Modern Minimalist Displays for Summer

Here are simple but beautiful jewelry displays that you can use this season.

Gray linen Single T-Bar Jewelry Display holding four minimalist bangles

Modern minimalism is one of the favorite design trends today. Simplicity in form and function, and uncomplicated designs are very pleasing to the eye, that is why it's no wonder many people like a minimalist space. If you are planning to achieve this look in your shop, then it's best that you use a minimalist jewelry display as well. 

Today, we picked five displays that we believe screams modern minimalism and are perfect to use for your delicate summer pieces.

Wooden Plank Necklace Jewelry Display Stand 

Wooden Plank Necklace Jewelry Display Stand in brown holding four pieces

Let's start with this wooden beauty. Simple but utterly elegant, this stand can hold up to eight necklaces. However, if you want to stay as minimalist as possible, use it only for about three pieces. It comes with two different height pegs on the back for easy adjustment of the chain length. This necklace display is definitely perfect for your summer minimalist pendant necklaces.

T-Shaped Earring Display Stand Set

T-Shaped Earring Display Stand Set of two, each holding a pair of hook earrings

Next, we have this set of two earring displays of different heights. Each stand is made of sturdy PVC plastic and has a pair of holes for your minimalist hook earrings. Its simple T-shape design is very modern minimalist, especially its sleek black color. Although black is the preferred color for a modern minimalist theme, you can also get this set in clear PVC.

Gray Linen Single T-Bar Jewelry Display

Gray linen Single T-Bar Jewelry Display holding a white bead bracelet

This wooden T-bar display covered with gray linen is perfect for any delicate summer-inspired bracelets. It exudes class and subtle sophistication and at the same time boasts a sturdy construction. Its rectangular base prevents this jewelry holder from tipping. It can hold various types, designs, and sizes of minimalist bracelets as well as watches. 

Burlap Multi-Necklace Stand

Burlap Multi-Necklace Stand holding three minimalist pendant necklaces

Next up is this multi-necklace stand covered with elegant burlap. It features a space-saving and ergonomic design, perfect for shops with limited spaces or small trade show booths. This lovely stand can hold up to nine necklaces but to maintain a minimalist theme, allow it to just hold about three pieces. 

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand holding bracelets and necklaces

Last, but not least, is this wooden 4-tier stand. This particular jewelry holder is ideal for trade shows, craft shows, and even your shop window display this summer. This stand comes with a beautiful beveled-edge design and four tiers that can hold multiple bracelets or necklaces. Its natural wood design makes it perfect for rustic minimalist themes. 


Which one of these do you think is perfect for your current shop display? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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