Creative Ideas to Take Photos of Wedding Rings

Here are cool and unique ways to take lasting pictures of wedding rings.

Creative Ideas to Take Photos of Wedding Rings |

It's just a few days before June, and this month is known to be the best month for weddings because of the weather. Spring weddings are quite beautiful -- with the blue skies, gorgeous brightly-colored flowers in bloom, and of course, the beautiful beaches. The lighting is perfect for taking lasting photos of the event as well, because of the bright natural light from the summer sun.

Wedding rings are one of the most important subjects for photos in this event, aside from the couple, of course. That is why we created a list of the six best ideas for taking memorable images of your wedding bands. Let's check them all out.

Use a jewelry display with a unique design.

Use a jewelry display with a unique design like theWooden Finger Single Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display from

This may be a traditional way, but instead of using the old-fashioned ring box, showcase your wedding rings in a jewelry display with a modern and unique design. You could choose to use a wooden ring holder as with the photo above, or a metal ring holder for a more modern vibe. You can pick the material of display that can match the theme of your wedding.

Place them on a nest.

Place them on a nest |

A bird's nest is another creative way to showcase your wedding rings. It has a lovely earthy charm perfect for garden weddings. The colors of the rings and the nest and flowers perfectly contrast with each other. You can also add other stuff like twigs, vines, or moss for a playful mix of colors.

Put them on a wooden table.

Put them on a wooden table |

If your wedding has a rustic theme, taking photos of your rings on a wooden table or chair is a simple idea but will give you the best results. Anything wooden exudes such rustic, earthy, and natural charm and they complement the colors of wedding rings, whether gold, silver or rose gold.

Use a book.

Use a book |

Wedding rings on a book are ideal for a book-loving couple. And it's best to use old books that give vintage and homey vibes. There are different ways to showcase the rings as well; you can simply place them on top of a page with your favorite lines, or create a heart by creating two loops using two pages. Simply putting them on top of a closed book is good too.

Place them on a music sheet.

Place them on a music sheet |

As for musician couples, wedding rings on a music sheet is a great idea. You can choose a sheet of your favorite song or any song that has made a significant impact on your relationship. You can add flowers and other stuff in the frame as well to add texture.

Put them on a rock or boulder.

Put them on a rock or boulder |

Lastly, placing the rings on top of a rock or boulder is ideal for adventure-loving couples. It could be one on the first mountain you went hiking together or that rock in the spot where you had a memorable moment together. It's also perfect for weddings with a nature-inspired or earthy theme.


Which do you think is the best idea among the six? Share your thoughts, ideas, comments, and suggestions below. We'd love to hear from you!


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