t answer it because you didn’t make the effort to learn about your products.

3. Know your colors – some customers just don’t know what colors look good on them. You might want to read some tips on how to know which colors look good on people. Don’t just point and refer, be open and even offer a reason why a type of color looks good on them. If they can get fashion advice from you, they’ll know you’re the expert.

know your colors

4. Be honest – sometimes, people can smell if you’re only helping or helping to sell. If you only help because you want to make a sale, they might be turned off. Genuinely help them to pick out the right accessories and they will come back for more.

5. Offer variety – people like a shop with a lot of things to sell. If you sell only limited pieces, they’ll find the things they want in another shop. Offer lots of jewelry to your customers so they can choose between pieces and try on various styles before they choose. The more you can offer them, the more they’ll come back to you.

Creative Ways to Display Your Jewelry

Looking for unconventional ways to display your jewelry and attract more customers? Then you need to up your creativity when it comes to thinking of effective jewelry displays. Traditional display stands are great. They make a seller’s life easier and you can simply rearrange, change colors and update your backdrop to get a finished, possibly effective decoration for your jewelry booth. But if you really want to attract customers, you need to get your thinking cap on.

jewelry display

Here are a few creative ways to display your jewelry.

Use a rack

Racks are tools used to organize stuff at home. If you have an old rack that you don’t use anymore, you can turn this into a ring riser to include in your display. All you have to do is make the rack look a little more presentable. Paint it, change the color or decorate it with hand prints and creative drawings. Racks can be used to display rings or even necklaces if you hang them at a top shelf.

Bulletin Boards or Photo Frames

Best way to display earrings in an unconventional way? Use bulletin boards or photo frames. The back of a photo frame is empty so you’ll have to nail window screen mesh to its back tightly to make it work. In a bulletin board, all you have to do is glue the window screen mesh and start hanging the earrings. Decorate the back of your bulletin board so you have a creative earring display.

Dress Forms

Because not everyone can afford the acrylic body formed display stands that were made specifically to showcase jewelry, you’ll need a similar stand – dress forms are cheap and they can be bought at garage sales or from tailors. Even if the dress forms have been used before, all you need to do is clean it up a bit to make it look presentable. Necklace dress forms display are a great way to display necklaces and pin brooches to it.


Just like bulletin boards and photo frames, you can use old shutters to display earrings as well. Since most shutters are made in plain colors, they make a nice backdrop for a jewelry booth. All you have to do is cut out a small portion of your shutters, glue it to a decorated cardboard or wallpaper and start hanging your earrings. Don’t hang all of your earrings in one row. If you hang too many earrings in one shutter cut-out, you could end up ruining your home-made jewelry display.

3 Alternatives to Buying Jewelry Display

Having to impress your customers with an effective jewelry display is an important stage in selling jewelry. While the main idea is to sell jewelry, the first thing you need to do is to sell your booth to other people. If you’re among many other jewelry sellers, why would the customers choose to buy from you? In order to attract their attention, it will be helpful if you add a little creativity to your booth. Selling good jewelry on a dull display can be hard because you won’t even get the people’s attention. But if you have an interesting cover for your booth or shop, you can get people to take a look at the items you sell.


Unfortunately, buying and creating an effective display isn't an easy job. You have to make your jewelry look presentable and creative. But if you don’t have the means to get the display stands, acrylic figures and platforms for your booth, it doesn't mean all is lost. In fact, there are many ways to displaying jewelry. All you really need is a little bit of creativity and some options.

Create your own jewelry display

Too creative? Don’t let your talent be used only for making jewelry. Try your luck at creating your own display. By using various alternative materials, you can make your own ring risers, necklace display hangers and bracelet bars. You might need a few skills in carpentry, but if you can pull it off with a little bit of glue and wire, you’re all set to making the things you need for your booth.

Buy secondhand displays

Other displays, however, can be bought from garage sales, secondhand deals and even old jewelry shops. It won’t hurt to buy secondhand stuff, especially if you’re only starting a jewelry business. Once your sales start to hit off, you can start buying brand new jewelry displays for your shop.

Use materials at home

If you’ll only be displaying on a booth at an expo, you can also simply use materials at home. Huge mugs can be used to hang dangling earrings. Books and small boxes can be used as risers underneath the cloth cover. Adhesive hangers can be used to hang necklaces. You can even use special plates to display statement rings.

Starting a jewelry business can be really hard. If you don’t have the money to start a big-time business, you can start slow and small. Eventually, you’ll develop your business and grow. Someday, jewelry displays will be the last of your problems. Soon, you'll be able to buy the best jewelry displays you can find for your jewelry shop.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Metal Frame Jewelry Stand

There are many kinds of jewelry display stands that you can use to showcase your jewelry. Popular display stands are made out of plastic and acrylic. These are common because they are light and sellers can bend them whenever they need. Others are made out of wood that provide sellers with a chance to make their display look classy and upscale. However, some of these kinds of display stands are made out of a metal frame that may or may not be beneficial for your display.

If you’ve ever thought of using metal frame jewelry stands, here are some reasons why you may want to think again:

- Metal frames make a display stand heavy. If you don’t want to lug around a heavy display stand, this wouldn’t be a good choice.

- Sometimes, if you neglect to use a metal framed stand too often, it’ll end up rusty. By then, it wouldn’t be advisable to use it for your jewelry display because it’ll ruin your design and it could be potentially dangerous to you and your customers too.

- It wouldn’t be a good idea to get the stand wet either.

However, despite its many disadvantages, there are also several benefits that a metal framed stand can provide to a seller – some of which will definitely be useful for their display.

- A metal framed stand will look great with jewelry. Metal frames make a jewelry display look antique and classic, giving it a very authentic look.

- This kind of stand won’t break easily either. No more having to change display stands too much in a month. Metal frames make it sturdy and strong, with the capability to last long.

- Metal frame necklace display stands have a variety of designs that can really benefit your display. Some designs can be used no matter the season or type of display you plan to use. Metal frame stands like the one Nilecorp sells makes a great accessory for booths and shops. You can easily hang earrings, rings or even bracelets on them.

- Metal frames aren’t always used by most sellers. Giving customers a different look can help your jewelry to stand out more.

5 Things You Need to Wrap Your Jewelry

When you own a jewelry store, one of the major things that you have to consider is its packaging. You cannot simply take a piece of jewelry and hand it to the customer, you have to find a way to present it to them so they can carry it safely home. If your jewelry display will help to attract customers, packaging provides them a way to remember where they got the jewelry from. Besides, having a great system for packing jewelry is a good way to brand your store.

Before getting into anything fancy, it’s important to start with the basics. Here are some of the things you’ll need to wrap your jewelry for your customers.


Special paper bags 

You should never run out of these. While you can always get simple, brown paper bags, there are also those paper bags with special designs that you can use for different seasons. For example, since it’s now Autumn, you can pack your jewelry in an Autumn-inspired paper bag. But if you prefer uniformity in your products and you want to brand your shop, you can always have a custom-made paper bag just for your store. However, designed paper bags are also good for special seasons like Christmas or Valentines Day.


Something to spice up your packaging. If the customer asks you to wrap up a piece of jewelry, sometimes they don’t just mean wrap it up in an ordinary paper bag. Other times, they mean to wrap it up nice for the person whom they’ll be giving the jewelry to. And if you really want to impress them with your wrapping skills, you might want to keep a roll of pretty ribbons to complete your package.

Cutting supplies 

Of course you have a pair of scissors in your store. However, there are also other cases where you might want to cut embellishments in a special way. There are several types of scissors, paper cutters and more to add to your supplies.


For more delicate jewelry, boxes are definitely necessary. It is important to keep a good set of boxes in a variety of sizes just in case your customer wants to wrap their jewelry in a fancy way. If they plan on giving the jewelry as a gift, necklace display boxes, ring boxes and wooden earring boxes make it easier to wrap up and put in a paper bag. Make sure that you don’t get ordinary boxes either, each box should be significant and pretty, representing the jewelry that you sell.


These are best used for small pieces of jewelry like earrings and rings. Pouches are used mostly because they are cheap and you can easily fit anything into a small pouch.

Before you open up shop, make sure you have the complete set of jewelry packaging supplies.

The Most Important Types of Jewelry Display

When it comes to displaying jewelry, there are definitely several ways to effectively attract your customers. However, when you’re trying to create a simple jewelry display for a local trading show booth, you cannot go unprepared. By unprepared, this means that you will need at least one or more of these display stands:

Earring trays

Jewelry shops usually have a lot of earrings to display. If you don’t have a tray to display all of it, what’s the point of even trying to display it? Laying them all out without a tray will be messy and unorganized for both you and the customer. But if you have an earring display tray, you can use this to display your many pairs of earrings without worrying about losing a pair somewhere. Your customers will also know where to look when they decide to check out your earring collection. Unlike earring stands that take up a lot of space, trays will help you showcase many pairs of earrings using a single equipment.

An acrylic necklace stand

Necklaces can be hard to display without a necklace or pendant stand. Despite the expensive price of an actual necklace stand, it’ll be worth it, because you can feature a necklace every day. Without a necklace stand, it may be hard to get people to look at your collection of necklaces. At least a necklace stand will give people an idea of what your shop offers even from afar. If they like what’s on display, they’ll end up looking for the rest of your collection.

Earring rack

rotating earring tower

If an earring tray is for displaying studs and barrels, an earring rack will help you to display dangling pairs. Because you probably have twice the amount of earrings compared to the bracelets you’re selling, an earring rack is necessary to showcase those pretty dangling jewels. Get a rotating tower if you must. This way, you can save space and at the same time, showcase as many pairs of earrings as you can. Without a rack, your dangling earrings will not look good on a tray nor will it look neat and organized lying all over your display.

Really, you can use several types of displays for your jewelry. But if you don’t arrange it to look especially inviting for your customers, it may not matter as much. These three important display stands can help you create an effective jewelry display.

Creative Jewelry Display Themes for Autumn

Just like any other fashion store, your jewelry display should also change as soon as the seasons do. It may not be necessary, but you can’t deny that being in tune with the latest happenings around the world will add to the creativity of your shop. Just like the days when you created a display inspired by the Olympics, this time, you need to redecorate your display to something more fitting for the season.

Autumn is a great season to make sales. Perfect for semi-annual sales which usually take place in September, redecorating your display will definitely get you a lot of attention.

To give your shop a boost for this season, here are some ideas for a perfect autumn jewelry display.

Trees and leaves
jewelry display
tree stand for earrings and necklaces

Undoubtedly, this is one of the easiest displays you can ever make. Because earring stands designed to look like trees are already available on sale, you can easily buy these to make your display look believable. If you cannot afford those types of earring displays, you can always redesign your old stands. Paint the old crystal stands with varnish or brown paint. Wrap them with a special type of brown paper to build your own display stands that look like trees. Stack books around the stands for a variety of height and cover it with brown cloth. Once you’ve made its backdrop, use tiny paper cuts or fossilized leaves to spread all over your display.

Earth display

If you don’t like a dark colored backdrop for your jewelry, take the earth as an inspiration. Use green and blue as backdrop for your display. Build green trees for your jewelry stands. Also create one or two tree stands with empty branches. Paint in black, without any leaves. These trees will signify the start of autumn in your jewelry display. If you don’t want to paint your display stands, use your earrings. Sell earrings in the shape of leaves. Not only are they season-appropriate but they will look perfect with your display. Then drop a few paper leaves all over your display, just to give extra color and spice. You have your own tiny earth in the palm of your hands.
jewelry display
wooden jewelry display

Colors of the Earth

Now if you don’t want to use trees for your display, you can always just use the colors of the earth as your inspiration. Colors such as brown, blue and green are very attractive for customers and if you arrange your display to focus on these colors, you’ll enjoy the benefit of an effective display. Use brown cloth as your background and wooden displays for your jewelry. Then arrange your jewelry by color, but make sure that white, yellow, blue and green all stand out the most. Simple, but definitely an organized display for your jewelry.

Best Types of Display for Jewelry Sets

When you’re displaying a whole set of jewelry, it’s important to keep the set together in order to sell it. Displaying one piece apart from another will result in the possibility of selling only one part of the set. Why sell only one part of the set when you can sell the whole set, right? The only way to do that is to make your jewelry display for sets attractive and engaging for customers.

jewelry display
display stand for sets

For special sets of jewelry, you can choose from the different types of display stands.

Platform style stand

Similar to a riser, the platform style is composed of various stands, shown at different levels. Height is important to give way to exposure and emphasis on your jewelry. If you want to showcase a set of jewelry well, you need to display it based on the piece that you want to emphasize. For example, you can put the necklace on the highest platform, or the one with the biggest space. Once the customer sees it and likes it, they’ll immediately see the next piece of jewelry just below it. When they realize it’s a set, that’s the time they’ll start imagining themselves wearing the whole jewelry set. If they like what they see, that’s the time they complete their buying decision.

Set Collection

This type of display is a collection of different stands for each type of jewelry. Usually, a set collection will contain necklace display pad, ring stands, bracelet bars and even an earring puff. Bigger collections will have two or three of each. The good thing about a set collection is that it’ll allow you to display special collections in one designated jewelry display. Uniformity can make a display look very elegant. Match that with an elegant collection and you have a successful display for your jewelry shop.

jewelry display
jewelry display sets

Collection Pads

Pads, on the other hand, are a simpler and more basic way to display your jewelry. Pads are simply soft, comfy pads where you can lay your jewelry. Best used for booths, collection pads will test your creativity in arranging the sets. When you arrange your jewelry, just make sure that you don’t clutter all of your pieces in one place. Remember, a cluttered display will only make your booth look crowded.

Jewelry Risers

This type of display is very helpful in adding height to your jewelry. Whether or not you may be selling a jewelry set composed of a necklace, bracelet and ring, or a collection of rings with a similar concept, you can use these jewelry risers to instill interest and add variety to your display.

Women are very particular about the type of jewelry they wear. As much as possible, they’ll want matching jewelries to avoid the hassle of looking for another piece that will look great on their outfit. If you can give customers the set of jewelry they want, you can guarantee more sales for your shop.