Must-Have Items for Trade Show Regulars

Here are products that can make any craft or trade show regular's life much easier.

Overhead shot of booths in a trade show

Selling jewelry is fun, especially when you always get invited to craft shows. These events provide your brand more exposure, allow you to meet new people, network with other sellers, and of course, sell your items to new people. However, always being on-the-go can pose a problem, especially if you have too many products that you want to showcase. That said, you should invest in travel products that can make your life much easier.

Today, we are sharing you the list of must-have items for jewelry sellers who are always on the move to the next trade or craft show.

Jewelry Roll

Deluxe Velvet Combination Jewelry Storage and Presentation Roll from Nile Corp

Jewelry rolls are perfect for keeping your jewelry pieces safe from getting scratched, squished, damaged, or lost. You can get one for every type of jewelry piece, or one that is exclusively for earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets. They usually come with a soft velvet interior to cushion the items, and a Velcro enclosure to make sure the pieces stay inside. And because they are rolls, they easily fit it any bag.

Folding Travel Box

Faux Leather Folding Ring Case from Nile Corp

If you mostly have delicate, minimalist items, a folding travel box is the way to go. This is because it provides more protection to the jewelry with its wooden shell. A folding travel box usually comes with a snap closure and is wrapped in black leatherette. The interior keeps the pieces safe with the padded velvet or leatherette surface. You can get one exclusively for rings, earrings, chains, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets.

Display Case

Glass View Top Carrying Case from Nile Corp

Display cases are perfect if you plan not to bring any necklace display, earring display, or any jewelry holder. Because it has a glass top, people can easily view the items inside. Some cases come with a security side panel, and others have metal latches for safety. You might need slot foams or liners depending on the type of jewelry you want to store in the case.

Presentation Folder

Faux Leather Jewelry Combination Storage Folder from Nile Corp

In case you will be meeting with a potential partner before or after the craft show, make it a habit to bring along a presentation folder. With this, you can present and store a collection of your jewelry pieces beautifully. These folders usually come with elastic bands, velvet straps, and zipper closure,

Carrying Case

Aluminum Jewelry Carrying Case from Nile Corp

Last, but not least, is a carrying case. Of course, how can you bring all the items above without a handy, durable bag? There are many different types of these cases. You can get one with wheels, one made with aluminum, one made with soft PVC, and one that is made of a collapsible hard shell. It is recommended that you get the rolling one if you have a lot of items to bring.


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