Best Displays for Gold Jewelry

Make your golden pieces stand out even more with the right jewelry displays.

Use the best jewelry display for your gold jewelry.

One of the most beautiful jewelry pieces is those that are made of gold, or at the least gold-plated. They give vibes of elegance, luxury, and sophistication. However, their beauty can stand out even more by showcasing them in the right displays.

That's why for today, we'll give you some tips on what the best jewelry display to use for gold jewelry.

Black velvet

Black velvet displays like the Velvet Necklace Display Stand from Nile Corp are ideal for gold jewelry
#ND100 Velvet Necklace Display Stand

Black velvet displays are one of the best types to use. Velvet in itself exudes elegance, classic beauty, and sophistication, which perfectly matches any kind of gold jewelry. Plus, the color black allows gold to stand out even more.

Black leatherette
#219-1A Single T-Bar Display

As with black velvet, black leatherette displays are also ideal for gold jewelry. Leather also gives mixed vibes of sophistication, a rock and roll attitudes, adventures, and class. These qualities make black leatherette displays perfect for statement gold jewelry.

Steel gray leatherette

Nile Corp's Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display is perfect for minimalist gold jewelry
#CD-6709R-SG Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display

The steel gray color, on the other hand, exudes high-class sophistication and delicateness. Steel gray leatherette displays, then, are ideal for minimalist gold jewelry such as necklaces with thin chains, rings with thin bands, as well as delicate bracelets and bands.


The Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel in Coffee from Nile Corp is ideal for rustic gold jewelry
WDN62-CF Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 2 Necklaces - Coffee

Wood displays, particularly the dark-colored ones also can accentuate gold jewelry pieces' beauty. Wood gives a rustic feel, thus, making it ideal for showcasing gold jewelry for men or pieces that have gems and crystals on them.

Black metal

Black metal displays like the Metal Necklace Display Stand from Nile Corp are ideal for gold jewelry
#261-116 Metal Necklace Display Stand

If you want a modern look for your display, metal is the way to go. Metal displays are perfect for gold jewelry because they also exude industrial flair, contemporary elegance, class, and industrial flair. That said, they are best used for minimalist gold jewelry or those with modern geometric designs.


Which of these types of display do you think can accentuate gold jewelry's beauty the most? Let us know your comments, ideas, and suggestions below!


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