The Many Types of Tray Displays

Looking for alternative displays? Go with trays!

When the word “tray” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is food or cafeteria. However, in the jewelry industry, trays are used as jewelry displays and organizers. They are a great help for brands who are trade and show and craft show regulars as they can double as a display and as storage. That said, we are giving the spotlight to the different types of trays from our collection this week.

Wood display

Our rustic wood displays are perfect both for display and storage. They are available in four colors -- brown, coffee, oak, and white. These stackable trays give off a rustic feel making them ideal for brands that have a vintage or rustic theme. Wood trays with dividers are perfect for small items like rings and earrings and even beads, while ones without dividers are for bigger pieces like necklaces, bangles, or jewelry sets.

Plastic display

If you think wooden trays are a bit heavy, you can opt for the plastic ones. They are lightweight, stackable, and are also easy to store. These trays come without any dividers, but they fit full-sized pads or inserts, in case you want to display rings or earrings, and other pieces separately.

Deluxe display

Deluxe displays are perfect for fine jewelry. Our deluxe wooden trays feature velvet, faux suede, and leatherette covers. Some of these trays already come with pads, inserts, and ring clips while some have dividers and removable tabs. Plus, they come in many different colors and designs.

Gemstone display

If you are selling healing crystals, these gemstone trays are perfect. They help with organizing different kinds of stones and provide hassle-free storage. The trays also come with a foam insert with gem jars to protect each crystal from scratches or any other form of damage. They are also ideal as display and storage for beads, coins, and other small trinkets.

Bead board and compartment trays

There are also the bead board trays that are ideal for jewelry makers and craft enthusiasts. Although they are not a good choice for displaying jewelry pieces, the bead board trays are great for stringing and keeping beads in line. The regular compartment trays, on the other hand, may not be that eye-catching to use as displays, but they are great for storing your items after the trade or craft show. Nevertheless, they can be decorated to transform into displays too, especially the wooden ones.


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