Why Use Necklace Stands

Use these displays as alternatives to necklace display busts.

Why Use Necklace Stands | NileCorp.com
Are you looking for new ways to showcase your necklaces? We all know that the best displays to use for this type of jewelry are the bust displays because they can show customers how it would look like when worn. Also, they fully display the beauty of your necklaces. But did you know that necklace stands can effectively showcase your jewelry as well?

Today, we listed down some of the reasons why using necklace stands is an excellent idea for your shop.

Space-saving and lightweight

The Necklace and Bracelet Display Stand from Nile Corp is space-saving and lightweight

Unlike your traditional necklace display, a necklace stand doesn't need that much space. Necklace stands are usually thinner and are not as bulky as with display busts. You can get ones as thin as three inches or less.

Holds multiple necklaces

The Necklace and Chain Display Pad with Easel from Nile Corp can hold multiple necklaces

Don't let their size fool you; these thin necklace stands can actually hold multiple pieces at the same time. Some designs can even hold up to nine necklaces. This feature just proves that these displays really are space-saving.

Cheaper alternative

The Necklace Display Stand from Nile Corp is a cheaper alternative to other displays

And because they can hold many necklaces, you don't have to purchase a lot of these displays. They are perfect for small-time sellers who do not have enough budget for display busts, without sacrificing aesthetics and quality.


The Burlap Multi-Necklace Stand from Nile Corp features a minimalist design

Most of these displays have an elegant minimalist design. They are covered with either burlap, linen, velvet, or faux leather. They do not have wild patterns on them that can clash with your necklace's design.

Perfect for trade and craft shows

The Set of 3 Necklace Display Stands from Nile Corp are perfect for trade and craft shows

Because they are lightweight and saves a lot of space, they make great displays for sellers who are trade and craft show regulars. Setting these necklace stands up and storing them are hassle-free, as it takes just a few minutes of your time.


Would you consider using necklace stands? Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments section below and why.


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